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How to ensure stellar customer engagement for 2015. The Retail Future Trends Report from Retail Customer Experience provided many valuable insights on both consumers and retailers and how they're feeling about the way we are shopping today.

How to ensure stellar customer engagement for 2015

The retailers, while discussing technology and mobile and concerned about subjects like bitcoin and beacons, listed their second and third biggest challenges as those related to people. When asked about current operational challenges, retailers answered this way for their #2 and #3: 2. Employees engaging with customers. Vanity, thy Name is Man. The female of the species has a reputation for vanity which far exceeds that of the male.

Vanity, thy Name is Man

Inteligence Squared: Vanity, Thy Name is Man at Selfridges London. 25 rise of the yummy. Meet the “Yummy”: the Young, Urban Male. Yummies: young, urban males obsessed with personal grooming and health. Luxury Fashion Brands Targeting Global ‘Yummies’: Young Urban Males. Luxury fashion may be switching gender and age roles.

Luxury Fashion Brands Targeting Global ‘Yummies’: Young Urban Males

In much of the world now, the most attractive demographic for such companies as Burberry (BRBY) and Coach (COH) isn’t middle-aged women with sky-high credit limits; it’s twentysomething men with smartphones and self-esteem issues. At least that’s the theory put forth recently by a three researchers at HSBC. Here's The 'Yummy' Report. Unemployment-the-vanishing-male-worker-how-america-fell-behind. ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Frank Walsh still pays dues to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, but more than four years have passed since his name was called at the union hall where the few available jobs are distributed.


Mr. Walsh, his wife and two children live on her part-time income and a small inheritance from his mother, which is running out. Increasingly Men Are Focusing More On Their Style. Outfittery is a Berlin-based menswear delivery service that provides men with boxes of clothes picked out by style experts.

Increasingly Men Are Focusing More On Their Style

The service starts with a short visual questionnaire in which men select photographs of the styles that most match their personal life, their work life and the style direction they’d like to go in. Men also provide their sizes and measurements, report their typical fit problems, upload photos of their styles and outline their price range.

Boxes of clothing items are then assembled by a style expert and sent to men to try on. The rise of the metrosexual man. Written by Menswear Style in Grooming on the 9th October 2014 / 0 Comments Men are spending more time and effort grooming themselves.

The rise of the metrosexual man

This sentence has certainly been a paradox in the past. However recent surveys now show that, indeed, some men are now spending more time getting ready when compared to their female counterparts. Customer Behaviour Is Changing: Check Your Assumptions. Brains, Brands and Buying. This article was published in the December 2014 issue of STORES Magazine.

Brains, Brands and Buying

David Kepron Creative Director, Brand Experience Studio Little Diversified Architectural Consulting Charlotte, N.C. The coming revolution may be televised, but it could also be streamed on a device programmed for users’ distinct preferences. In Retail (r)Evolution, David Kepron takes readers on a ride, learning how rapid technological advances are literally rewiring the way the brain works, particularly in younger shoppers.

Brendan Mullane on a Male Moment in Fashion - Photo Turning Point: Young men are fueling the luxury fashion market.

Brendan Mullane on a Male Moment in Fashion -

Men have become the new style-setters, driving the consumption of luxury goods in countries like Japan and South Korea, as well as in emerging markets. JWT_Planning_Foresight_MasculinityModernity1. The Joy of Shopping: It’s All in the Mind - FITCH. AdWords' New Demographics Charts Offer Visual Insights On Age, Gender & Parental Status. Business Standard. Welcome to a new model of consumer behaviour: snackable consumption, a world in which people use smart devices to shop in increments, moving comfortably from one digital destination to the next, grabbing bite-sized information such as prices about brands, products and services, often doing their research while multitasking.

Business Standard

Snacking behaviour often discussed in the context of content consumption - now extends far beyond content. Increasingly, we are seeing this behaviour extend into new areas. We see many signs that snackable consumption is the norm: Smartphone users interact with their phones 150 times per day - every six minutes. Seventy-nine per cent of 18-44 year olds have their smartphones with them 22 hours per day, with the vast majority checking their phone within 15 minutes of waking up. The Secret Psychology Behind Selling Beauty Products to Men - In Depth. In 1960, in the aftermath of the first-ever televised presidential debate, Richard Nixon wished he hadn't passed on the concealer, bronzer, and foundation.

