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Watch Ozobot in action. Ozobot Robots Demo. How To Use Ozobot - Part 2. Learn to Code Getting started with OzoBlockly and Ozobot Bit robot. Simply print and play! OzoBot Board with Stickers, Grid Tape and Corrugated Plastic. We've been having lots of fun with our OzoBot mini robots.

OzoBot Board with Stickers, Grid Tape and Corrugated Plastic

For my kids latest project we've started using them with whiteboard grid tape and coloured stickers. My kids have enjoyed using printed sheets from the OzoBot website and drawing their own paths and codes with pens. After that they wanted to make a bigger project that they could work on over time so we decided to make a layout on their play-table.

We used white corrugated plastic, black grid tape and coloured label stickers to make a play mat for OzoBot that can be reused. Note that OzoBot do make code stickers for use with OzoBots in the default line-following mode. See: Ozobot Bit Review - Mini Programmable Line Following Robots We had a sheet of corrugated white plastic left over from another project so we used that as the base for our project. We prototyped the layout on the computer first and printed out a small version so the kids could try it out and make changes before we made the full-size version. Ozobot gets a LEGO Chariot. Ozobot is a tiny programmable robot for kids.

Ozobot gets a LEGO Chariot

My kids have been using Ozobot with LEGO, you can find out more in our LEGO Ozobot town article. Of course, one of the problems they wanted to solve was transporting a LEGO figure. Ozobot isn't designed to pull a heavy load so we had to come up with something that would put as little stress on the mini robot as possible. If you try this project then make sure you keep the load light. We all had a go at coming up with a solution and to my surprise I was the one that found something that worked well (with a bit of help from the boys.)

Ozobot Lessons. Mum, Can We Use Sound with Ozobot? Ozobot is a mini robot which we've been having lots of fun with.

Mum, Can We Use Sound with Ozobot?

We've found a way to add sound to our Ozobot play board which uses an adapted version of our LEGO Chariot to trigger sounds. My kids have really enjoyed adding light shows and trick spots to their play board which are triggered when Ozobot reads coloured stickers at the end of paths. We've been finding lots of fun ways to extend their play. See also: Ozobot mini programmable robot review "Mum, can we use sound with Ozobot? " One day my 7 year old asked "Mum, can we use sound with Ozobot? ". We just needed to find a way to join the two together.

We built an adapted LEGO chariot that incorporates a magnet. Then my boys did a bit of design to see where they wanted the sensors. We rearranged the board a bit to move a house into the non-trailer part of the board (where there are structures for Ozobot to drive into without the chariot.) We really appreciated the flexibility of the grid tape and stickers approach at this point. Craft and Tech with the Ozobot. We love the idea of combining craft and tech here at Tech Age Kids.

Craft and Tech with the Ozobot

Ozobots are brilliant little line following robots, lending themselves perfectly toward Tech Craft and Robot Games. Really all you need is a bit of paper, felt tips pens, crafting supplies and a whole lot of creativity to enjoy a fun afternoon activity crafting with kids and tech. Drawing a Picture Because Ozobots are line following robots, you can have a lot of fun drawing pictures which the robots can then trace, by following the lines. Unless you add specific codes, the Ozobots will randomly select whether it goes left or right at a line junction.

Get the kids to write their name, or draw a maze or just doodle on a large sheet of paper. Ozobot meets LEGO - Bringing Blocks to Life with a Mini Robot. My kids have been enjoying using their Ozobots with their LEGO bricks.

Ozobot meets LEGO - Bringing Blocks to Life with a Mini Robot

They seem to think of the Ozobots as little creatures and want to make buildings and other interactive features for them. We've made an OzoBot playmat with grid tape as the basis for their project and they have been using LEGO to create a world for the Ozobots to explore and interact with. In this article we look at how my boys have used LEGO with Ozobot and there's a video showing Ozobot moving around LEGO town and interacting with LEGO buildings and objects. Ozobot and LEGO LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Wedo are fantastic if you want to make robots using LEGO. Ozobot is a mini-robot that's on the right scale to be part of a LEGO world. In my kids Ozobot LEGO town, Ozobot saves the town from a LEGO dinosaur, moves heavy logs at the forest and lets everyone know when the ship is ready for loading at the harbour. Basic Approach Out of the box Ozobots follow lines and read colour codes.

Ozobot Houses Light Show! Trick Spot!