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FD Johnson is the leading supplier of industrial lubrication pumps and systems.

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Bijur Delimon Lubrication - 3 Steps to Maintaining Your Heavy Machinery. Heavy machinery, particularly Mining, Industrial or Farming Equipment, needs constant maintenance to maintain it in good working condition. Contrary to this, poorly maintained large machinery equipment runs ineffectively. Breakdowns are expensive and safety is also a critical consideration. Here are three top tips for maintaining large machinery: 1. Follow the recommended rules of large machinery operator trainingSeveral types of large machinery have different operators. One of the continuing inspections on any checklist must be overseeing the accurate operation of the equipment.Large machinery should be checked soon after it is purchased. Operator training is often done at that point, but training needs to be continued. Operator manuals can be revised for a particular work situation. One other note is to determine best practices, which can then be applied to different facilities or geographic locations. 2.

Lubricants cut down the friction around any moving part. 3. Motor Lubrication. Bijur Delimon Automatic Lubrication Systems for Your Amplified Lubrication Needs | Browse Article. In a study conducted by a major manufacturer, inappropriate lubrication remains a reason for nearly 53% of the bearing failures. In addition to this, they give rise to significant unnecessary maintenance costs including, labor to repair or replace bearings, replacement bearings and the impact on meeting customer delivery commitments.

These failures are caused by impurities such as dirt, dust, moisture or inadequate amount of grease supplied to the bearings. Lack of lubrication isn’t the only problem – there are several other issues that may interrupt the correct functioning of the machinery. Most commonly the issues caused by over-lubrication including environmental issues, housekeeping and safety issues. Bijur Delimon automatic lubrication system can help reduce these unplanned and redundant expenses.

Here is a list of 4 reasons why you should opt for an automatic lubrication system: 1) Safety 2) Efficient Lubrication 3) Increased Overall Productivity 4) Longer Machine Life Article Source. Industrial Coupling Hydraulics. Lubrication Pumps and the Need of Lubrication. Lubricants are the substances used to eliminate the friction between the moving parts, reduce wear and tear and also to remove debris.

Different parts of the machinery wears down with time and may form rust, which may further decrease the lifetime of your machinery. Most lubricants are oils or liquids, for instance, motor oil. Some of the commonly used lubricants are comprised of petroleum oil and synthetic oils. Vegetable oils like rapeseed oil and fatty oils such as those composed from fish can also be used in deriving a lubricant. If you do not lubricate assemblies, the heat created by parts rubbing against each other could create mechanical failure in the motors or wearing away of gear assemblies.

Lubrication systems are the mechanical systems utilized to cycle lubricants through mechanical assemblies. Lubrication pumps come handy in eliminating all problems related to rust and corrosion by providing only the required amount of lubricant to the machinery. Motor Lubrication – Is Over Greasing Harmful? Lubrication plays a vital role in maintaining the bearings.

It minimizes friction and blocks wear and tear by separating parts that work in collaboration with each other, e.g. ball bearings. So, when it comes to lubrication, many people would assume more is better, right? Actually, over greasing motors and components is a usual practice that is harmful to equipment's life expectancy. This post offers you an in-depth idea into the harmful effects of over greasing and how to avoid it, including a few quick tips to regulate over greasing. Effects Of Over Greasing Too much lubrication may lead to higher operating temperatures and seal breakdown. Why? Over greasing is one of the key reasons for seal failure and damage. How to Prevent Over Greasing? The most efficient way to avoid the problems of over greasing is by setting up a maintenance program. Click here for Motor Lubrication. Bijur Delimon What Role Do Lubricants Play In Reducing Friction? By Expert Author: Brian Robson Friction works in both phases.

It can be positive or negative both depending upon the situation. For example, a car skids down the road upon applying the brakes; friction is therefore helping you to stay in balance and stop. In other case, when it comes to machinery parts, too much friction is wearing away the engine parts leading to reduce the lifetime of your machinery. This is where the role of lubricants can't be overlooked – substances that oppose friction and allow your machinery parts to slide in a smoother tone against one another. So, what is friction? Friction is typically caused by two asymmetrical surfaces rubbing against one another. Working Phenomenon of Lubricants Solids are often incapable of changing their shape, whereas lubricants in their liquid form, can flow through easily among different components of the machinery.

Different Types of Lubricants Used in the Machinery Parts. Proper Motor Lubrication Can Increase Productivity. How to Make Selection For an Alemite Grease Pump? If you want to purchase an Alemite grease pump, or other Trabon products (i.e. pneumatic pumps or lube pumps), you should have the know-how of the many applications for which they are used. Indeed, you want to buy the right Alemite grease pump, so, you can't take the risk of wasting your money on something that isn't valuable to you. In such a situation, it does make sense to gain an expert's insights on this subject. The very first thing to know before you buy an Alemite grease pump is that, you have chosen the right pump which is apt for the project that you are working on because, together with the different system pressures and viscosities that an Alemite grease pump can handle, you must have the capability to find the most appropriate product. An advice from a person, who is capable to handle all the troubleshooting failures can't be ignored.

