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Introduction To Bijur Delimon Lubrication Product And Its Uses. Bijur Delimon International is a prominent leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing different lubricators, ranging from centralized automatic system to normal single-point grease feeders. It also produced cooling systems and oil recirculation in countries like China, Germany, Spain, India, Ireland, UK, France, etc. Principal industries that are served by Bijur Delimon include: wind power, machine tools, printing, Railroad, mining, trucks and trailers, textiles, steel, and a lot other.

The company was founded in early 1920s, and was formerly known as Bijur Lubrication Group, which later was changed to Bijur Delimon International about a decade ago. Since its inception, Bijur Delimon has been an excelling manufacturer of heavy-duty grease systems, mobile fluid oil applicators, chilling and cooling units, light duty oil systems, and a lot other lubrication components and products including distribution elements, pumps, cooling products, special lubrication products, etc. Lubrication has a great role in maintaining the rotating equipments, particularly, to create a layer between two surfaces in motion, that helps fight the excess friction. For instance, ball bearings generally remain prone to friction, when constantly in motion. So, many would agree with, the more is better when lubricating. Right? This isn’t true though. Over-greasing is the most common issue that your machinery might face when applying excess of a lubricant.

This post gives you a depth into the core concepts of lubrication plus, how over-greasing is harmful for your machinery. Harmful Effects of Over-Greasing 1. 2. 3. Prevention Measures 1. 2. 3. 4. Alemite grease pumps come handy in eliminating the risks and problems associated with poor lubrication. The Role of Lubrication Pumps for Improving the Efficiency of Your Equipment. Lubrication is considered as the most crucial aspect, particularly, needed to help smoothen the operation of your machinery. In industries, training programs are scheduled to help trainees better understand about the role of lubrication for improving the performance of your machinery. The role of lubrication can also be understood in this real world example: When you rub both your hands together, you can feel that the surfaces being rubbed are getting warmer or there is a rise in temperature.

In addition to this, your hands that were softer before, are starting to get rougher as a result of friction. This is where, the role of lubricants appear in. As a consequence, you may apply oils to both your hands to remove the roughness and friction inside your hands. However, the problems start to bother you when you know, when to lubricate your machinery but don't know how to do it. Alemite Grease Pump For All Your Lubrication Needs IdleExperts. If you take a moment and think about technology, there is an advancement in every field e.g products, codeless battery powered grease guns etc. In the hand tool field, there is a similar pattern as technology take over almost everything.

Talking about the alemite grease pumps, they are designed to handle a wide range of applications, fluid viscosities and system pressures. Since, 1918 Alemite has been delivering quality lubrication systems and equipments to numerous industries. Let's see a note on Alemite products :Alemite offers a range of pumps to meet your fluid handling and dispensing needs. The Single Point Lubricators of Alemite provide reliable lubrication for single points constant lubrication. Farval Lubrication Accessories: For Increasing the Performance of Pumps, Valves and Systems. Farval is a popular brand that enjoys great honor among the followers throughout the United States and other parts of the globe. Among its numerous items, including Farval lubrication, the company supplies the resources for the appropriate distribution of oil or grease to the equipment that is necessary for the maintenance and sustained efficiency of your machinery.

Pretty similar to Trabon lubrication, Trabon lube and Trabon lube systems, Farval has a positive brand image among the buyers, vendors and owners of several other manufacturing facilities. When reviewing the list of products and accessories from Farval, it does make sense to examine each item – it helps to have a skilled technician acting as your casual consultant and ally – because, just as you would like that expert to help you have the right Alemite grease pump or pump lube, you should have someone familiar in a brand like Farval.

