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Model M Overhaul Service! | [ Phosphor Glow ] Price: $45.00 o·ver·haul verb ˌōvərˈhôl/ 1. take apart (a piece of machinery or equipment) in order to examine it and repair it if necessary. 2. a thorough examination of machinery or a system, with repairs or changes made if necessary. Found a super filthy Model M in a storage closet that you’re afraid to touch? Does your favorite board feel tired and perhaps has a quirk or two? Spill your sugary diabetic-coma-inducing coffee or other beverage all over your beloved board? Perhaps you feel guilty about the bag of potato chip crumbs inside the keyboard you’ve been using for two decades and want to treat it to something special..?

Feel like giving me a challenge with that nasty M you found sitting outside for years…? Whatever your reason, I’d be happy to take the challenge and overhaul your Model M! Includes: I also offer these additional options: My experience comes from over 200 full tear downs and rebuilds. Have a question or need more information? Xauser/tmk_keyboard at octagon. Beginner guide to keyboard modding. WarningSome of the things I describe here could harm your keyboard if not done properly and will most likely void your warranty.

Be aware of that and handle your keyboard with care.The following mods are ordered by difficulty. Please read the whole chapter of the desired modification before doing it. 1. Collecting informationBefore you start modding your keyboard, you need to know it's specifications. Here's a list of what you need to know:-Plate mounted or PCB mounted-Cherry or Costar stabilizersYou can usually find these informations on the site you bought the keyboard from or in the review subforum, just search there for your keyboard's name. Tenkeyless/Fullsize: 2. Now pull lightly upwards and wiggle on the keycap, it will come off with ease. 3. After lubing it will take some time and use until the lube has spread and you will start feeling a difference, especially on the spacebar. 4. 5.

You have to desolder the blue marked spots if they are soldered shut. 6. 7. Keyboard Case Painting Tips. Thanks guys! I really enjoy painting stuff (other than in winter, when I can't do it outside due to low temperatures). I use oil-based enamel spray paints for my projects. Mostly, I prefer Rust-Oleum, as from personal experience, their sprays go on the smoothest and with high pigment density. I completely cut out Krylon, as their Fusion lfor Plastics can melt some kinds (ABS, I believe), and other kinds I tried go on too thinly and unevenly. Moving on, for thic case, I used Rust-Oleum's Black Night Metallic as a light base coat to promote adhesion. Thin base layer of paint / primer, followed by slightly thicker but still fine layers of base paint.

Polishing the clear coat is what gives that car-like shiny finish to paints without enough metal flake. Let me know if you have any more questions! Silencing the Topre Novatouch. This post will be replaced by a full step-by-step method at a later time. Edit 2015/02/16: KeyCapsule has applied the landing pads silencing mods to his RF87U and 104UG. The method is exactly the same for the Novatouch. He has posted a nice set of photos and a video to document the operation and the results: of edit) Original message: I have spent 3 evenings working on silencing the Novatouch, which BADLY needs it. After some experiments, I have found a method that works very well => Good sound, no change in tactile feel.

The silencing can be done in 3 or 4 hours. If you want to hear the result, here is how the Novatouch sounds out of the box: And here is how it sounds after my silencing mod: The Novatouch, once modded, has one of the most satisfying "Thock" of all the Topre boards I own. Here is the recording setup. Gutz’s Easy and Fun Jailhouse Mods. Hello! I would like to introduce my jailhouse mod to everyone. It is easy, inexpensive, quick and fairly standardized. You don’t need much skill for it. I believe this is my single greatest contribution to geekhack. I’m happy, so I don’t have many other experiments to try out after this. This is the most silent switch mod for Cherry MX. It is very tactile. My mod has actually been around for months but I was worried that the orthodontic bands being used might break or move, so I wanted to test it before introducing to all geeks.

