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Seven amazing new features of AVG Antivirus 2017 – VSupport24 – Advance Solution for All Computer Technical Issues. We are proud to declare the release of the AVG Antivirus 2017 product.

Seven amazing new features of AVG Antivirus 2017 – VSupport24 – Advance Solution for All Computer Technical Issues

So what’s new? Here is a brief description of the latest features that will help secure your devices from all types of unsolicited attacks. Improved Scan Engine with new device Learning Capabilities The latest product line comprises of device learning skills in its improved scan engine. This proactively finds new members of known virus families. Web Browser Sandbox AVG 2017 brings the much anticipated web browser sandbox feature. What is a Web Browser and What are Its Features. Browser, alternatively referred as web browser is a software program created to make it possible to present and search content on the World Wide Web.

What is a Web Browser and What are Its Features

A browser is a mean to present pieces of content, including text, pictures, and videos when you enter the address of a particular website or search the web page using a specific keyword. Using hyperlinks a web browser show all the content classified with Uniform Recourse Identifiers (URLs). Since the inception of the internet, many web browsers have come and gone and today there are a few big players in the market. List of current Internet browsers who have the largest user base across the world: How to Apply System Restore on Windows 10 PCs? - TechNetOnlines.

If something goes abrupt with your Windows 10 PC, due to a new application use or a latest driver upgrade, simply trying to roll back or uninstall the driver doesn’t always benefit.

How to Apply System Restore on Windows 10 PCs? - TechNetOnlines

That’s where Windows 10 System Restore feature comes in; as it simply lets you go back to the previous time, when PC was working properly. But how does that function? Well, it simply do that by forming “restore points” from time to time, particularly when you install a new software application, or a Windows 10 update. Plus, it creates one every week anyway, and you can do so yourself anytime. Windows 10 restore are basically an image of the crucial Windows stuff, like system files, hardware drivers and registry settings, themselves. When you open System Restore, you’ll be displayed with the available restore points, which will permit you to return to an exact time in the past. Before you apply the feature, you should know how it impacts your PC.

Get Online Tech Support for Software Installation - PCTECH24. How to Fix the Issue of Printing a document in Word 2016 for Mac. Sometimes, Mac users may fall for situations like unable to print a document in Office for Mac or you want to print on both sides of the page (duplex) in Word 2016 for Mac.

How to Fix the Issue of Printing a document in Word 2016 for Mac

Here are some steps given below to help you in troubleshooting the printing issue in Word 2016 for Mac. Please note that all the steps given in this document apply to Word 2016 for Mac. The troubleshooting procedure includes a procedure before printing a document. What are the Advantages and Dangers of the Impressive New USB Standard - TechNetOnlines. USB-C type is the new USB standard and there is a simple idea behind this standard.

What are the Advantages and Dangers of the Impressive New USB Standard - TechNetOnlines

This standard use one type of cable and one type of port so that you can connect everything you need through them. If you have ever paid a close attention to the any laptop, you must have found a range of different port are built on the two sides that may be a HDMI, USB, power connections, and several other ports. This may soon be a thing of the past as most of the laptop manufacturers like Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung, and Asus are rapidly adopting new universal standard as it offers more convenience, improved speed, and functionality.

So the age and future of USB-C seems very promising. How to Improve Printing Speed by Adjusting Printer Settings - PCTECH24. Use either of the following ways to optimize printing: Optimize the printing of large documents: Disable any screen savers or alternatively, switch to a blank screen saver during the print job to optimize the printing of large documents.

How to Improve Printing Speed by Adjusting Printer Settings - PCTECH24

If you set to display animated screen savers, it will use computer processor time and may consume the time required for the processing of your print job. Print proofs quickly: Enable the Draft output option as this option allows printing the document with minimal formatting so that the document may print faster. It is the ideal option for printing proofs. Follow the steps given below to enable the Draft output option. Important Note: This option may not be available in some printers. Online Identity is Much More than Just Credentials - TechNetOnlines. Your online identity is not only to be limited to basic usage as it is much more than your credentials.

Online Identity is Much More than Just Credentials - TechNetOnlines

In fact, it is the key to entitlement. If you talk about online identity, most of the people will think only in predictable directions. If you talk about online identity, people will think in terms of logins, credentials, identity and access management, generally because it includes all aspects of identification. However, identity encompasses so much more and in online world, it is the key to entitlement, which renders access events and girds identification to usage.

