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Lynsey addario, photographer. Michael Levin Photography. El fotográfico. Joseph Rodriguez Photography. Burn magazine. BARRY GOLDWATER PHOTOGRAPHS. Bill Schwab Photographs - Fine Art Photographic Prints. PIETER HUGO - Photographer. Ricky Dávila. WILLIAM EGGLESTON. Christopher Churchill Photographer. AMERICAN SUBURB X. Not the Great Pumpkin / 20 October 2010. It's not the great pumpkin Charlie Brown, just a portrait of the sun in the wavelength of hydrogen alpha light.

Not the Great Pumpkin / 20 October 2010

This solar portrait enjoyed a viral run on the web in early November, making appearances on Discover, Wired, The Huffington Post, NPR and many international newspapers as well. The week of attention brought a quarter million page visits back to this website and resulted in a Today Show interview with MSNBC. Dan Winters Photography. Piero Martinello - photographer. Introduction. The objective of this project is to show how Walker Evans' photographs taken in the 1930's, portraying a realistic view of the poverty-stricken rural south, revolutionized the standards of documentary photography.


By looking at Evans' photographs I will examine the idealogical implications, the aesthetic choices, and the technical limitations that Evans used to produce such powerful images. It is necessary, of course, to look at the context within which Evans was working--specifically that of the Farm Security Administration. Also, I will explain the concept of photography as a research method and an artform, while addressing the problem of "objective vs. subjective," inherent in the field of photography.