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Randonneur Research

Cyclists are kings of the road in the Netherlands. Cycle helmets: an international resource. Cutting through the controversy about helmet effectivenessAnalysis by Piet de Jong shifts the focus of the helmet debate onto the arguments about the degree to which the large health benefits of cycling outweigh the far smaller risks involved. de Jong uses mathematical modelling to show that even under the most optimistic predictions of helmet benefit, the net public health outcome of helmet promotion (or laws) is negative.

Cycle helmets: an international resource

Bias in older research, no net benefit from helmets in later studiesRune Elvik, from the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics, has used the latest methodologies to identify bias and conflict of interest in older helmet research that has greatly exaggerated the benefits. Analysing more recent studies, any benefit vanishes entirely. Why are Dutch cyclists more likely to be injured if they wear helmets?

The Netherlands is the safest country in the world in which to cycle and very few people wear helmets. Alcohol: obscuring the outcomes of helmet research? Rohloff / Speedhub. Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 General: Rohloff Homepage (official) Options: Maintenance free KATZ bikeBernds a folding bicycle maufacturer offers a Speedhub with belt drivetrain.Custommade Speedhub made by TUNE for Endorfin Bikes Custommade Speedhub shifter socket Titan sprocket from SinglestarTitan shifter standard 65g Rewel BikesTitan shifter 65mm or longerTitan OEM plates Reviews / Announcements: Internal Gear Hub Comparison on Hubstripping.comYou have no idea what Speedhub version is the right one for your purpose?

Rohloff / Speedhub

Living with the Rohloff Speedhub: The article is the best resource I found about the Speedhub. Maintenance / Installation Documents: Please check the Rohloff Homepage there are all necessary documents stored and easy to find! PINION / P1.18 / DRIVE TECHNOLOGY. GEARING transmission type Number of gears Overall ratio Gear steps Recommended ratio of Rear Sprockets (21t/24t for example) to front Gain ratio in 1st gear (21t/24t) Gain ratio in 18th gear (21t/24t) TECHNICAL DETAILS Chainline Maximum input torque Axle standard Q-factor 1 Lubrication Oil type Oil capacity Temperature range MAINTENANCE Oil change interval WEIGHTS Gearbox 3 Twist shifter Crank arms „CNC“ 175 mm 4 Crank arms „Forged“ 175 mm 4 Chain tensioner (spring strength: 2,5 mm) 5 Chain ring 30t Chain ring 24t Spider 104 mm bolt circle diameter Rear sprocket 26t Rear sprocket 21t 1 distance between the outer faces of the crank arms at the level of the pedal attachment points2 synthetic, viscosity level 683 incl.lock ring, crankarm center screws and cable cover with mounting screws4 incl. crank arm clamp screws5 incl. mounting screws With the Pinion rotary shifter both individual and multiple gear shifts can be made with split- second precision.


PINION / P1.18 / DRIVE TECHNOLOGY. SCHALTUNG Getriebetyp Anzahl der Gänge Gesamtübersetzungsverhältnis Gangabstufung Empfohlenes Übersetzungsverhältnis der Kettenräder hinten zu vorn (bspw. z21/z24) Getriebeübersetzung im 1.


Gang (z21/z24) Getriebeübersetzung im 18. Gang (z21/z24) TECHNISCHE DETAILS Kettenlinie Maximales Eingangsdrehmoment Kurbelaufnahme Q-Faktor 1 Schmierung Öltyp Ölfüllmenge Temperaturbereich WARTUNG Ölwechselintervalle. Delgado Chain Case. Delgado For the ones who like to protect their clothing from getting dirty during a more intense ride, Hesling has found the solution.

Delgado Chain Case

The result is "the Delgado", a sporty looking, lightweight and soundless chain case. Using this chain case you can even use your trekking bike to go to work. This chain case thanks its sporty appearance to the small lines which follows the chain line. Unique to this chain case is that although there is little space for the chain it still remains almost soundless. Fallbrook Technologies Inc. Improved energy management.

Fallbrook Technologies Inc.

Sustainable solutions. Technology that is scalable over a variety of applications. Leading-edge technology. These are the attributes of Fallbrook Technologies Inc. -- a technology development company that manufactures advanced transmission systems. Hodyon, a Fallbrook Technologies company, manufactures and sells auxiliary power units (APUs). Fallbrook's core technology is its traction-based, NuVinci transmission -- a continuously variable planetary (CVP) drive well suited for applications in many mechanical devices that have a transmission or require speed variation.

Find out why Nothing Shifts Like NuVinci.

Rollerbrake replacement

Achielle - Vintage and Nostalgic Bicycles. Professional Bike Tires - Spike Tires. What is a Dutch Bike and what should you be looking for when purchasing one? - Dutchie Bicycles. First and foremost of course, it needs to be made in Holland An obvious point, sure, but one worth mentioning.

What is a Dutch Bike and what should you be looking for when purchasing one? - Dutchie Bicycles

Does it actually say ‘made in Holland’ somewhere on the bike? Dutch style bikes are not Dutch. They might sit you up straight (more on this in a moment), share a few similar features, but they are not made in Holland. And if we are honest, they are never as cute and endearing as a Dutchie. Posture Getting on a Dutchie for the first time is a completely new experience if you are used to riding mountain bikes, or pretty much any other style of bike for that matter. This riding position takes almost all the weight off your wrists and onto your rear (they come with very comfortable saddles of course). Cycling is no longer just about getting from A to B on an exercise machine, head down with eyes focused on the tarmac just in front of you.

Clothing Lycra, bicycle clips, gym gear – all become thing of the past. KNOG : Hi Power Lights : Blinder Road R.