Only a password cannot be enough to authenticate the administrator’s identity and grant access to confidential and information. Online identity is directly integrated with data. Access is not just a login event (the only time identity is verified in most enterprise networks), rather it is way centred around login events. Future evolution of identity and entitlements:

How to Spot Fake Applications - PCTECH24. Mobile users may not realize how many applications they use on daily basis.

How to Spot Fake Applications - PCTECH24

Mobile users have surpassed their counterparts in some instances in using software applications from email to social media, mobile shopping to banking, weather to news, antivirus to productivity, and much more. One thing you will continue to witness is, this trend towards the mobile platform will only rise as the Internet of Things and wearable devices mature. This is for sure that cybercriminals will be lurking when they will find their potential targets on a single platform in mass, cybercriminals. The number of applications is growing with the growing number of mobile devices available to users.

Researchers of independent organizations found that fake apps feigning legitimacy is the case with the application world. Have a look at the landscape of fake application. Precautionary Measures to Stay Protect You are on the Internet. Internet is not a safe place who doesn’t take care of their online privacy and security.

Precautionary Measures to Stay Protect You are on the Internet

There are millions of infections available online which are attacking more and more number of users on daily basis. So here some precautionary measures are given to keep yourself protected against online infections and scams. Verify data is encrypted Encrypt all the confidential information that you are sharing and transferring over the internet. Encrypt information such as credit card numbers, usernames, or passwords and send it securely. Data is encrypted if the lock is in the locked position. Ransomware is Putting Macs on Risk - TechNetOnlines. Device manufacturers, cyber security companies, and security applications developers see ransomware in particular and malware in general as threats that predominantly target Windows-based computer.

Ransomware is Putting Macs on Risk - TechNetOnlines

Windows systems acquire the largest market share and hackers used to target these platform users till now, but now they are also focusing on Mac computers. There are many computer manufacturers who ship Windows computer and there are more Windows than Mac computers. Though being available for so many users make Windows more appealing targets of cyber attacks, but it does not mean that Mac operating computers are immune to malware and virus attacks. The recent rise in Mac market share and the growing synergy between macOS and iOS has been attracting new wave of attacks cantered on Mac computers.

Let’s take a dig how ransomware are working as an active frontier for the energies of cybercriminals in today’s digital environment. Bad Transmission. Defencebyte Blog: The Perfect Security for Your Computer. SearchGoFind is a potential unwanted program which actual a computer threat. It falls in the category of browser hijacker that may get installed on the computer as extension when you try to install a program from third-party site. Often, doubtful freeware or shareware bundles this adware and when you try to install them, it enters the computer. SearchGoFind bundles in stealthy manner so that users cannot find it when it was installing along with the main program.

It gets install simultaneously with the host program on the computer without user’s consent. SearchGoFind is a suspicious program that after successful installation interacts with target browser program and adds an extension. Learn to Hide Annoying MacOS Update Notifications. It is really annoying if you log into your MacOS Yosemite and Sierra systems and you quickly hit with an Apple notification that says “You have updates”. It seems a pain if you are in the middle of something and you need to get your work done and your computer screen keeps on displaying notifications about updates.

It not only disturbs you while interacting with your device, but also wastes time and create nuisance. It is really distracting to get updates that you don’t care about. This guide will help you in learning the ways to hide some updates which may be annoying you: Get rid of a few unwanted MacOS update notifications. How to get your children’s interested in Cyber Security? - TechNetOnlines. Having less technical knowledge family people, particularly teenagers and younger children, interested in PC security is a thankless task. It is vital to teach them the implications of security threats along with the significance of preventive measures.

Children and youngster are more susceptible to security threats like phishing websites, viruses, and other worms. In addition, they are also exposed to social media threats and scams that use social engineering to lure victims to click on fake links or offer personal data. Cyber bullying is another danger of social media, as are online predators and other hackers. Things you should never disclose on Social Media platforms – VSupport24 – Advance Solution for All Computer Technical Issues. Many users fail to recognise how their cyber lives risks their day to day lives. An overload of data shared online, particularly over social media, is perhaps the biggest danger. Regular access to our phones and devices also permit us to share data at a level never seen earlier. But on the other hand, this also exposes us to numerous privacy risks and other attacks. In addition, the secrecy of the Internet causes users to vent out emotions and share data that they would not have shared otherwise.

