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CtrlAlt Store. TechKeys. Pimp My Keyboard - Groupbuys. IMSTO Store. Feng E-bay. Keypros - shop. Envisimple - Thailand. Keycap DIY shop. GeekKeys. Signature Plastics Keyshop. K3YD - custom 3D keycaps. CaseKing. Geekhack Overview List. GMK. GMK - Performance Sheet Keycaps. QWERKeys. Devlin - Cherry MX keycaps. Keycaps A wide variety of keycaps for Cherry® MX & ML and Omron® B3F series key switches moulded in-house from an ever growing tool catalogue.

Devlin - Cherry MX keycaps

Colours are selected from a standard range or matched to your requirements; e.g. branding. Our design, tooling and moulding capability enables fast and economic creation of new sizes and shapes. Keycaps are supplied blank or with legends applied using double shot, laser, engraving and printing techniques. Taiwan Tai-Hao. Fentek Industries. Options Blank Keys for most Keyboards Engraved Keys Double Shot Molding of Keytop Legends if desired Large Print for the Visually Impaired Relegendable keys with die-cut paper labels for added flexibility Requesting a Custom Key Quote If you have a diagram or layout with your requirements for custom printed keys or labels please email or fax a copy to (928)639-0551.

Fentek Industries

If you don't have a diagram or layout please answer the following questions so that we can provide ballpark pricing: What is the brand, make, and model of the keyboard to be supported?

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    Thanks. I've reorganised everything a bit and added a few more in the meantime. Enjoy. ;)