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DIY - in the wild

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Untitled. Campcraft - Making a Stool (Part 1) Tom Brown, Jr's Tracker School. Your selected class is: ***ATTN: Collapsenet Members!

Tom Brown, Jr's Tracker School

*** PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS ONLINE! To get the 10% discount you must fill out a paper application and fax or mail it back to us! Please write on your application that you are a Collapsenet Member, so we can get you approved for the discount. 12 Delicious Edible Insects - (insects, food...) As any good Entomophage (eater of insects) knows, these twelve bugs are more than just pests... they're what's for dinner!

12 Delicious Edible Insects - (insects, food...)

In many cases people started eating these insects out of necessity, but these days they've become a delicacy. Read on to discover twelve insects that can be quite tasty. Casu Marzu In Sardinia, Italy, they eat a type of sheep's milk cheese called Casu Marzu that is known to be crawling with insect larvae. Starting a Fire in a Quinzee. Making a Box Trap - Live Pheasants. HOW TO BUILD A SNOW SHELTER. Chaîne de BushcraftOnFire.