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Eyes-Free Android The combination of random access via touch exploration, backed up by linear navigation starting from the point the user just explored enables users to: Touch explore an application to understand its screen layout, Use muscle memory to quickly touch parts of the display to access familiar application screens, Use linear navigation to reach the desired item when muscle memory is wrong by a small amount. As an example, when using the Google Play Store, I can use muscle memory with touch exploration to find the Search button in the top action bar. Eyes-Free Android

Motorola Handset USB Driver for Windows (64-bit) download for Windows Mobile PocketPC / Linux / Symbian / Windows Mobile Smartphone / Java


xda-developers You may recall that a few days ago, Sprint jumped the gun a little bit in stating that Android 4.4.3 would be rolling out for the Google Nexus 5 in waves, starting on April 14th. Well, the 14th has come and gone, and the Nexus 5 is still without 4.4.3. And in fact, Sprint even removed mention of KTU84F from their support page recently. Despite the temporary delay, we’re still quite confident that we will see this maintenance update’s eventual release in the relatively near future. And as if the mystery build sightings and Sprint’s support page weren’t enough, we’ve now gotten . . . READ ON »