Without a doubt, the Alemite grease pump, including any other pneumatic pump you want to purchase, is a healthy investment. Free Article Directory, Article Submission Directory, Do-Follow Article Directory. Trabon Lubrication Systems. Bijur Delimon Lubrication Products To Address Your Increased Lubrication Demands. Friction and lubrication go hand in hand. If you are so curious to know what lubrication is, you need to understand beforehand what friction is and how does it work in your machinery parts. Friction arises when two parts of the machinery slide against each other.

It creates obstacles in the movement of both the surfaces. If friction didn't exist, nothing could stop your vehicle from moving. There are several ways friction is useful but, if it creates trouble in the movement of two sliding surfaces, the role of lubricants come into the procedure. For instance, imagine rubbing your hands together 3600 times a minute – your hands would feel the temperature rise. The possibilities are – either you could wipe your bearings or if you stop the motor when the machine is too hot, you can harm the bearing and put it to seize.

Reducing friction and reducing heat are a couple of reasons we rely on lubricants. Lubrication Pumps: What is the Need of Lubrication? Lubrication is effective for so many reasons. The most common reason being, friction. No matter, how hard we try, a long term use of machinery may create possibilities of wear and tear of the internal parts of the machinery.

Although, there are certain procedures that need to be followed in order to keep your machinery in utmost condition, however, still there are so many things that can bother you. This is the reason, in most companies there are experts to guide you throughout the process of lubrication and lubrication pumps come handy in that. If you have ever been involved in certain types of lubrication procedures, you probably already know how many things are needed to attend when it comes to appropriate lubrication. Lubrication pumps are designed in a way that they allow only the required amount of grease to enter through the different components of the machinery so you are not in the hassle to evaluate how much amount do you need for a specified machinery type. Premium Lubrication Pumps For Various Industrial Applications.

Importance Of Motor Lubrication In The Present Industry. Premium Lubrication Pumps For Various Industrial Applications. Types, Specifications and Amount of Oil Needed for Motor Lubrication. There are basically two common approaches used for lubrication of an electric motor – Permanently - lubricated electric motors: There motors are equipped with sealed lubricated bearings installed at the factory and they don't have oiling ports.

This motor shouldn't be oiled – by doing so, you can damage the critical machinery parts. Duty-cycle based manually lubricated electric motors: These motors need lubrication depending upon how much they are being used in a factory. They will have oiling ports. Here is what experts suggest about Motor Lubrication i.e. what procedure to follow about what type of motor. Occasional Duty Electric Motors: This type of motor runs less than 2 hours in a day and should be lubricated after every 5 years. Intermittent Duty Electric Motors: This type of motor runs 2-12 hours in a day and must be lubricated after every 2 years. Continuous Duty Electric Motors: The motor runs 12 hours in a day and needs to lubricate annually.

Alemite Grease Pumps And Equipment. The Role of Centralized Lubrication Systems. Precision lubrication is not a brainstorming initiative until you've educated yourself well about it. Gaining excellence in lubrication and investing in it, is no wonder a good investment as it will give you a peace of mind that your machinery is running precisely without having to deal with frequent failures. However, this is unfortunate that our society somewhere misunderstands lubrication and industries that don't comprehend the hazards of inappropriate lubrication, might take it as an extra cost adding up to the industry's expenditure. So, they just overlook it thinking not to spend enough on the lubrication products, thus in a way, minimizing this cost but maximizing the risk. It is somewhat hard to convince industries about the benefits of lubrication as many of them aren't ready to accept it.

Maintaining the machinery in its utmost condition is more than just a necessity for any industry. By: Brian Robson Article Directory: Motor Lubrication and Oil Lubricator Services - FD Johnson. “Is it necessary to use the manufacturer's recommended lubricant for motor lubrication?” Neglecting the manufacturer's recommendations for any piece of equipment may lead to potential failures of the machinery.

Of course, there are several factors that contribute to this such as environmental conditions, load, speed and temperature. A healthy motor lubrication is about following the recommended procedures as per the instructions specified by your manufacturer. And, the role of oil lubricators can be overlooked. They make it easier to pump oil from a reservoir and fed into the air flow, a drop at a time. Whenever a new machine or a new component is installed, the very first thing to be addressed is what type of lubricant to use.

Base oil viscosity is one of the most essential properties manufacturers consider when making recommendations for a lubricant. The base oil is a key factor. Another aspect to be considered is additive packages. Importance Of Motor Lubrication In The Present Industry. Lube Pump Provides Vital Protection To Your Costly Equipment. How Important it is to Ask an Expert When Selecting an Alemite Grease Pump? – Lubrication Systems Servicing and Installation. If you are looking to purchase an Alemite grease pump, or other Trabon products (such as a pneumatic pump or lube pump), then you should know the many applications where they are used. You want to buy the right Alemite grease pump, obviously, you can’t make any single mistake.

