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Fertility Treatment In Cyprus: An Overview of the Egg Donation Process in Cyprus. Learning about the process of egg donation takes some time. It is the process by which a fertile attractive, intelligent, and healthy woman donates some of her unfertilized eggs to be used in the process of IVF. The eggs from the fresh and young egg donors are donated to the recipient mother for the purpose of helping to conceive a child in a situation where she has no ovaries or have had them removed, she is post-menopausal, she is producing low-quality or few eggs, she has repeatedly tried to conceive unsuccessfully using fertility drugs or IVF, she have had cancer treatment which has damaged her ovaries, she has a high risk of passing on a serious inherited disorder, or the prospective recipient is failed to provide an egg capable of conception.

Criteria for egg donors: Criteria for egg recipients: Tests that are being evaluated from recipients: Blood tests including, HIV, HbsAg, Anti-HCV Blood type and Rh factor TSH, T3, T4, glucose test. Contact IVFCyprus for Fertility Treatment. Fertility Treatment In Cyprus: Make your Decision to Balance your Family by Choosing Gender Selection in Cyprus. PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) is a lab procedure to look for genetic diseases and examine the chromosomes of embryos.

Many couples often turn to gender selection clinics in Cyprus when they want to make balance in their family with either a son or daughter. Those who consider PGD are mainly: Females aged thirty-five or over Carriers of single gene defect or sex-linked genetic disorders Women with chromosomal disorders or experiencing recurring pregnancy loss associated with chromosomal concerns Those who want to make balance in their family Some conditions catched via standart PGD are: Chromosome Y: Acute myeloidleukemia Chromosome X: Fragile X Syndrome, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Turner’s Syndrome Chromosome 18: Niemann-Pick Disease,Pancreatic cancer Chromosome 13: Breast cancer, Wilson Disease, ovarian cancer Chromosome 21: Down’s Syndrome Demand for gender selection has, ever since, gaining tremendous popularity and it is officially legal in North Cyprus.

The Egg Donor Process: What to Expect? From donor woman all of the following tests are essential: Hepatitis B and CThalasemiaVDRLHIV The Egg Donor Process in Cyprus: What to Expect As an egg donor, you’ll be asked to complete your profile, an evaluation of your family and personal medical history, personal life goals, childhood photographs, and en essay. The donor profile is the only file receiver has with(non-identifying) evidence about their nameless egg donor. After this, you will be asked to come second or fourth day of your menstrual period for ultrasound and baseline hormone screening. Following screening and testing, you will meet with the fertility specialist for egg donation. This is a day in which an expert will assess your test results, basic reproduction and fertility, and your significance as the egg donor. Why an IVF is the Best Way to Get Pregnant in Your Late Thirties ?

Fertility Treatment In Cyprus: Ensure a Successful Disease-Free Pregnancy with PGD Procedure. A pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, also known as PGD, is a laboratory technique that is used to analyze embryo chromosomes to search for genetic diseases. This process enables a safe pregnancy without any chance for miscarriage. If you live somewhere in the UK, the best part is that you can utilize this procedure for gender selection IVF in UK. In a standard PGD procedure, you can perform IVF gender selection UK if you already have at least one child. This is permissible as part of the family balancing concept. You can use the PGD procedure to perform genderselection between the given embryos to separate them as unhealthy or healthy. This process used in IVF has been very successful and is already being utilized by many couples and families. However, one thing to note is that if you are getting this procedure done in the UK you cannot seek gender selection IVF in UK if you do not have any children.

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How do we approach the infertile couple? We first evaluate the male partner. Therefore for male infertility, currently artificial insemination or IVF/ICSI is recommended, depending on sperm count results. For women, we order FSH, LH, E2, PRL, and TSH levels on the third day of the period. In some couples no cause is found. The age of woman is a serious factor. In 1978, the first test tube baby Louisa Brown is born in London. IVF/ICSI procedure mimics these natural events. FAQ. 1- When does the egg stimmulation start and when does it finish? The starting date is menstrual cycle day 2. The woman is followed by scans and blood tests until cycle day 12-13. HCG injection is performed at the end of stimmulation and the patient proceeds to the egg collection ( oocyte pick up , OPU). 2- When is the oocyte pick up ( OPU is done): Mainly cycle day 14-15 and sedation anesthesia will be applied.

Same day ICSI will be done. 3- When is the PGD done ? PGD is done on the third day. 1 cell is taken out from an 8 cell embryo, and analyzed for gender and chromosomal conditions. 4- When is the embryo transfer performed ? Embryo transfer is done 3-5 days after the OPU. 5th day embryo transfer is preferredto increase the success rates. 3 Embryos can be transferred. 5- Do you do embryo freezing/sperm freezing/egg freezing ? Yes we can perform all of these techniques. 6- Can i ship sperm to your clinic from international sperm banks ? Yes this is possible, please contact us. Fertility Treatment In Cyprus: The Egg Donation Clinics in Cyprus Bring Joy to the Childless Couples. The gift of motherhood is beyond comprehension for those who haven't received it yet.

Therefore, clinics of egg donation in Cyprus offer a refuge to the disheartened women, who seek a child desperately. The human race is beyond that time when infertility was considered a curse, and with the help of science there are numerous methods to help the anxious couples in treating infertility. Even if the natural conception method fails, owing to the age or any other difficulty, the donor egg treatment in Cyprus comes to the rescue. Cyprus is a popular location because of its competent yet reasonable IVF/ ICSI procedures as compared to other parts of the world. It involves taking the egg from a healthy donor while the recipient after approving the donor out of many options, she prepares for placing the embryo in her womb via medication.