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Java Tutorials Learning Paths. Are you a student trying to learn the Java language or a professional seeking to expand your skill set?

Java Tutorials Learning Paths

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the breadth of the Java platform, here are a few suggested learning paths to help you get the most from your Java learning experience. New To Java The following trails are most useful for beginners: Getting Started – An introduction to Java technology and lessons on installing Java development software and using it to create a simple program.Learning the Java Language – Lessons describing essential concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance, datatypes, generics, and packages.Essential Java Classes – Lessons on exceptions, basic input/output, concurrency, regular expressions, and the platform environment. Building On The Foundation Ready to dive deeper into the technology? Cherish the Client?

If you want to focus on developing Java based desktop solutions and rich Internet applications, see the following topics: Fervor Over Server! My Favorite Books for Advanced Java Developers. The idea for my last blog post (my ten favorite online resources for advanced Java developers), was inspired by the Xiaoran Wang post Top 10 Websites for Advanced Level Java Developers.

My Favorite Books for Advanced Java Developers

Wang also wrote a post called Top 10 Books For Advanced Level Java Developers. As with the post on best websites for advanced Java developers, it is easy to see why Wang listed the ten books he did list. In this post, I look at my top ten list which includes many of the same books as on his list, but my list has a few that are different. Top 10 Websites for Advanced Level Java Developers. This is my collection of websites for advanced level Java developers.

Top 10 Websites for Advanced Level Java Developers

Those website provide news, answers to general questions or interview questions, great lectures, etc. Quality is the key factor of good websites. In my opinion, they all have the highest quality. In the following, I will also share how I use these websites for learning or for fun. You may think some sites are good for any level developers, but I think it is how they are used determines whether they are good sites for an advanced level Java developer. 1. is probably the most popular website in the programming world. Another good thing about stackoverflow is that it is social. URL: 2. I would say this website is fun, lots of developers share their blog articles.

URL: 3. If interview question is java specific, like “what array look like in memory in Java”, you can get answers from a lot of Java tutorials. URL: Top 10 Books For Advanced Level Java Developers. Java is one of the most popular programming language nowadays.

Top 10 Books For Advanced Level Java Developers

There are plenty of books for beginners. But to those who have programmed with Java for a while, some of them may look somehow simple and redundant. The beginner's books do not bring fresh and interesting ideas. However, advanced Java books are not always right at hand, not partially because they require more skills, experienced, and deep thinkers to write. In this post, I would like to share my experience with only advanced level of Java, which means books like "Thinking in Java" or "Head First Java" won't be listed although they are very good for beginners. Must-reads for Java Developers: From Beginner to Professional. In the last few months I noticed that I’ve been recommending the same books again and again to new and also to experienced developers.

Must-reads for Java Developers: From Beginner to Professional

For this reason I decided to put together a list of must-reads. The books I’ll recommend were good company during my journey from beginner to the level I’m currently at (whatever level that is ;)). Many fellow programmers were involved in assembling the list. Special thanks go to Frank Appel, Rüdiger Herrmann, Benjamin Muskalla and Ralf Sternberg. The ordering of the list reflects my personal choice.

Beginner If you are new to Java development, you need to get up to speed with the language first. There are two books to learn the language that are worth recommending. Journeyman As described in many books, a Journeyman is a developer who knows his language and has done smaller projects but still has a long way to go to being a professional. Knowing a language is not enough! Professional I hope you had, or will have as much fun as I did reading these books.