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You searched for phone cover - LUshdicker. Bhagyashree Shares Her Important Thoughts On Bringing Up Children With Equal Values. We all think the decisions that we make in our lives will play out, but we can hardly imagine that there is something called destiny.

Bhagyashree Shares Her Important Thoughts On Bringing Up Children With Equal Values

We all do things and become the person that we are always destined for. Such is the case for Bhagyashree, who became one of the most popular faces on the big screen overnight with her captivating performance as Suman in Maine Pyar Kiya (1989). After MPK, we have seen her portray various roles in several films and television such as Janani (2006), Payal(1992), etc; Bhagyashree is one talented actress who can always steal the spotlight with her spellbinding acting skills and alluring looks.

This doe-eyed actress, who has a beautiful smile, is setting great examples for all the women out there with her relentless workout regime, making her look timeless. Keep on reading to know more about the marvelous Bhagyashree! What inspired Bhagyashree to pursue acting as a career? Actually, acting chose me. You have portrayed different types of roles on-screen until now. Meghana Kaushik Suggests Women To Never Settle For Mediocrity & Injustice. “I think having a voice of one’s own means to have a sense of individuality and freedom” – Meghana Kaushik The Voice of Woman had the opportunity to converse with the incredible and talented Meghana Kaushuki who shared with us her story of strength.

Meghana Kaushik Suggests Women To Never Settle For Mediocrity & Injustice

For someone who had no knowledge of the glamour world, Meghana embraced the opportunities, chances as well as the challenges that life has thrown to her and conquered all the turbulence and crisis all by herself, redefining her terms of success in the process. New beginnings for her are new possibilities and rather than being intimidated by them, she believes that one should take the chances of happiness.

Read to know more about the Diva who is truly one of a kind. What inspired you to join the entertainment industry? I was always inclined towards dramatics and theatre while I was in school. I always wanted to act but it was much later that I gathered the courage to tell my parents about my intense passion and desire to pursue acting in Bombay. Tanvi Thakkar On Her Favourite Hideout Around The World. A social influencer and actress, Tanvi Thakkar is popular among the audience as Ishika from Miley Jab Hum Tum or Priyanka from Yeh Ishq Haaye.

Tanvi Thakkar On Her Favourite Hideout Around The World

In her own words, the gorgeous actress says that she always wanted to be an actor from a very young age! Her stint in the entertainment industry has been challenging, but a thoroughly enjoyable experience. In a candid conversation with the Voice of Woman, the Chennai born actress shares her love for acting and her incomparable love for her dogs. How has been your journey from television to OTT films? I haven’t done a lot of OTT shows; it was just 1 or 2 shows. To be frank, I would have called it a journey if I have done enough of both, but I have not covered enough of OTT yet.

Was always acting Tanvi Thakkar’s ta first career choice? Always! But yes I always wanted to be an actor, even in the slam books in school everyone would write ‘doctor’ or ‘engineer’ as their ambition, and I would always write ‘actor’. Jaya Bhattacharya: The Talented Actress With A Heart Of Gold. Jaya Bhattacharya’s claim to fame as one of the finest and versatile actresses of the Television industry with a huge array of work has recently taken the OTT platform by storm with her performance in the popular Netflix show “Delhi Crime”.

She mostly played characters with shades of grey but in real life, she is nothing but a beacon of positivity and white light. Like her on-screen avatars, Jaya is a no-nonsense personality in real life too, who doesn’t shy away from raising her voice against issues like animal welfare and environmental concern. Her empathy towards others and the need to constantly do good deeds, made her shave off her hair during the COVID-19 pandemic, which “was going to prohibit us from doing a work that gives us happiness” and donating it for wigs for cancer survivors.