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MESH Introduction. MESH on Indiegogo. MESH: Electronic “tags” that bring out your playful side. MESH App Creative DIY Toolkit. Speaking_Stuffed_Animal. BY MESH team How It Work He’s always so silent, but what if he could talk?


Now you can outfit your stuffed animal with a Move Tag and make him say recorded phrases according to his movements. Instructions Step 1. Wearable_Prototype. Auto_Closet_Light. Come_Help_Me. Dramatic_Sound_Effect. Drawing_Robot. Monster_Lonely_Wolf. Motivation Coach. Lighting_Control. BY Tetsunori Nakayama How It Work You create a MESH case with a black and white pattern like an Othello piece, and you can manipulate the light by turning it around.


The hue turns on when the white side is shown, and turns off when the black side is shown. Instructions.