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Brilliant Coastal Holidays. It's that wonderful, magical time of year.

Brilliant Coastal Holidays

Traditionally, we all gather at the family home; enjoy a bit of cheer; over indulge in feasting; and wonder why it all seems to fall short of the expectations created for us by Currier & Ives or the television holiday specials. But, somehow, snow and ice are considerably less magical in the real world. Things tend to pile up and those ‘last minute holiday miracles’ seem to be a lot harder to come by. So… what if there was a way to work a miracle and bring some new spark to your Holidays? What if you could transport yourself and your loved ones to a magical place to spend those precious days?

Well, now you can. While they might not have the snow associated with the holiday season, folks living in coastal regions know how to celebrate the season. Vacation home exchanges allow you to have the flexibility to arrange a winter getaway for yourself and an intimate partner or for the whole family. Photo credits: lighted boat - What does a travel alert mean? It was unenviable.

What does a travel alert mean?

The US State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert to all U.S. citizens traveling abroad. Those who aren’t from the U.S., but are also traveling abroad, are encouraged to be on high alert. The advisory comes less than 2 weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali. This also comes just ahead of the busy travel season. Arches and Red-Rock around Moab, a Hikers' Paradise Home Exchange. Find Your Next Exclusive Vacation Home Exchange. Home Exchange Italy. This site uses some unobtrusive cookies to store information on your computer.

Home Exchange Italy

Some cookies on this site are essential, and the site won't work as expected without them. These cookies are set when you submit a form, login or interact with the site by doing something that goes beyond clicking on simple links. We also use some non-essential cookies to anonymously track visitors or enhance your experience of the site. If you're not happy with this, we won't set these cookies but some nice features of the site may be unavailable.Some cookies on this site are essential, and the site won't work as expected without them. Europe’s Festive Christmas Markets. Known locally as Christkendmarkt, Marche de Noel, Weihnachtsmarkt, Europe’s famous Christmas Markets bring the spirit of the holiday season to millions of visitors every Advent season.

Europe’s Festive Christmas Markets

Stroll the cobblestone streets in many of Europe’s Old Town squares and let the aroma of gingerbread and cinnamon fill the air. Hold a warm cup of hot mulled wine or cocoa as you browse the quaint wooden huts filled with handmade crafts and Christmas ornaments. Marvel at the beautifully adorned Christmas tree in town square. Most of these picturesque markets can be found in the shadows of a gothic Cathedral. These holiday fairs can be found in several cities all across the continent. Best Green Chili. One of the many great things about a home exchange vacation is immersing yourself into a local culture, and what better way than trying a local food favourite.

Best Green Chili

We recently saw this road side sign for ‘best roasted chilies’ and wondered what is this all about. Loving spicy foods and having enjoyed green chili in the past we thought we would stop and check it out. We quickly learned about the chilies from Hatch New Mexico. How exciting, they sell chilies by the bushel, ranging from mild, to hot and very hot. Storybook Charm of Bruges, Belgium. Escape Reality At Sundance Resort. Making the Most of a Winter Vacation. Zion and Snow Canyon parks, Petroglyphs and more in St George Home Exchange. An Artistic Enclave: Park City, Utah.

When most people think of Park City, Utah, skiing or the prestigious Sundance Film Festival comes to mind.

An Artistic Enclave: Park City, Utah

In addition to fine film, Park City also offers beautiful art, photography, jewelry, clothing, performing arts, and culinary delights—all imaginative and unique in their own right. For a combination of both the indoor and outdoor beauty of Park City, consider utilizing a luxury home exchange option. It’s perfect for primetime winter when affordable accommodations are difficult to come by, or any other time of year. Following is just a taste of what Park City has to offer year-round artistically: To Tip Or Not To Tip; That Is The Question. We have family members in the US who work in service industries.

To Tip Or Not To Tip; That Is The Question

They are conscientious, hardworking folks for whom tips are a large part of their income. But is that true around the World? The answer is a resounding ‘NO!’ So when we travel, it’s very useful to know the proper attitude toward tipping or not tipping. How to get money from your currency exchange. There are many reasons why you may need to make overseas payments and convert sums of money from one currency into another.

