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We are the only open source web development company to use open source web designing software for your mobile and web application development.

WordPress development company in USA. WordPress is the most powerful software for developing of websites.

WordPress development company in USA

The architecture, features, templates, and customization facility makes website look attractive and user friendly. The WordPress website design and development uses these features to make customization of websites as per client specification and needs. WordPress has been used vastly as a content management system. Windows application development. Today, iTrueSoft has become the pioneer in developing mobile apps development companies for developing variety of mobile applications and we are pioneer in Windows based application development.

windows application development

Windows phones have secured operating phones due to its software, it also has antivirus loading facility for phone to make it hack and virus proof. We in iTrueSoft are into Windows application development for mobiles. We are constantly developing new applications for Windows based application phones. Static website design company. What is Website.

static website design company

There are basically two types of website – static and dynamic. A static website design site is one that is usually written in plain HTML and what code is written in the page is displayed to the user. Server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, or Coldfusion is used for a dynamic site and they produce different content for any visitor from same source code file. The same information is displayed in static web pages whenever anyone visits it. They can feature detailed multimedia design and even videos.

The same source code file can show different content on a web page due to Dynamic website design. Social networking website development company. If you are searching for best social networking website development company, you've found it.

social networking website development company

Social networking is the media for people to be in contact with each other. Their leisure activities, sharing of ideas and thoughts, sharing of media like pictures, video and music, knowledge, and social engagement to a large extent is done on social networking. Responsive web design company. What is Responsive Web Design.

Responsive web design company

With the use of mobile devices websites and applications usage in mobile are increasing in leaps and bounds. Webpage for desktop is separate from webpage of mobile. Mobile screen comes in different size, so to make different size website is not possible. The answer is responsive web designing, which enable designers to program and make a website which one can surf in desktop and mobile of any type.

Responsive web design changes the layout of any website according to the mobile device. Our skilled and expert web designing team are already developing new website for clients keeping in mind the future use of it would be to incorporate in mobile application as an App. In the current trend, static websites are coming to an end. The saying “first impression is the last impression” also applies to website designing.

Psd to html conversion services. Photoshop.

psd to html conversion services

A software which can design, create, and print all types of logo, pictures, and as the name says; it is good software for photographs. This software was widely used for website development. Now it has become a software of bygone era. The launching of HTML5 has changed the website and we in iTrueSoft keeping abreast with developing times, are already equipped and converting websites of PS to HTML5. Php web design company. iTrueSoft USA and India have been a step ahead in clients requirements with regards to developing website.

php web design company

Today, client requires publicity and inflow of more customers with minimum investment. The mobile era emergence has empowered our PHP and MYSQL Web Development team to come out with website which adapt to desktop and mobile. iTrueSoft India and USA takes pride in using the latest software of LAMP to design the website. PHP and MYSQL websites can be converted into mobile Apps too. Why we use PHP as PHP is a part of LAMP, it operates on Linux, Android, MYSQL and PHP. These sites are more secure than Windows-based supported languages. Open source web development. Online reputation management in india. Online reputation management is improving or restoring your name or your brand name.

Online reputation management in india

This is by weakening, countering, or eliminating the negative material found in the Internet, replacing it with more positive material to improve your credibility and customers' trust in you. Online Reputation Management is a really good way to go about listening. A study shows that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisement. Magento development company in usa. Magento is a software used widely for magento ecommerce development.

magento development company in usa

It has features required for online shopping, product display, transactional options, advance user accounts, loyalty promotions, product catalogues, shopper filtering, discount, promotions, payment clicks, etc. Magento website development by iTrueSoft is highly appreciated by clients. Magento development services are used because of Magento being open-source software. E-Commerce, retail, multi-store, multilingual support cost effective, better conversation rate, increased visitor numbers is the main feature that website owners like to have for business. Today even a store owner, chain of shop owner, super market owner has ventured into e-commerce and getting orders online. Professional logo design company. Logo, emblem, sign, symbol, seal, watermark, hallmark, style mark, etc., are all the same which makes a distinct mark for a small company, corporate, product.

Professional logo design company

A logo always gets associated with a product. We at iTrueSoft India and USA follow history till date and with insight into future trend of logo designing to client satisfaction and customer attraction. The first logo was the BASS logo with red triangle which was trademarked in 1876. Today logo identifies the corporate or brand name.

Digital Logo speaks more than your business do. Ios application development. Today, mobile apps development companies are developing variety of mobile applications and we are pioneer in iOS application development. Apple phones are a mark of social standard in people. Apple phones are the costliest due to its operating system. Ecommerce web development company in india. E-Commerce website development is a major business and it is one of the ways of doing business today. With the help of e-Commerce products are launched and sold worldwide with a click of a button. Gone are the days when companies used to have major marketing plans.

Today, companies are doing marketing and selling through website. E-Commerce development services provided by our company is of utmost best quality. E-Commerce websites developed by us are having lot of traffic. Custom web development services. Custom web application development is very important in identifying and deciding upon which type of website a client needs and what is the purpose of the website. Will it be helpful in generating business or it is for just to have one. When you want to make a web application custom web software development experts from our company do work hand-in- hand with client to design the best website. Our team first identifies the product , the requirement and need for the website, gather all information, background. Then with joint decision come to a conclusion.The development and execution of the website starts with each team doing specific task. Understanding the requirement analysis project planning is done.

Custom web design company. Content Management Systems has become the most powerful web developer tool. iTrueSoft India and USA understands the customer market who want websites to be built faster and easier. A Content Management System is a Web application that uses a database. Content is created and edited on the web backend. The content is then displayed to the viewers on frontend. A CMS Website design Services or a cms development Management System gives you the liberty to manage and control the content in web site. Android app development companies in usa. Internet can be classified into four parts; Internet of people, Internet of information, Internet of thing, and Internet of places.

Today, mobile has become a necessity of life and with this has come variety of mobile applications and wants which make us create new applications for mobile. Smart phones prices have come down due to Android software. Android being an open-source software being used by us for development of Android Application for mobiles. Experts and experienced programmers of our team have developed and are always developing new applications for smart phones. Our company plays an important role in the Android application development industry to cater to demands for new and upgraded applications and solutions. . → Equipped with the technology to customize the Android application as per the trending business requirements. Affordable search engine optimization services.

Search engine optimization is the most crucial part of website. To get higher ranking and great online presence iTrueSoft India and USA offer SEO services. Our search engine marketing team helps web or online based businesses reach to top rank searches in all popular search engines.