In such a situation, it does make sense to gain an expert technician’s advice about this subject. It is the first thing to know that the Alemite grease pump you intend to buy matches the project that you are working on because, together with the different system pressures and viscosities that an Alemite grease pump can handle, you must be able to find the most appropriate product.

Hence, this is of significant use to talk to an expert: A person, who is capable to handle all the information regarding troubleshooting can’t be ignored. The knowledge that an expert will have, can fill the gap between protecting and strengthening the performance of your machinery versus sudden machinery failures. Like this: Farval Lubrication: How to Reduce Friction Between Surfaces? In simple language, friction is a force that prevents one surface from sliding over the other. It can be said that friction occurs when two surfaces are touching each other and are in relative motion. For example, when a ball bearing is rolling along its raceway. A microscopic look of these surfaces in relative motion point outs that each surface contains miniature, jagged particles (rough and uneven surfaces), no matter how intimately these surfaces are machined. Without some form of partition, such as that formed by a lubricant film, these surface particles may seize upon connection.

At the very least, some abrasion, stickiness and/or ploughing of these particles will take place as the movement occurs. A number of factors influence the frictional conditions when these two surfaces are in relative motion. Generally, there are three ways to diminish the friction: Bijur Delimon – How Lubrication Works To Reduce The Friction? Friction can be helpful as well as harmful – it works in both ways. For instance, a car skidding down the road when brakes are applied; friction is helping you to stop and stay balanced. In other case, when it comes to engine parts, or machinery used in the industries, too much friction is somewhere wearing away the engine parts. This is where the role of lubricants appears in – substances that fight against friction and allow your machinery parts to slide smoothly against each other. What is friction? Friction is typically caused by two irregular surfaces rubbing against each other.

How Lubricants Work? Solids are often resistant to changing their shape, whereas lubricants being liquids, can flow through the machinery components. What Kind of Lubricants are Suitable For Industrial Applications? There are basically three types of lubricants – mineral, synthetic and vegetable. Author Bio FD Johnson is the leading supplier of industrial lubrication pumps and systems. Disqus Comments. Lubrication Systems Servicing and Instalation: Farval Lubrication – Keep Your Machinery Away From Unexpected Failures. Lubrication is an essential component for your machinery parts to work appropriately.

Without lubrication, there will be a lot more friction and increased breakdowns. Especially, for industries that work day and night need their machinery parts to be in optimum condition always. This is where, the role of lubricants can't be overlooked. Lubricants are generally used to reduce the friction between the two surfaces when they are rubbing against each other. To understand what lubrication is, the first thing you need to understand is why do you need it. Friction is the force that acts as a resistance between two bodies in contact. If there is no friction, nothing would ever stop moving. You could wipe your bearings or in case the motor is stopped (machine is too hot to bear the friction), you could even seize the bearings.

FD Johnson. Alemite Grease Pump - Helping Industries to Address their Lubrication Issues. Lubrication Pumps. Posted an Update by Adam Mckenzie - Proper lubrication is critical to e... Home. Bijur Delimon How Lubrication is Essential To Increase Your Machinery Life? Pneumatic Pump Systems and Their Applications In the Industries | Article Ask. FD Johnson - FD Johnson. Posted an Update by Adam Mckenzie - Proper lubrication is critical to e...

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Alemite Grease Pump - Increase the Efficiency of Your Pumps. FD Johnson - Motor Lubrication and Oil Lubricator - Million Pictures. FD-Johnson - Blog. Pneumatic pump: The Most Superior Pumping Tools for the Industry | Business. How Lube Pumps Affects your Production and How to Resolve it - FD Johnson. Fd-johnson. Home. Motor Lubrication - How it is Essential? - The FD Johnson Company. FDJ Lubrication School: Our Ongoing Pursuit of Knowledge and Training - FDJohnson. Bijur Delimon Lubrication Products.

How To Choose the Right Lubricant For Motor | lubrication pump,motor lubrication,oil lubricator How To Guide. Sites.simbla. FD Johnson, Leading the Lubrication Pump Industry Since 1933 | Company Newsroom of FD Johnson. Motor Lubrication Systems - Keep Your Machinery Running. Farval Lubrication System. Lubrication Systems Servicing and Instalation: Should You Leave The Task Of Lubrication to The New Mechanics? Bijur Delimon - The Most Trusted Lubrication Brand. FD Johnson - Home. Home | The FD Johnson Company. 8 Pneumatic System Applications, You Didn’t Know Existed Around You. An Overview Of Pneumatic Pumps by Adam Mckenzie. FD Johnson Company. Few Reasons For Your Motor Bearing Failure. FD Johnson Completes 80 Years Of Service On Trabon Lubrication To The Industrial Sector.

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Lubrication Pumps and Farval - Installation and Servicing. Learn About Pneumatics and its Comparison with Hydraulics by Adam Mckenzie. FD Johnson. Buy Quality Pneumatic Pump Online. Installation of Pneumatic Pump - FDJohnson. Lubrication Help For MotorBearings.