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Review: Speedy Stitcher. Today marks the 100th day I’ve been on tour with Laura on 100 days of riding and camping and some things are bound to break down.

Review: Speedy Stitcher

So far on the trip I’ve managed to wear through a rim, break a shifter, burn my hand (non gear related), put holes through a nice shirt and wear out a pair of tires. That’s why it is nice, on occasion, to be able to repair things while on the road. Enter the Speedy Stitcher. The SS, first introduced to me by an Epicurean Cyclist reader (thanks Logan!) Is a sewing awl – part awl (sharp pokey thing) and sewing needle.

You can view a video on how to use it below: Test: Santos Travel Lite met Rohloff en tandriem. Santos stelde haar topmodel, de Travel Lite met Rohloff en tandriem beschikbaar voor een uitgebreide test.

Test: Santos Travel Lite met Rohloff en tandriem

“Veel plezier ermee en ontzie hem maar niet”, zeiden de fietsenbouwers uit Sassenheim vol zelfvertrouwen. Trekkingfiets aankooptips. Je bent een aspirant vakantiefietser (m/v) en op zoek naar een bescheiden geprijsde fiets om bepakt en bezakt Europa te gaan ontdekken.

Trekkingfiets aankooptips

Je loopt een fietsenwinkel binnen, maar ziet al gauw door de bomen het bos niet meer. Wat heb je nodig? Waar moet je nou precies op letten? Test: Van Nicholas Yukon Rohloff. Bike. Specialized Bicycle Components. De tandriem-aandrijving zet door! Het kleine Nederlandse fietsmerk Santos heeft de afgelopen jaren baanbrekend werk verricht met de ontwikkeling van de tandriem-aandrijving.

De tandriem-aandrijving zet door!

Ze pasten het eerst met veel succes toe op hun ATB’s en ook op trekkingfietsen bleek deze nieuwe aandrijving bijzonder functioneel en duurzaam. Goed voorbeeld doet volgen en het is dan ook erg interessant om te zien dat er nu meerdere fietsfabrikanten overstag gaan. Santos is een eigenzinnig merkje en geen meeloper. De tandriem-aandrijving zet door!

Santos - Custombuilt bicycles - Race Lite. Santos - Custombuilt bicycles - Travel Lite. Travel LiteStel je wilt véél fietsen en je wilt vér fietsen.

Santos - Custombuilt bicycles - Travel Lite

Naar je werk, of gewoon naar China. Tassen mee, tent achterop en gaan. Dat doen wij ook graag. En dan vooral zonder gezeur. Geen derailleur vervangen in de middle of nowhere, maar ook geen remblokken boven in de Alpen. Je zult ons dus niet horen, als je kiest voor zo veel mogelijk lusten en zo min mogelijk lasten; als je kiest voor de Travel Lite. Verder kan hij tegen een stootje (Built for Life) en is hij goed in remmen (hydraulisch). Meer over riemaandrijving. Jtek Bar-end Shifter for Internal Hubs. Super light weight only 64 grams making it the lightest bar-end shifter on the market!

Jtek Bar-end Shifter for Internal Hubs

24mm & 22.2mm clamp-on design. Easy installation eliminates the need for disassembly to install. High quality CNC precision machined parts. Sealed ball bearings and ultra smooth ramped profile indexing. Jtek products are available here Finally a shifting solution for people who want to use internal hubs with drop-bar, road bike style handle bars. Alfine 11 speed with Versa 11 levers: a review. Background: With my all weather winter commuter bicycle needing a rebuild after 3 winters of grit and crud destroying a rim, 2 cassettes, several chains and a chain ring, I decided so splash out and convert it to a hub drive.

Alfine 11 speed with Versa 11 levers: a review

These are said to be low maintenance and, with a hub disc brake version, rim wear friendly. Sussex Enterprises - Innovative bicycle components for Shimano internal hubs. Shaft drive bicycles, chainless bicycles, road bicycles, mountain bikes. The Versa components are the first ever road shifters designed specifically for use with the Shimano Alfine and Nexus internal hubs.

Sussex Enterprises - Innovative bicycle components for Shimano internal hubs. Shaft drive bicycles, chainless bicycles, road bicycles, mountain bikes.

The Versa components are fully compatible with the Shimano Alfine 11-speed, Alfine 8-speed and Nexus 8-speed hubs, and seamlessly control these hubs to bring out the best in performance and versatility from internally geared bicycles. The Lazy Rando Blog... Enjoying a ride along the coast… If you haven’t read the Extreme Recon chapter of the Gravel Pimp Saga than click here and read it so you know what’s shaking.

The Lazy Rando Blog...

