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Genealogy. Find A Grave. Caernarvonshire. "The County of CARNARVAN is 93 Miles in Circumference, contains about 307000 Acres, 6 Market Towns, and only one Borough [viz.


Carnarvan which is the County town] 68 Parishes & about 2765 Houses. The Air is sharp & Cold for ye Country rises into very high Mountains, which are full of Lakes & Rocks, ye highest in Wales; & not improperly called ye British Alps. yet there are many fruitfull Bottoms, & pleasant Valleys. It is plentifull in Cattle, Fowl, Fish & Wood. " [Emanuel Bowen, Britannia Depicta, 1720] Archives Wales: Wales. Scotland. Archives and Libraries Scotland - Archives and Libraries - links and information.


Bibliography. National Archives of Scotland. Catalogue en ligne Association de Préfiguration d'un Lieu Ressource Environnement en LR . ScotlandsPeople. Uk aerial photography: aerial maps, digital aerial photos, aerial photo prints. OS_Explore_main.JPG. Your Sky. By John Walker Welcome to Your Sky, the interactive planetarium of the Web.

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You can produce maps in the forms described below for any time and date, viewpoint, and observing location. Maps & intelligence. World Digital Library Home. Scotland Cemeteries. Genealogy. South Africa. Directory of Royal Genealogical Data. At this site I have a database containing the genealogy of the British Royal family and those linked to it via blood or marriage relationships. It contains, in fact, the genealogy of almost every ruling house in the western world because of the intermarriage that took place between them at some time or another.

There are in excess of 30,000 individuals from the earliest times to the present in the database. The date spread of the records is available for those interested, as well as statistics on the ten most popular monarchs , and the most prolific readers top 10. The data may be browsed in several different ways. You can select indexes of the data that are ordered alphabetically, by dates, by ruling house or title or by some search string you specify. Britsih Library. Genealogy. Ulster Ancestry.