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Scala Mainpage. Scala API. Scalaz Library. Scala Wiki. Specs 2. Specify your software using both text and Scala code class HelloWorldSpec extends Specification { def is = s2""" This is a specification for the 'Hello world' string The 'Hello world' string should contain 11 characters $e1 start with 'Hello' $e2 end with 'world' $e3 """ def e1 = "Hello world" must haveSize(11) def e2 = "Hello world" must startWith("Hello") def e3 = "Hello world" must endWith("world") } Use different styles of specifications /** This is the "Unit" style for specifications */class HelloWorldSpec extends Specification { "This is a specification for the 'Hello world' string".txt "The 'Hello world' string should" >> { "contain 11 characters" >> { "Hello world" must haveSize(11) } "start with 'Hello'" >> { "Hello world" must startWith("Hello") } "end with 'world'" >> { "Hello world" must endWith("world") } }} Document your APIs with compiler-checked examples Manage contexts for integration testing.

Specs 2

Lift 2.2 API. Simple-build-tool - Project Hosting on Google Code.