Our last attempt to pioneer a dirt route between Lake Cowichan and Victoria BC failed when we were diverted by a security zone around the Victoria Water Supply Area [aka The DMZ]. Not to be deterred we retreated back to Gravel Pimp HQ and reviewed our maps then plotted a new route. The Radavist's Top Beautiful Bicycles of 2014 - The Radavist. The Radavist’s Top Beautiful Bicycles of 2014 The stick that held up the bikes in this Gallery… I shot a lot of bikes this year.

The Radavist's Top Beautiful Bicycles of 2014 - The Radavist

In fact, I shot more Galleries this year, than any other two years combined. Why We Don’t Need Rain Bikes Any Longer. I moved from Texas to Seattle 20 years ago and continued to ride and train year-round. At first, I refused to use fenders. I did not want to spoil the beautiful lines of my racing bike. After one miserably wet winter, I gave in. Touring bikes, travel bikes, road bikes, tandems : Gilles Berthoud Cycles. Makers of tandem bicycles and custom bicycles. 700c - Fender Sets - Fenders, Accessories, Hardware - Accessories. Fenders, Accessories, Hardware - Accessories. Honjo fenders. Drop bars vs. bullhorns. Handlebars for Touring and Commuting. By Tom Deakins Hand positions and comfort. We've been getting alot of questions recently from people interested in touring.

People are looking for more comfortable riding positions .This article talks about the various handlebars available in the US and the issues involved in changing bars. The Epicurean Cyclist: Wool, Twine and All Things Fine. Optionlist. Configurator. JAN JANSSEN Configurator © Rohnin Frame Vork Design Groep Stuurpen Stuurbocht Stuurlint grips Zadel Zadelpen Bidonhouder Buitenband Pedalen. Atropin Randonneur Alfine. Vanilla Bicycles - Touring. The Lazy Randonneur: Bar End Shifters and IGHs. Legacy Framework - Quality Handbuilt Bicycles, Pure and Simple. Legacy Frameworks will have a booth at 39th Oak Park Ave-Lake Arts & Crafts Show this coming weekend, Aug 17 & 18 in Scoville Park. We have lived in Oak Park for several years and thought we would share some of our favorite places and events going on.

If you’re coming from far away, Oak Park is a nice place to make a day trip. Events Oak Park Ave-Lake Arts & Crafts Show - Aug. 17, 11am–7 pm and Aug. 18, 9am–5 pm. Free admission. BQPBPEquipsurvey.pdf. Randonee — The Vanilla Workshop. Randonneur. Hobootleg. La bicicletta che mancava, ottimo connubio tra ciclocross e turismo, disegnata grazie all’esperienza acquisita. Telaio e forcella in acciaio Columbus Cromor a triplo spessore con speciale trattamento protettivo di cataforesi interno ed esterno delle tubazioni per una protezione assoluta contro la corrosione ed affidabilità estrema. Passaggi ruota che consentono il montaggio dei parafanghi e di pneumatici fino a 40mm per affrontare qualsiasi terreno in piena sicurezza. Sistema di limitazione dello sterzo (Ergo Steering Stop) che evita il contatto del manubrio con il tubo orizzontale del telaio evitandone il danneggiamento. Passaggio guaine comandi sopra il tubo orizzontale per proteggere i fili da fango e terra e consentire sempre un ottimo funzionamento di cambio e deragliatore grazie anche all’uso di comandi Microshift bar end.

Gruppo Shimano Deore 9 velocità per superare con facilità le salite più impervie. Gazzetta della strada. L’utilizzo sportivo urbano, anche in condizioni meteorologiche avverse, ci ha portato a ridisegnare i foderi posteriori e la forcella per consentire l’assemblaggio di leggeri parafanghi. L’abbiamo dotata di un compatto portapacchi anteriore senza appesantirla, per trasportare agevolmente uno zainetto e una borsa.

Il telaio in acciaio Columbus, è anche dotato di ancoraggi per montare un portapacchi posteriore. I pedali hanno un doppio utilizzo: clip on da un lato, perché Gazzetta della Strada non si rifiuta di correre, pratici appoggi in gomma dall’altro, per un uso sicuro anche con le scarpe di cuoio. Nuova sella Regal di Selle San Marco in microfibra ultra confortevole, nastro in tecno pelle in tinta con la sella e accessori silver, per dare un tocco di luce ed impreziosire, come nelle specialissime dei gloriosi anni del Grande Ciclismo.

Assemblata con il nuovo gruppo Shimano Claris a 8 velocità. Specialized launch AWOL adventure bike. Specialized are launching a new range of AWOL bikes designed for everything from commuting to full-on adventure rides. A couple of the bikes are currently being ridden across Europe in the Transcontinental 2013 race from London to Istanbul. Review: The Specialized Edition AWOL Transcontinental Touring Bike - The Radavist. Review: The Specialized Edition AWOL Transcontinental Touring Bike As someone who has everything he needs in a touring bike, I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive to spend a weekend on the new Specialized Edition AWOL Transcontinental touring bike (due out in late February). Honestly, it just didn’t seem like my kind of rig.