Video - Stan Lee, Creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man, Appears at WSJ Weekend Conversations
Cupples and Leon Co. 1902-1956 In 1903, Cupples & Leon collected such strips as The Katzenjammer Kids. Alphonse and Gaston, Happy Hooligan, On and Off the Ark, Poor Lil Mose and The Tigers. Their major competitor in books of comic strip reprints was Frederick A. Digital Comic Museum

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news from me Turner Classic Movies has quickly assembled a Mickey Rooney tribute. Starting Sunday morning, they're running thirteen of his starring vehicles, none of them Andy Hardy pictures. (The Courtship of Andy Hardy is on this evening but that's not part of the marathon.) [CORRECTION, added soon after: Hank Gillette writes, "There are two Andy Hardy movies in TCM’s Mickey Rooney tribute: A Family Affair and You’re Only Young Once. These are the first two in the series and before they started putting Andy Hardy in the title. A Family Affair is notable for having Lionel Barrymore in the role of Judge Hardy." news from me
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