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The Best iOS Apps for Students and Teachers. Seesaw in Action: Videos from Our Community. 20 Excellent iPad Apps to Try in Your Classroom. TechChef » Science Explained. Irresistible: Why We Can’t Stop Checking, Scrolling, Clicking and Watching – ... The school near the GP practice where I work held an internet safety evening recently, subtitled “How to Keep Your Child Safe Online”.

Irresistible: Why We Can’t Stop Checking, Scrolling, Clicking and Watching – ...

It was in the school hall, hosted by police officers, and explained the role of something called the “Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre”. The blurb on the leaflet promised parents of children between five and 11 would learn more about the dangers of the internet, and in particular, social media. I’m not sure when it became normal for kids to have to cope with malicious online messages, and be savvy about paedophiles masquerading as peers. In Irresistible, Adam Alter makes the frightening case that even without these hazards, modern connectivity threatens the health of not just our children, but everyone.

Bezpłatne zasoby internetowe w klasie językowej. Pobierz artykuł w pliku PDF.

Bezpłatne zasoby internetowe w klasie językowej

Mobile learning: improve your English anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices and apps are changing the way people learn English.

Mobile learning: improve your English anytime, anywhere

Teacher Emma Segev Opens in a new tab or window., who won last month's British Council Teaching English blog award, shares her ideas for learning English on the go. Comment below this post if you have further tips. Technology and language learning My online teaching career has set me on a journey of discovery. It has provided me with creative freedom, endless resources and learning materials, and the possibility to teach students from all corners of the globe. However, more and more students are using mobile devices to connect to the web. Mobile learning and language development Our world today is obsessed with doing everything quickly, learning included. As the use of mobile technology is increasing, why not offer students the possibility to study anytime, anyplace and at their own convenience through their mobile devices?

Five free apps for learning English on the go Being creative with mobile devices Ideas: Happy teaching! Apps for Global Collaboration: Questions and Tools to Inspire a Worldview - Global Learning. iPads in Education Transformative UseExamples. Transliteracy- QR Codes and Art. Transliteracy is defined on Wikipedia as The ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks.

Transliteracy- QR Codes and Art

The modern meaning of the term combines literacy with the prefix trans-, which means “across; through”, so a transliterate person is one who is literate across multiple media. Ryan Nadel, in an interview on Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, defines transliteracy even further: “The most fundamental notion of transliteracy is the ability to adapt. iPadAppEvaluation. iPaddling through Guided Reading. Mobilna edukacja. 5 Popular Tools That You Might Not Realize Work on Android Tablets. There are certainly many more solid apps available for Android tablets than there were a few years, yet there are still many times when someone will ask me if one of my recommended tools is available for Android.

5 Popular Tools That You Might Not Realize Work on Android Tablets

In no particular order, here are five of my most frequently recommended tools that will work on Android tablets as well as on Chromebooks, iPads, and in your laptop’s web browser. Padlet is probably my favorite tool for quickly creating an online space in which students can post short notes, respond to questions, and share links to things they’ve made and or discovered. Padlet now offers an iPad app, but they don’t offer an Android app. An iPad Alone Does Not Make an Instructional Program.

If Apple’s stock depended at all on the number of districts purchasing the iPad, it would be a strong buy right now.

An iPad Alone Does Not Make an Instructional Program

At least that’s how it seems, when every district leader I work with has one on his or her desk and every district technology specialist asks me about iPad compatibility. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad. Apps for Tablets - Google Docs. EdTechTeacher iPad Summit- Boston 2013: Schedule. Tips for Using iPads in the Classroom. While for some teachers, iPads in the classroom are already a familiar part of everyday life, as of Pearson’s 2014 Student Mobile Device Survey, only 16% of students attended schools that provide tablets 1:1.

Tips for Using iPads in the Classroom

For all the news stories and chatter in the educational industry about using iPads in education, many teachers haven’t gotten a good look at just what the technology can do for their students. But there’s reason to believe that could well change in coming years. Gjp praha - Smartphone rally – Scavenger hunt app – Treasure hunt app. 20MobileApps. Redefining learning with iPads. More teachers are getting hold of iPads for their work, but how can they go about getting the most out of them?

Redefining learning with iPads

Primary school teacher and iPad-innovator Lee Parkinson discusses how teachers can use the device to bring very specific subjects to life. The fatal mistake schools make when deploying mobile technology is thinking that by purchasing the hardware, that’s the hard part done. In fact, the easiest step in a school’s iPad journey is buying the technology; the successful use of the technology is determined by what schools do after this. "To bring the writing alive, the children performed their compositions using the app Shadow Puppets Edu. " I now lead inset and training internationally, helping schools utilise mobile technology to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum. When schools decide to invest in mobile technology, they need to have a clear vision for how it will be deployed successfully. Via The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have.

By EdTech Team Updated on march 2, 2015 : The original list that was created in 2011 comprised 33 skills , after reviewing it we decided to do some merging and finally ended up with the 20 skills below.

The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have

The 21st century teacher should be able to : 1- Create and edit digital audio Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill :Free Audio Tools for Teachers. 15 iPad Skills Every Teacher and Student should Have. Check the learning goals below and share with us your feedback.

15 iPad Skills Every Teacher and Student should Have

Enjoy 1- My students should be able to create presentations . Here are the apps to help you achieve this goal : MAKING SIMPLE SENSE OF IPADS IN SCHOOLS.