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Authors. Power Rangers. The Mummy. Truth about Josie Chapter 1, a never been kissed fanfic. (Disclaimer, I would like to give the credit to the real author Beth Mott since i didn't know who wrote this story before I couldn't give credit where credit was due. Thank You!) I have something to tell you. Josie's words still hung in the air as she looked up from turning off her camera and into Sam's emotion filled eyes. "I have something to tell you too. " She nodded her head, then shyly asked. Giving her a warm smile he replied.

When the song ended both Sam and Josie felt a wave of mixed emotion wash over them. "Shall we go outside and talk? " They'd almost managed to escape unnoticed until they reached the 'in-crowd' table. "Thanks, Gibby. " "Hey, we'll go with you! " Josie tried to suppress her grin as she felt Sam's grip on her elbow tighten in alarm at Kirstin's suggestion.

"But it's Prom. " Josie felt her patience waning with these three, but keeping her lid on her temper she said. "Okay, but don't be too long. " Now it was Sam's turn to feel Josie tense at the mention of her date. Traitor's Vengeance Chapter 1: Alone At Last, an ever after fanfic. The Runaway Royals Chapter 1: A Royal Celebration, an ever after fanfic. Jacqueline's Dilemma Chapter 1: Default Chapter, an ever after fanfic. Disclaimer: As much as I fell that they should all belong to me because they feel like part of the family, alas they do not.

Henry, Danielle, Jacqueline etc belong to Andy Tennant and the rest of the Ever After gang. Steven Grey Helene Antoine etc, belong to me. Jacqueline's Dilemma by Emma - Part One It was a bright morning in early November. The air was still and cold and turned what was hot, cold and what was moist, dry. To everything in its path. The Snow Queen's unforgiving bitterness. Been taken from those fledglings who had long since flown the nest. Intricate pattern of delicate lace had weaved itself over night, leaving just a small space through which to peer at this miracle of nature.

Danielle de Valois, Duchesse d'Orleans, Princess of France was watching this marvel unveil itself as she gazed through the window of the Manor de Barbarac, her childhood home. It's web which had long since had lost its hold because of the slick ice, but it finally made it, after many tries. Henry.

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Harry Potter. Gundam Wing. Buffy. 10th Kingdom. Lord of the Rings. Star Wars. - orlando bloom fanfiction archive. Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fanfiction. Merlin Missy has been active in online fandom since 1994. She likes fanfics with plots and happy endings. View all articles by Merlin Missy (Note: This essay was originally published in 1996.) Hi there. Maybe you're the next Alice Walker, or John Irving (or Kibo, for that matter). Heliopolis: SG-1 Fan Fiction Archive.

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