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Top Tech Tips – the perfect crochet circle | Cara Medus. You know the score. You’ve been making crochet circles the same way since I Don’t Know When, but they are never quite right – the seam, having to smooth out the corners… I’ve been trying to find a way of improving on the basic crochet circle where you close off each round with a slip stitch. This is easy to work and easy to count, but the slip stitch at the end of the round creates a visible seam, and you also need to stagger the increases to stop the ‘corners’ becoming obvious. The second way of doing it is the spiral.

This has the advantage of losing the seam, but it is more tricky to keep track of the stitch count (stitch markers may be needed!) What I’ve come up with combines the advantages of working in closed off rounds with those of the spiral: It is easier to countIt has a less visible seam,It can be worked in coloured stripesIt is a much smoother circle than the traditional ‘closed off’ method. Pattern UK terms used throughout. Make a magic loop or other foundation ring. Step-by-step.