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Get Your Hands on Free Adobe Apps for Chromebook. Quick Key + Google Classroom = Great Way to Conduct Formative Assessments. Quick Key is an excellent platform for creating and conducting formative assessments.

Quick Key + Google Classroom = Great Way to Conduct Formative Assessments

I often include Quick Key in my presentations about formative assessment because it is a tool that works equally well in classrooms that are 1:1 and in classrooms that are not 1:1. This is possible because Quick Key allows you to create formative assessments that you can distribute electronically as well as on paper. If you use Quick Key to distribute your assessments electronically, Quick Key will score your students' responses automatically. One of the latest features of Quick Key is an integration with Google Classroom. This integration lets you use your Google Classroom rosters to distribute and collect assessments. Adobe Spark Guide for Educators. Global Digital Citizen Foundation. Put Your Plans Into Action Experience the new Solution Fluency Activity Planner.

Global Digital Citizen Foundation

It’s your new best friend for project-based learning in the classroom. Start Planning Now! Google Classroom Essentials Infographic - Teacher Tech. Public Domain. OER Commons. OERs eBook.pdf. Open Education - SPARC. Education is essential to advancing society.

Open Education - SPARC

It’s how we pass down the wealth of human knowledge and equip the next generation of leaders, innovators and productive members of society. Our educational systems are built to provide every person the opportunity to build a better life—by turning children into citizens, learners into teachers, laborers into skilled workers. Expanding educational opportunities is more possible now than it has ever been before. How to Use the New Explore Function in... - Free Technology for Teachers.