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Communities Respond to Gay Teen Suicides. By Jason St.

Communities Respond to Gay Teen Suicides

Amand Suicide among gay youth has become one of the most talked-about issues within the LGBT community as well as in the mainstream media. Programs and organizations have been created on both a national and local level to prevent gay teens from taking their life, most notably the "It Gets Better" campaign. School officials are attempting to become proactive rather than reactive in the face of the alarming spate of recent suicides. In Syracuse, N.Y., for example, a group of guidance councilors talked with teachers and Syracuse school district officials about local anti-bullying policies.

One program comes from the Queering Education Research Institute at Syracuse University. "You hear a number of reasons," Payne said. Bernadette DeMott, an English teacher and advisor for the gay-straight alliance at Henninger High School, told the newspaper that the school needs to improve how it handles anti-gay bullying. Video: Suicidal Ideation and Self-Harm in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth. Gay Teen Suicides Launch Nationwide LGBT Risk Study. UA and NYU researchers have received a $2.8 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health for the study, and over 1,000 LGBT youths ages 15 to 21 are expected to participate, hailing from San Francisco, Calif, Tuscan, Ariz., and New York, NY.

Gay Teen Suicides Launch Nationwide LGBT Risk Study

Recruiting for the study starts now, said Stephen Russell, director of UA's Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families, and we will follow up every nine months. True Gay Youth Suicide Stories-True Gay Teen Suicide Stories. (Home-My Story) (Español) True, Tragic and Unnecessary Gay Youth Suicide StoriesStories To Wake You Up It doesn't have to be this way What can you do?

True Gay Youth Suicide Stories-True Gay Teen Suicide Stories

From Gary Lynn Nicholas* had for years been the target for hurtful homophobic comments by classmates without anyone at school ever intervening. After his funeral, a recently hired teacher tried to sensitize the school to the possible relationship between the ostracism inflicted on Nicholas and his suicide. This story was told to us by Nicholas’s mother a little less than a year after her son died. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jean-Philippe* was an inquisitive adolescent involved with others and a confidant for many of his friends. To all who love me and to the ones who did not love me. Jean-Philippe xxx PS: By the way, I was gay and I would like to say to the ones who still love me that I will never forget them. Footnotes:(1) These true stories were taken from the following book: Dorais, Michel with Simon L. Sirdeaner L. The count of gay teen suicides do to bullying last month stands at 9+

UPDATED: September’s Anti-Gay Bullying Suicides – There Were A Lot More Than 5. We’ve been following closely this story and wanted to update you on some on these tragic cases.

UPDATED: September’s Anti-Gay Bullying Suicides – There Were A Lot More Than 5

There are now reports that say that Felix Sacco was bullied. On October 5, there was a report of a tenth victim of bullying who succumbed to suicide. Sadly, the initial report was taken down and all we have to go on is this report, although there are still reputable reports that the tenth September victim, Alec Henrikson, was the victim of a suicide. Alec was from Indiana, which would make him the third victim from Indiana in September. The problem is anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment. Whether they are gay or not, anyone who is a victim of anti-LGBTQ bullying or harassment is having a tough time. Some, as we painfully were reminded this month, resort to suicide.

Suicide of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Youth. Papers summarized below represent only studies done since 1990 that report on suicide of GLB youth (not adults).

Suicide of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Youth

These papers represent studies, as opposed to reviews or commentaries on GLB-youth suicide. Only one of the studies that meet these criteria show no difference in suicide rates between GLB and non-GLB youth. This study was done post-mortem on youth who had committed suicide, and was the study presented to a national committee on GLB-youth suicide to the NIMH and APA committees, however there are fundamental problems with the methodology that call into question its validity in obtaining an accurate assessment of the sexual-orientation of the youth involved in the study.

A more comprehensive treatment of these and related issues can be found on an essay I wrote as part of a graduate research project on the Health Risks of Gay Teens. Summary statistics The GLB-sample populations present the following statistics: The population-based populations present the following statistics: Prejudice, Social Stress, and Mental Health in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations: Conceptual Issues and Research Evidence.

Youth suicide risk and sexual orientation - Statistical Data Included. The Impact of Institutional Discrimination on Psychiatric Disorders in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations: A Prospective Study. Suicide among LGBT youth. Bullying of LGBT youth has been shown to be a contributing factor in many suicides, even if not all of the attacks have been specifically addressing sexuality or gender.[13] Since a series of suicides in the early 2000s, more attention has been focused on the issues and underlying causes in an effort to reduce suicides among LGBTQ youth.

Suicide among LGBT youth

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention notes there are no national data (for the U.S.) regarding suicidal ideation or suicide rates among the LGBT population as a whole or in part, for LGBT youth or LGBT seniors, for example.[16] In part because there is no agreed percentage of the national population that is LGBTQ, or even identifies as LGBTQ, also death certificates do not include sexuality information.[9] A 1986 study noted that previous large scale studies of completed suicides did not "consider sexual orientation in their data analyses.

"[17] Reports and studies[edit] Developmental psychology perspectives[edit] The Trevor Project[edit] Note of a Gay Teen -! Family support prevents LGBT teen suicide. NORTHWESTERN (US) — Family and friends’ support helps counteract bullying and prevent suicide among sexual minority teenagers.

Family support prevents LGBT teen suicide

The question is of paramount concern because lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangender (LGBT) youths are at least twice as likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual youths, prompting the national “It Gets Better Project” with encouraging video messages from such public figures as Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama. Now the first longitudinal study to look at suicide ideation and self-harm in this population shows support from friends and family offers the most protection in preventing youths from thinking about suicide. Adolescents who know they can talk to their parents about problems and know they have friends who care about them are less likely to consider ending their lives, according to new Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

How to offer support. Preventing Suicide Among LGBTQ Youth.