The Secret Psychology Behind Selling Beauty Products to Men - In Depth

His opponent, John F. Kennedy, looked dashing, youthful, and put-together on screen; meanwhile, even Nixon's supporters said he looked like he'd just suffered a coronary. Few political candidates since have been stupid enough to repeat Nixon's mistake. Fashion consciousness increasing across socio-economic segments. Hot pants, or short shorts, a hot fashion item, sell at the same speed in cities like Bangalore and Pune and smaller towns like Kolhapur, Hasan and Hubli, says Abhay Bahuhune, brand head, People, a fashion apparel retail chain. In Kolhapur, it is not common to find the youth sporting micro shorts in public.

They wear them in their houses and at house parties. As such, girls usually wear their jeans on top of the shorts when stepping out of their homes and take the jeans off once indoors, says Bahuhune. Fashion consciousness, which means people wearing fashionable and trendy clothes and being well groomed, is increasing across India and socio-economic segments. Male consumer thought piece. Now & then: Shifts in consumer behaviour over the last 10 years. ET Bureau Nov 5, 2014, 05.05AM IST (Consumers of today have…) Consumers of today have evolved into a hyper active multi-taskers, constantly squeezing the 25th hour out of a regular day. Tailoring to the new male consumer. Charts from the NRF Foundation’s Retail Insight Center. To access this data and more research please visit the Retail Insight Center. As men heighten their interest in the latest style, they increase their spending as well. In 2012, about two-thirds (65 percent) of spending on men’s sportcoats and tailored jackets is attributed to male consumers – up from 61 percent of spending the year prior.

TREND REPORT: The New Male Consumer - julietlegrandthompson. E-tailer takes on men who hate shopping. Keep it simple: Modi Song and Melissa Lee. Photo: Daniel K Cheung Misa Han An online fashion retailer is cutting down on choice to target young men who hate shopping. Millennial men, or male consumers aged 20 to 35, have been a ­notoriously difficult group to target for fashion retailers. On Roy Morgan numbers, men in their 20s and 30s spend an average of $16 a week on clothes and shoes, which is just 1.5 per cent of their income. The changing consumer behaviour in a digital economy - Financial Express. The impact of digital economy and e-commerce is no longer a phenomenon restricted to only the developed world. With the spaces between geographies shrinking due to the digital technology and also with nations taking the connectivity to the rural and remote parts of the country, India is experiencing a significant transformation in the consumer buying patterns.

As a result no company can afford to ignore these trends irrespective of whether or not it is in the e-commerce space. It is noteworthy to recognise that it is no longer adequate to be reactive or proactive, it is the adaptive capability of the firm that is going to be critical to win the marketing wars. The traditional marketing research and understanding of the consumer behaviour will continue to play an important role in the long range planning but understanding the transactional behaviour pattern of the consumers and adapting its marketing strategy is the new game. Decision Making Senses. Mintel pinpoints four key US consumer trends for 2015 - Retail Times. Looking ahead, Mintel’s trends analysts Stacy Glasgow and Jenny Zegler discuss the four key US consumer trends identified by Mintel as the most impactful for 2015 — and what this will mean for both consumers and brands in the year ahead.

Read on to learn how Get Smart, My Wallet, My Way, Fight for Your Rights and Gender Agenda will impact consumers and brands alike in the coming year. Get Smart The world of synced devices, including wearable technology and smart home appliances, will mainstream as trusted retailers and manufacturers satisfy consumer appetite for collecting data and controlling devices. Smart devices — from watches to ceiling fans — appeal to consumers because they save time and money but they also promise convenience and control. Engaging the Millennial Shopper: Times They are A-Changin' RETAILERS ARE UNDERLEVERAGING CRITICAL CONSUMER DATA AS THEY SEEK TO STIMULATE INCREASED SALES VIA OMNI-CHANNEL SHOPPING CAPABILITY. Opinion: What men want - Retail Focus - Retail Interior Design and Visual Merchandising. Details. Men's fashion: Online suits you sir.

The men’s fashion market is enjoying strong growth thanks to online channels and better brand marketing. How to Sell Clothes to Men: On the Rise of Menswear in Fashion. The art and science of selling clothes to bros. LSN Seed Style guide Fashion brand has fun with Man uals. The Joy of Shopping: It’s All in the Mind - FITCH. Menswear UK March 2014 Infographic Overview (1) Login to Mintel Reports - Mintel Group Ltd. Trend Briefing Aus 2014 Summary. Menswear UK March 2014 Issues and Insights.