Unluckily, nothing on the web is unidentified anymore. How secure are these applications for your kids? - TechNetOnlines. Does your kid have access to a Smart phone? Then it’s about the time you know about few apps that are famous with kids and young adults. Most of these applications are designed to keep your children’s online chat as private as possible. Some permit them to take a picture and share it while keeping it secure from the curious eyes of parents. What’s frightening is the fact that these applications allow them to share pictures, and chat not only with friends but with outsiders as well. The danger of image searches on Bing and Google – VSupport24 – Advance Solution for All Computer Technical Issues. Dell’s New XPS 13 Convertible is Nearly a Perfect Laptop. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is nearly a perfect ultraportable with the ability to the ability to turn the laptop into a tablet. How to Change Default Sign-in Option to Password from PIN Automatically in Windows 10 - TechNetOnlines.

Defencebyte Blog: The Perfect Security for Your Computer. Couponizer falls in the category of adware which is a Macintosh-based program that issues too many pop-up advertisements once it gets installed on your machine. This program misleads the users by claiming that it will give them easy access to coupon codes, deals, special discounts, and online offers. Initially, user may find this program really appealing, but it seems very annoying once it starts showing never-ending advertisements and bogging down the performance of the computer while inside Mac computer.

Is it Possible to stop IP-spoofing in the Internet? IP-spoofing is a severe enough problem that requires serious attention. Common Mistakes Causes Malware Infections on Your Computer - TechNetOnlines. If this was a perfect computer world, it wouldn’t have required running an anti-virus or anti-spyware software. How to Fix the Issue if You cannot Open PDF - PCTECH24. There may be many reasons if you cannot open PDFs. Learn to Remove and Unclog Epson WP-4540 Print Head Nozzles. Your presence here shows that your Epson printer’s printhead has stubborn clogs. This document explains 3 ways how you can clean and unclog an Epson printhead. Go through the document to learn how you can remove the printhead from an Epson WP-4540 for a deep cleaning. Latest Apple malware on the surge hides in networked printer files - TechNetOnlines. A new version of Apple malware has been found and it has started to spread to Apple Macs via the networked printer file files.

The malware is a kind of ‘Backdoor Trojan’ and some experts have named this Trojan as ‘Pintsized’. Apple Mac OS X is troubled by this malware but as of now, the limit of the damage caused is not known. How to detect Wi-Fi Cyber Threats in Large Companies? It goes without saying that free Wi-Fi is not a craze, but a significant need for everyone, who has ever used the internet and seen the unlimited benefits it ensures. Pick Bitdefender Antivirus Tech Support. Call +1 888-855-4872 for Eset Antivirus Technical Support. Call 1800-832-424 for Dell Printer Tech Support – PCTECH24. Call +1 888-855-4872 for Eset Antivirus Technical Support. Think Twice before Opening an Email Attachment. Everything that you should be knowing about Spam Mail - PCTECH24.

Defencebyte Blog: The Perfect Security for Your Computer. How to use USB drives in a safe and secure manner? Call +1 888-855-4872 for McAfee Antivirus Technical Support. Your Online Identity is Black Market Money making Possession - TechNetOnlines. Call 1800-832-424 for Eset Antivirus Tech Support – PCTECH24. How to Install and Use MS Office Conveniently - TechNetOnlines. Call 1800-832-424 for Acer Technical Support – PCTECH24. Acquire McAfee Antivirus Tech Support.

How to Identify the Symptoms of Online Predators? - TechNetOnlines. Call 1800-832-424 for Apple Technical Support – PCTECH24. Call +1 888-855-4872 for Avira Antivirus Technical Support. How to remain Safe from Online Shopping Scams? - TechNetOnlines. Call 1800-832-424 for MAC Technical Support – PCTECH24. Discover ESET Antivirus Tech Support.

The Primary Threats to Organization Security – VSupport24 – Advance Solution for All Computer Technical Issues. Stay Secure from Spyware with these Simple Tips and Tricks. Grab HP Printer Technical Support. Hp printer. How much organised is your Business against Data Breach? – VSupport24 – Advance Solution for All Computer Technical Issues. How to Allow and Use Game Mode on Windows 10?