I was originally going to make a video, but didn’t have the right equipment. For the sake of being cautious I would recommend that the mod only be used on a switch moddable plate or a PCB mounted plate. Firstly, you need tactile clicky MX stems. Then, you need this. Please note the specs. Loop the band over your stem. Frosting acrylic inserts. Out of curiosity How are you guys affixing the acrylics to the case? I have a couple of pairs so I'm looking for a semi permanent solution. (Going to try sanding a pair to get that diffused look) Well, you are in luck since I decided to make a simple guide using my Orion. Ingredients: - Chef's hat- A flat surface- A thin clear double sided tape (I used Scotch 3M photo & document tape)- 400 Grit sandpaper (I prefer the waterproof version for less dust and a smoother finish)- Painters tape (to hold everything in place- Water & paper towel (for cleaning in between sanding and/or to put on the sandpaper) #1Attach everything to the surface you will be working on.

The piece in the middle is the sandpaper. #2Prepare your acrylic pieces Clean them first and remove the protective tape on the sides. #3Start sanding Sand using a light pressure and preferably using a circular motion. Keep going Sides as well Things are getting messy with the water but it actually aids in achieving a smooth finish #4Clean up.

Buckling Spring Floss Mod. Got a tip today from fellow Geekhacker Phoenix. don't like the springy twang of the IBM Buckling Spring. Yearn for a soft and quiet actuation but like the precise feel and typing speed of the good ol' buckling spring? Don't feel like messing with grease?? Here are the directions given to me from Phoenix: I tried a silencing mod on the model m that's easy and actually works. Use fluffy floss, cut the fluffy part into uniform sections ofslightly less than spring length, hold the spring straight, gentlyinert floss sections into the spring, and you are done. I also tried folding and inserting twice as much (I used a long andthin piece of plastic to push the center of the floss section infirst).

So floss is one thing that I have a LOT of and in various types. Enter.......Super Floss!!! Super Floss is something that I dispense frequently in my office for aiding in cleaning under implant restorations, bridgework, large embrasures etc... The spongy region is what you want to use: Try it. Nut Bolt Mod for IBM Model M. 10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Acrylic Jobs. Color Fill Laser Engraved Items. [GB] Universal TKL plate (Filco/phantom/CM quickfire compatible)

I dont mean to necro a 2 month old thread but i ran into issues with costar stabs and this plate. I tried bending them back as far they would go but the keys are still really sticky. everything is soldered already so i cant realistically go to plate mounted cherry stabs and i saw wfd dremeled out the bottom of the plates a little to get them to fit but again that would require me to desolder everything. i found this on the deskthority wiki for phantom plates. do you think this would work? If your Costar stabilizers feel a little sticky, here is what you can do: - they are seated correctly1. In the first Costar star stabilizer picture on the right (scroll down a bit to see) the red areas need to be fully seated onto the plate. alaricljs's suggestion: Use a micro straight blade screw driver and gently press the black plastic piece toward the plate edge so that it engages properly. You may or may not hear a click as it seats itself. 2. 3.

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LEDs. FC660m Easy arrow cluster LED mod. FC660m arrow cluster LED mod Found some unused LED holes while analyzing the PCB of my FC660m. Tryed things out and we seem to have a new thing going on here! An easy, working LED mod! Materials & Tools >4x 1.5mm LEDs in the colour of your choice>1x 1kΩ resistor (Brown, Black, Red) or 1kΩ micro resistor (102 written on it) *MIGHT NOT BE NEEDED* >Solder>Soldering Iron>Small Philips head screwdriver>Side Cutters Resistor *RESISTOR MAY NOT BE REQUIRED*Since the LEDs are in series, they seem to produce brighter colours without the resistor, just solder a small piece of wire there instead, BUT this may burn out the LEDs or blow up the circuit board or something. Alright, above the arrow cluster on the vack of the PCB is to tiny contacts labeled "R4" those are the contacts you need to solder the resistor to.

LEDs Solder Solder each of the LED leads into place, remember not to let the joints touch! Trim Snip those bad boys off with the side cuttters Finished PCB There we go! We have lift off! Caps on More. How to make Cherry stabilizer feel as good as Costar stabilizer. Business card source code.