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Beyond individual span of time and space

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About : Philippe Legrain. I’m an independent writer, commentator, consultant, and public speaker based in London but interested in the whole world. To put it another way, I’m a thinker and a communicator. I write primarily about global economic issues – notably globalisation, migration and the post-crisis world – but through my blog and my contributions to the Guardian’s Comment is Free I also range more widely. I’m fascinated by how economics, politics and culture combine to form the big picture and how the world is coming together through globalisation while becoming ever more diverse through cultural mixing and individual choice.

I’m excited by the rapid development of China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies, which is creating incredible new opportunities for people there, as well as for people in advanced economies. I think people should be free to live, work and fall in love wherever they please. I am a commentator on BBC TV and radio on globalisation and migration. Toni Morrison - Nobel Lecture. Nobel Lecture December 7, 1993 Listen to an Audio Recording of Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture* 33 min.

Toni Morrison - Nobel Lecture

"Once upon a time there was an old woman. Blind but wise. " Or was it an old man? "Once upon a time there was an old woman. In the version I know the woman is the daughter of slaves, black, American, and lives alone in a small house outside of town. One day the woman is visited by some young people who seem to be bent on disproving her clairvoyance and showing her up for the fraud they believe she is. She does not answer, and the question is repeated. Still she doesn't answer. The old woman's silence is so long, the young people have trouble holding their laughter. Finally she speaks and her voice is soft but stern. Her answer can be taken to mean: if it is dead, you have either found it that way or you have killed it. The systematic looting of language can be recognized by the tendency of its users to forgo its nuanced, complex, mid-wifery properties for menace and subjugation. We die. China's hidden wealth: China’s well-hidden, ill-gotten gains.

The man who planted trees

Will Wright makes toys that make worlds. Go virtual young man « Seeker Blog. Jugaad: Questions for Santosh Ostwal. The Evolution of Sharing. Sharing isn't unique to humans but we seem to do it a lot more than any other mammals.

The Evolution of Sharing

Some combination of intrinsic altruism, on-the-spot cost-benefit calculus, and perhaps the routine abstractions we subconsciously employ to reconfigure our internal reward systems has positioned us to be exceptional at sharing all manner of things. So much so, it seems, that we've constructed a global web of technologies whose function seems to be primarily adapted to the simple, rapid, and non-local giving and receiving of ideas, emotions, experiences, templates, tools, and just about every other aspect of the human experience. Indeed, the Information Age and all its wondrous gadgetry, heaved up by materials science and sustained by ridiculous amounts of energy, is the dawning realization of industrialism turned from hard goods to the exchange of dematerialized content.

ARPANET sent its first message in 1969. BBS users were an active subculture by the early 1980‘s. And this isn’t some New Age hokum. PowerTripSTRIP(web).jpg (JPEG Image, 946×703 pixels) - Scaled (79.