How to get money from your currency exchange

For example: The purchase or sale of an overseas propertyReceiving salary/other income from abroadPayment of legal or other fees of overseas professionalsReceiving pensions/ paying living or maintenance costs By treating overseas payments in the same way as single currency payments, you may be losing hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Surviving the trip to Grandma’s on Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Surviving the trip to Grandma’s on Thanksgiving

If you live in the United States, the trek to grandmother’s house, or on a home exchange, can be a stressful one. One reason may be that U.S. airlines expect to carry more than 25 million passengers around the Thanksgiving holiday. This is about a 3% increase compared to last year. You Have The Power, or Do You? In today’s electronics heavy world, traveling abroad can be a bit tricky.

You Have The Power, or Do You?

In the “old days” when you went abroad you left all your electrical items behind. Mobile devices? They were the things of science fiction. However, nowadays we travel around the globe with a number of devices, all of which require periodic recharging. Lonely Planet Top 10 for 2016. Historic Arezzo: A Tuscan Gem. Plenty of room to enjoy: Todos Santos, Mexican. Make Venice part of your Love Story. Midway, Utah: A Winter Wonderland. When my husband “Deke” and I were dating, the first place he took me for a getaway was Midway, Utah. Deke is a man of distinction favoring boutique hotels and exceptional service, so why would he take me to rural Midway? Because Midway has both exceptional accommodations and country charm. Not only does Midway offer charm, but world-class alpine and cross country skiing is just miles away. Soldier Hollow, where the 2002 Winter Olympics cross country and biathlon events were held, is actually in Midway; the cross country and biathlon courses are maintained, and Soldier Hollow is still host to numerous winter competitions.

Park City, famous for its alpine skiing and its legendary Sundance Film Festival, is nearby and exclusive resort Deer Valley is in close proximity as well. With open pastures and picturesque, wooden fences (the kind in American Western movies), Midway is a delight. Deke and I are not skiers, but we enjoyed Midway all the same. Own Your Own Paradise in Portugal. How to find a good estate agent in Portugal. One of the first things you will need to do if you are hoping to make your Portugal vacation home property dream a reality is to find a good estate agent. But what should you be looking for in a Portuguese estate agent? And how can you tell a good estate agent in Portugal from a bad one? Enhance your travel with Vacation Home Exchange! Dreaming of a big family vacation, but on a limited budget?

Vacation is an occasion of happiness and fun. So, don’t let limited budget spoil your vacation planning, on the contrary, choose international vacation home exchange program and discover a new way of travelling by kicking your vacation up a notch. Vacation Home Exchange is a unique way of seeing the world, without having to break the bank. It gives you an opportunity to discover world’s most exotic destinations for holidays a local and the freedom to choose the home you love. Jackson Hole Home Exchange, Come and Ski and Enjoy. Free Home Exchange Audio Guide (iTunes too) Explore The Natural Beauty of Ireland. Home Exchange Network. The Home Exchange Guide is for everyone that is interested in learning about saving money on vacation accomodation and home swapping. You will gain useful hints and tips as we go through the entire guide in a series of podcasts. THAT WARM GLOW – Building a fire on Vacation.

Now that the days are growing shorter and there’ll soon be a nip in the air, many of us may be looking forward to a autumn or winter getaway with a lovely high end vacation property exchange.. Exchange homes can have a wood burning fire pit, fireplace, or stove for heat. These amenities add a truly lovely and cozy ambience to your stay. But, did you realize that each one may require you to lay your fire differently?

In this blog, let’s take a look at the fire pit. It’s is really nothing more than prefabricated site for a camp fire. Researching a Vacation Destination – Become an Expert Overnight. 10 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Home Swapping Vacations. Senior Travel Planning Tips - Medications. Wow! Your vacation is getting near! You’ve worked at saving money on travel so you have a little extra to really enjoy your trip. Of course, as a savvy traveler you’ve not only been looking forward to this trip but planning like mad as well. St. Augustine, FL – Behind the Tourist to Florida.