The Fundamentals of Pneumatic Pumps Article - SevenArticle.Com. Pneumatic systems make use of pressurized gas or air to drive media and when found in industrial applications are usually driven by compressed inert gases or compressed air. A compressor located in the center is used to power cylinders, motors, and other devices that work on pneumatics, including pumps. These systems are typically controlled through either a manually operated or automated solenoid valve and can act as a more flexible, lower cost, and safer option to gas-powered motors or other electrically driven machines. Types of Pneumatic Pumps Pneumatic pumps corresponds to the positive displacement pumps that are double-acting with no return spring and can make use of many pressurized gases or fluids as drivers.

There are many different types of pneumatic pump systems, but some of the widely known alternatives include: Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps (both piston and plunger types) – They utilize a plunger or piston mechanism to shift media through a cylindrical chamber. Alemite Grease Pump – For Better Lubrication Practices – Lubrication Systems Servicing and Installation. Lubrication is considered to be the most essential aspect that can help your machinery run for long time without having to face sudden breakdowns. If you are not taking care of your machinery properly, chances are that your machinery is not in its best state of working. This is where the role of lubricants come into the procedure. There are basically two causes of your machinery failures due to poor lubrication practices. 1) Lack of lubrication – This corresponds to a condition when you have not used up adequate amount of lubricant to resolve your machinery issues.

If you aren’t using the best practices designed for lubrication, the machinery may produce rust on its surface which could be difficult for you to treat. In many cases, such type of issues turn into a complete breakdown of your machinery. Lubrication creates a thin film of oil that reduces the roughness of your machinery parts touching against each other.

Like this: Like Loading... Premium Lubrication Pumps For Various Industrial Applications. Motor Lubrication – Harmful Effects of Over Greasing and How To Deal With it by Adam Mckenzie. Articles by Adam Mckenzie Lubrication Systems Servicing and Installation Lubrication has a crucial role to play in bearing maintenance. It lessens the friction, blocks wear and tear by keeping apart the parts that work in collaboration with one another by introducing a thin layer. When it comes to Motor lubrication, most of you would think more is better, right? In fact, overgreasing motors and elements is a common practice but considered as a harmful one for your equipment life.This post will help you understand the harmful affects of over greasing and several ways to avoid it, together with a few tips to control over greasing.

Hazards of Over Greasing Too much lubrication may cause higher operating temperatures and seal failures. How to Avoid Over Greasing? The most effective way to avoid the problems of over greasing is by following a maintenance program. About Adam Mckenzie Lubrication Systems Servicing and Installation 8 connections, 0 recommendations, 28 honor points. Comments. Oil Lubricator – How Crucial They Are For Your Machinery? Lubrication has indeed a critical role to play for smooth operation of your machinery. Lubricants act as a protective shield that safeguards the machinery from excessive heat and breakdowns. Not only this, but, acting as a protective layer inside the two surfaces in contact, lubricants help to reduce the chances of rust and corrosion being accumulated on the surfaces. This is a well known fact, that without lubrication, there would be no bearing life. The machinery while operating for long hours, would become useless after a certain period of time. Imagine your both hands rubbing against each other like a machine, you would feel the heat that can seriously destroy your both hands or after a while of rubbing them, you may find them rough.

Indeed, there has to be a better way to do this and so you can apply oil to make it smoother. The same phenomenon goes on when you are applying lubricant to your machinery parts. Automatic Lubrication System. Bijur Delimon – Understanding Your Business Needs! Lubrication Systems Servicing and Instalation: Why do You Need an Alemite Grease Pump? Have you ever wondered about when you rub your hands with each other, why do they get warm? The rise in temperature is due to the friction which comes in action when you rub your hands together. Now, consider the big machines that are running all day and night and if you aren't applying lubrication to them, they would melt of exhaustion and rise in temperature. In the early days, people faced such problems more often and thus they needed to build certain lubricants that could act as an intermediate between two surfaces to smoothen the friction.

Why Grease Is Used? Basically, the idea behind lubricating machinery is to smoothen the functionality of a machinery. Let's say, for example, you rub your hands numerous times and you can feel the heat that is developed inside those two surfaces in motion. Alemite grease pump is widely used equipment all over the world to reduce the hazards of inadequate lubrication.