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Mobile Learning For K12 And Higher Education. .NET Product Engineering. .NET Product Engineering: Ixia solutionshas proven expertise in building world-class products using the latest Microsoft technologies and standards.

.NET Product Engineering

Our knowledge of Microsoft .NET technologies and application development methodologies enables us to work with customers across domains and successfully meet their performance and scalability requirements. At each stage of the application development cycle, we bring people, process, and technology expertise to proactively guide you through the challenges of meeting market requirements within budget and with speed and accuracy. We collaborate with our customers from the conceptualization stage through to the application go-live and maintenance stages. We practice agile development methodologies to help you take advantage of emerging market opportunities.

Like this: Like Loading... Application Development. Application Development : We provide higher education, and IT training application mobile application development is the new way to promote your business, product and services we have expert to create mobile app for your business with a quiet design user interface.

Application Development

Ixia solutions most important aim is to reach unique people with great ideas to enable enhancement of business growth through IT services. Security is very important for Mobile ApplicationDevelopment and every new project we plan for good security features to make your app user friendly. We think about Mobile Application Development specific security for company requirements and full fill their business requirement from day one. Ixia is UI specialists with skills in business analysis, architecture, software programming, database design/development /administration, user interface design and development, testing and program and project management Like this:

Ixia solutions (@ixiasolutionss) Software programming company mumbai ,html5 responsive web designing company in mumbai, india. Software development company in mumbai, Application development company services mumbai,india. IxiaSolutions. We, at Ixia, provide a range of solutions in the areas of software application development and maintenance, e-learning content development and analytics We create personalized and adaptive learning content that is technologically enabled and media rich.


Software Development Ixia specializes in providing mobile ready, cloud based software solutions in education and healthcare space. We design, build, reengineer, and maintain large-scale (million-plus users) education platforms for digital publishers and education technology providers. We create diagnostic and hospital management platforms. We leverage our deep understanding of learning methodologies to build applications that have intuitive and engaging user interfaces and customized student workflows.

Data Analytics. “Data has transformed into one of the most significant tools for organizations given its role in critical decision making.

Data Analytics

Our solutions help in extracting, preparing, and blending your data.” “Our analytics and visualizations will change the way you run your business.” According to recent reports, more data has been generated in the last two years than in the entire history of humankind. Big Data helps shape this raw data into useful information that can help businesses and organizations grow and meet customer needs. We at Ixia believe in the power of Big Data. The Big Data lifecycle can be roughly broken down into five phases: Planning involves identifying the data sets required for analysis and their sources. Acquisition is the gathering of data from all the sources that were identified in the previous phase. Preparation works with an analytic sandbox, in which data is preprocessed. Analysis involves examining raw data with an intention to draw conclusions. Like this: Online Learning. At Ixia, we design and develop customized and flexible content for various Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, which are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as well as state-specific standards.

Online Learning

These technologically-enabled, media-rich courses help students get hands-on training in the career program of their choice, preparing them for the highly competitive global economy. The added feature of mobility allows students to access these courses from their mobile phones and other portable devices. These courses provide a dynamic, blended learning environment that better prepares students for further education, making them both career and college ready.

We, at Ixia, prepare students for careers in specific fields by providing them with in-depth understanding and coverage of various subject matters along with in-demand skills that will make them job-ready. Electives forensic science, psychology, marine biology, visual arts, philosophy, astronomy, mythology and folklore. Appdevelopment min. IxiaSolutions.