Picturesque St. Home Swap With IVHE. Coasteering, Kayaking, Hiking all During Our Home Exchange in Wales! Haunted Castles We Dare You to Visit. When darkness falls, spirits are rumored to stir at haunted castles all across the world. Moss clings the ancient walls that hold secrets darker than night itself. What terrifying things went on inside these walls is anyone’s guess. The truth is forever lost in time. Lost are also souls that will forever haunt these historic fortresses.

The possibility of moonlighting with ghosts and other paranormal activity has haunted castles at the top of the list of must-see attractions for many travelers. Below is a list of some of the world’s scariest haunted castles that we dare you to visit. Home Exchange Options in Santorini,Greece. Spectacular Santorini Greece. Brazil: Intoxicating All Your Senses. I will admit I was terrified and excited when my husband purchased our plane tickets for Brazil.

We had spent months trying to pick an international vacation destination for our long overdue honeymoon. Home of Modern Golf - Scotland. I have a soft spot for Scotland. I’ve been a few times. And each experience in my travels has been, well, it’s been life-giving. Luxury Penthouse Condo Exchange with Ocean Views! Home Exchange Quick Tips. More than just skiing, your outdoor adventure paradise, Summit County, Colorado. FREE Podcast - How To Ready Your Home For A Home Exchange. Stunning Australian Home Exchange for Swaps. Vacation BBQs, More Than Just Meat! We all know of hot dogs, burgers and sausages on the barbeque but how about adding some great veggies to the meal? Make it fun by adding an assortment of flavors without spending hours in the kitchen. Walking Vacations: Cotswolds are perfect! FREE Home Exchange Guide - Chapter 4 (Audio-Book) Montreal, Beer and Brie - BBQ Fun On Vacation.

Luxury 5 Bedroom Spacious House Swap With USA, South Carolina. Last Minute Vacation Get Away. Enjoy Holiday With A Difference With International Vacation Home Exchange Site! Stay In a Beautiful Home at a Great, Convenient Location with Home Exchange! Luxury Property Videos, select your next vacation. Home Swap to Malta with New Map Search for Luxury Home Exchange. FREE audio-book: Home Exchange Guide. Vacation Home & Rental Property. Promote Your Home Exchange Property! One of the most frequent questions we receive from our members here at IVHE is "How can I increase the number of trade requests I receive? " Love Nature: An African Experience. Imagine waking up to enjoy your coffee or tea on the deck and watch the world walk by. Vacation Home Exchange Infographic. Dream Vacation Homes With Luxury Condo Home Exchange Suites. Exchange Properties With Costal Cottages. Castles, Museums & Romans, Exploring Provence, France.

Learn about Home Exchange FREE audio-book. IVHE Home Exchange and Travel with Home Swaps and Save A FORTUNE. Home Exchange Guide. Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, Cycling, Golf – Luxury Mountain Lodge. Bear to golf in Whistler? Beautiful Private Villa near The Baths for Exchange Homes. Luxury Home Exchange Vacation with IVHE- Barbados Property. Home Exchange Companies. Brazilian Beaches, Pools, Great Food and Room for Everyone! Stunning Home Exchange Deer Valley, Home Swap UTAH. Coasteering, kayaking, beaches, cycling, walking and friendly badgers! – Pembrokeshire, Wales. It’s not where, but what are you doing on vacation. Luxury Home Exchange Brazil with Vacation Home Exchange Podcast - people just like you. Meet the Team - Suzie Magnus, Founder. Travelling Within the Boundaries. Singapore is a 'fine' city.

IVHE Luxury Home Exchange Wyoming, USA. Dolphins and Manatee, see both from Marco Island. Yellowstone, nature and an exclusive home (video) – Wyoming, USA. Enjoy the Dolce Vita, we do the rest. Do you dream of traveling the world? Wonderful food, stunning scenery, historic towns and ancient art – does it get any better? Home Exchange Video: How It Works. Home Exchange Dorset, UK. Luxury Home Exchange, Mykonos Greece. Exclusive Villa in the British Virgin Islands.

Vacation Home Exchange – made easy! Local Golf Hot Spot between Vancouver and Whistler. Vacation Home Exchange.