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Artisan Keycaps

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Bingecap. Bro Caps. Clack Factory. Nubbinator. A while ago, I did my first foray into cap craft.


Since then, things have evolved considerably and my model have gotten much better. This has not been without a ton of trial and error though and a considerable number of failures and the expenses that go with that. As such, I decided that I'd get a kind of journal up and going in here for anyone who's considering getting into cap craft themselves. Hopefully my knowledge base helps some people save some money and get started into making some interesting artisan caps. Right now this post is just a rough almost stream of consciousness post, but I'll work on it some more tomorrow and start getting things better organized and start updating with my different experiments/experiences and words of advice. If you have some different dyes or pigments you'd like me to try in my resins, let me know and I'll be glad to take some from you and test it out.

I plan on hitting on the following topics in my little rambling. . - Making your master Sprueing. Hot Keys Project (formerly Gas Mask Keycaps) Dodgy's Keycaps. Hey all, here is the sale thread for my custom keycaps.All of these keycaps are made by hand, with cast resin.Here is the thread that I've kept updated since I've started doing this: Because I'm a bit limited in tools & space, these caps are not completely perfect.

Dodgy's Keycaps

Small bubbles in the cap walls can sometimes exist. I try my best to be fair when selecting which caps are acceptable to sell, and hope that those who buy my caps understand that these are the best I can offer at this time. If anyone is unhappy with what they receive, please reach out to me and we can get things resolved. Ok, the caps! KBK (Killed By Kaps) Table of Contents I.

KBK (Killed By Kaps)

What are they? II.What kinds are there? III.How are the made? IV.Where can I buy them? What are they? What kinds are there? Death Lives - MX,Topre,BSOne of the two original caps. KRytone Caps (KRAP caps) Hi All, Backstory: More Been here for 2 months now and after starting my DIY thread for creating my own caps, i think i created too much already to produce an OK enough quality This is only a hobby for me but due to the costs of materials and a lot of experimentation with different brands and combination, its becoming a burden (for the mrs) to spend more on materials and having too much created caps and having only 1 board .

KRytone Caps (KRAP caps)

Unfortunately, due to a lack of equipment (pressure pot/vacuum chamber) a perfect cap is a hit or miss for me. CherpKeys 3D printed. Here we go!

CherpKeys 3D printed

I will be making 3-D Novelty Keycaps. Caps will be made in one of two ways: 3-D Printed using UV-Cured Acrylic Polymer or Metal or Cast with either transparent or opaque resin. KatzenKinder Capworks. UPDATE Alright, gonna call this one closed and move on to invoicing!

KatzenKinder Capworks

Expect in the next 24hr or so! Hey guys, second batch of caps has been prepared for launch! These are pretty much all one-offs aside from the v0.95 leftovers. Procedure will be the same as last time! Please send an e-mail titled Sale v1.0 to katzenkindercaps at with cap codes (ex. 1A + 2B), paypal e-mail, zip code, and GH username. Caps from v1.0 are $10 each, leftovers from v0.95 are still $8.

These will be the last of Sentinel and Love Machine available for a while, since I have to take time to repair the molds after a rather unfortunate demold that damaged the silicone pretty badly. HyPnoCaP. Elsea Keys. Elsea KeysKey Caps, Art, Painting (Pre-made + Request) [How to Buy]If you are purchasing from a sale, PM me and post in this thread that you have PMed me.

Elsea Keys

Money will be sent to my PayPal account that I will give you via PM. We will then work out shipping, which the price of the key cap does not include, and I will ship within 1-3 days depending on the time and date of your message. I am located in the United States. ArtKeycaps. - Keycap: 29 USD per cap.- Two maximum per person.- Shipping: 12 USD worldwide with tracking nº. (~15 days to the US) Made in strict order of preference by the list.


Features:- Hand Sculpted & crafted.- Limited quantities.- Interface alternatives: MX, BS, alps* or topre* - Many colors.- Colored eyes (resin) or metallic.- Paypal. ***Preorders open*** Up to Nov 30th Exclusive features: - 25 USD per cap*- Numbered and hand signed by the artist*- Mineral eyes (onyx, etc)* If there is a problem that obstructs the completion your order, you'll be refunded.Colors options: solid or bicolor (or more maybe). Excerpt of my previous sculpting work: Holodekk.