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Permaculture Education

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Join the Advanced Permaculture Student Online — The Permaculture Student. Edible Paradise: How to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables in any space | Permaculture Market. Vera’s 15 years of experience as a no dig gardener provides a vast amount of knowledge on growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The book is divided into two sections, container gardening and permaculture kitchen gardening. Part One shares knowledge especially useful to urban gardeners and those with little space. Part Two advises on starting and maintaining a garden. Vera’s speciality is creating beautiful and delicious polycultures and she offers a range of examples to get you started and the knowledge to experiment. She also includes recipes for your fresh harvests. Chapters on making compost, building raised beds, and a monthly job guide make this useful for all levels of gardener.

Vera demonstrates that gardens can look beautiful and be productive, and her advice and examples encourage us to look at our own growing spaces in a different light. Available from March. HOW TO Prospect for Urban Land Using Google Earth. How to Create a Permaculture Design! Free Permaculture Course – Regenerative Leadership Institute. Terra Alta - Off The Grid Permaculture Educational Centre. Kommande Evenemang – Permakultur Stjärnsund. Certifieringskurs i Permakulturdesign – Skattungbyn/Stjärnsund Mora Folkhögskola erbjuder en distanskurs i Permakulturdesign, med tre obligatoriska träffar á 3 till 5 heldagar i Skattungbyn och Stjärnsund.

Kursen vänder sig till dig som har intresse för sambandet människa – natur och gärna vill lära dig tekniker för att designa odling, boende och övriga aspekter som rör livet, efter naturens egna principer. Permakultur strävar efter att skapa resurs-effektiva system och kursen lär ut grunderna i hur du kan gå tillväga. Kursen går 50 % på distans under höstterminen.… Mer information » Kurs i Naturnära Skogsbruk 500kr Bilden ovan: Skog i Växjö kommun som nu sköts med Lübeckmodellen Allt fler skogsägare och virkesköpare efterfrågar skogsbruksmodellen Hyggesfritt skogsbruk.

Mer information » Permaculture Tip of the Day - What is a Swale? Geoff Lawton - An animation coming straight out of my... Courses & events | Permaculture courses | Ecobuild courses | Gardening courses | Fruit & orchard courses - Brighton Permaculture Trust. Course listings | Permaculture Association. All courses are listed by members of the Permaculture Association. If you would like to list courses here and are not yet a member, join today. There are permaculture courses to suit everyone, ranging from the Introduction to Permaculture, to a Permaculture Design Course, through to the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Specialist courses help develop your skills in particular areas. Find out more about the types of courses on offer here. Online Courses Our members have also listed courses you can complete from anywhere, anytime! Organise a course If you are interested in organising your own course, see our guide to organising courses.

Geoff Lawton Online :: Permaculture Online. Permaculture Design Course | Regenerative Leadership Institute.