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How Are You Portraying Yourself When Using Social Media? Digital-citizenship classes aim to combat cyberbullying. Six hands rose straight up, while a few others hovered half-raised, as if the students were deciding whether to answer the question.

Digital-citizenship classes aim to combat cyberbullying

"Who in here has ever been cyberbullied? " One boy told his classmates and the middle-school teacher who had asked the question about being driven from his old school. "In fourth grade at my old school, people would comment on my Instagram and say mean things until I finally deleted the account," he said. "I was already being bullied at school, so it just continued online. " It stopped when he changed schools.

Chelby Stephens, a teacher at Explorer Middle School in the northeast Valley, asked another question: "Has anyone ever said something online they regretted? " Three hands rose into the air, and a few children nodded. "Do you want to share? " RELATED: School technology brings lessons to life -- virtually EDUCATION: Foundation names A+ Phoenix-area schools. Dr Ivan Ferrero sur Twitter : "#socialmedia harassment: when much is too much? (art by "Gunsmithcat" (Luis Quiles )... Dr Ivan Ferrero sur Twitter : "Pizza...with #SocialMedia learning... ;-) #hootsuite university. Photo by ivanpsy. Are You Oversharing On Social Media?  Life is full of potential addictions; you don't have to look too far to find them.

Are You Oversharing On Social Media? 

When teens consider the concept of addiction, they likely think about cigarettes and substance abuse, but oversharing on social media doesn't always register as a cause for concern. Oversharing is difficult to self-diagnose, so it takes support from friends and family to bring the problem to light. Investing an excess amount of time on social media can compromise a teen's real-life interactions, and it's been shown to impact social and emotional development, as well as certain personality traits. Since October is both National Bullying Awareness Month and National Cyber Security Month, oversharing is a timely theme to discuss. Posting excessively can increase the possibility for teens to be negligent (even if accidentally) with their privacy controls.

Facebook Admits to News Feed Experiment Meant to Control Emotions. Recently, some social media users have been in an uproar after Facebook admitted to carrying out a secret experiment in which the news feeds of more than 600,000 users were filtered to see if those individuals would have differing emotions based upon what they saw on the screen.

Facebook Admits to News Feed Experiment Meant to Control Emotions

For example, it was determined if a person was exposed to more positive news from friends, he or she would be less likely to post something negative as a status update. The opposite was also found to be true. “Massive-Scale Emotional Contagion” On a smaller scale, most of us are already familiar with this phenomenon. Spending time with a friend who is in an abundantly good mood probably makes you feel similar, even if you were previously feeling a little down in the dumps. For the purposes of this study, the changes in a person’s emotions were collectively called “massive-scale emotional contagion.” Fears About Future Data As soon as the study made it into the public realm, it was met with a great deal of concern.

Social Media and Regulation Possibilities. Everyone's heard the saying, "opposites attract," but do they last forever?

Social Media and Regulation Possibilities

As a culture, we love rooting for hopeless relationships—whether in books, movies, or reality. The naïve pig and prolific spider in, “Charlotte’s Web.” The wealthy, obnoxious woman and struggling carpenter in the movie, “Overboard.” Oil and vinegar or dry wine and steak. We close the book and leave the movie imagining happily ever after. Take the connection between regulation and compliance and enterprise social media. That’s why we invited Joanna Belbey, Social Media and Compliance Specialist for Actiance, Inc., Tom Chernaik, CEO of Command Post, and DeShelia Spann, who directs employee advocacy initiatives as the Digital Marketing Manager at Eaton, to steer us in our exclusive, live webinar: Charting the Course for Enterprise Social Media in a Regulated Industry.

The Truth About Cyber-Bullying (From "The Bridge Broadcast")

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Is Social Media the End of Humanity? More than half of Web traffic is from non-humans.

Is Social Media the End of Humanity?

That could include the cute guy or gal you’re flirting with on OKCupid. And, experts estimate: only one-third of your Twitter followers are likely human. Who’s taken the place of people – or more accurately, who’s the Bimbot that’s been posing as your potential soulmate and the Socialbot that’s been retweeting you? It’s just a software program according to Filippo Menczer, an Indiana University professor and principal investigator for the university’s research program, named Truthy. You may not have been Punked by Ashton Kucher. The new social bots are programmed to have a life. But, it’s not the intricacies of their made up personas that are awesome. Whether its for faux charity or getting some of your cash to help a would-be romantic liaison make their rent: armies of bots are taking up your time, space and potentially financial resources.

Lesson? Author: Content Curation Tools Supermap by Robin Good. Digital Netnography.