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Gearbox interlock device. Double helical gear. Helical gear advantage and disadvantage. Constant mesh gearbox. Clutch components. This Is How An Automatic Transmission Works. Lots of noise and banging and maybe some broken CV joints.

This Is How An Automatic Transmission Works

If nothing breaks on the first one you'll probably get lots of wheel hop and noise. If you try it a second time, you'll probably need a tow. Dog Clutch Gearbox. Clutch components level 2. Axle shafts. Axle Shafts Design Rear axle construction In cases where the rear suspension is non-independent, the type of axle used is either a dead axle or a live axle.

Axle shafts

The former only has to support the weight of the vehicle, where the latter has to fulfill this task and, in addition, contain a gear and shaft mechanism to drive the road wheels. Axle shafts The axle shaft (half shaft) transmits the drive from the differential sun wheel to the rear hub. The Dog Clutch (Info) Constant velocity joint. Differential. Syncromesh Unit (Info) Worm And Wheel Final Drive. Synchromesh Unit Diagram. Straight Bevel Final Drive. Hypoid Final Drive. Spiral Bevel Final Drive. Propshaft Picture. Gearbox detent device info. Four wheel drive diagram. Cone clutch. Plate clutch. Diaphragm spring clutch. Tripod joint. Sliding mesh gearbox. Weiss joint. Spur gear advantage and disadvantage. Rzeppa joint. Spur gear. Tracta joint. Gearbox detent device. Universal Joint. Gearbox Interlock device info. Double helical gear advantage and disadvantage. Helical gear.