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IT Firms is a leading research provider of global market IT firms. Keeping abreast with the latest statistics and data, IT Firms provides 100% true and trusted insights on top IT companies and trends worldwide. The experts at IT Firms have in-depth knowledge of the industry and are incredibly talented to conduct comprehensive market reports, offering best research assistance.

Top Web Design Companies 2016 - IT Firms. Having a strong pursuit of helping businesses choose the best agencies for their digital presence, conducted a detailed and profound research to list top website design companies across the globe.

Top Web Design Companies 2016 - IT Firms

If there is one thing that can take your business to global audiences, it’s a business website. As majority of people of all ages shift their buying interests and service priorities towards websites and mobile apps, going online is most important for every business. Website design is not a cake piece; it requires expertise and innovation at each step- regardless of what industry or business you own. Design is an ever-evolving process and must keep up with the latest trends. These rankings of best web design companies are evaluated taking into consideration factors like client reviews, user engagement, company’s designing expertise and experience.

Top Android App Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. What do you expect from an Android app development company?

Top Android App Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms

More than launching an app, you want to create an experience for your customers. With more than 82% market share, Android smartphone apps dominate worldwide. A number of potential businesses rely on Android app development for their business growth. Not only beneficial for different industries, but Android apps have also proved to be a formidable option for different aspects of business. However, when businesses think of building an app for their business, they are not sure of how to proceed- whether it’s the look and feel or fun aspects that matter more or the business application of them. Top Mobile App Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. Here you can find the list of top mobile app development companies which provide top notch mobile solutions and services leveraging top methodologies to drive innovation.

Top Mobile App Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms

Being the industry leaders among app developers, these firms provide powered and outstanding solutions to enterprises. Top Mobile App Development Companies 1. WillowTree: WillowTree, Inc. is also one of the top players in the industry and well known for its app design and development services. Services provided by WillowTree: WillowTree Inc. provides in-house strategic consulting, design, development, QA/testing and marketing services to its clients and deliver custom-build products meeting the client’s specifications. Located: United StatesFounded: 2007Employees: 99 – 299Hourly Rates: $100 – $149/hr. eMail: info@willowtreeapps.comContact: +1-212-520-0969 2. Services provided by Y Media Labs: 3.

Topping the charts and listings every time, Konstant Infosolutions has made remarkable success in mobile app development. 4. 5. Top Web Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. Are you looking for a web design agency to contend with your company’s next project?

Top Web Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms

With a rigorous competition in B2B web services market, it is important to know the top performers for customers to choose from the list (as per service requirements ) as well as for companies to know where they stand and how their competitors are providing the best professional services. Internationally recognized as being the best website development companies for their ability to translate a brand’s identity into an ingenious website design, here is a rundown of top website development companies to look for in 2016. Find your next web development agency here. Top Web Development Companies 1. NMG Technologies is well credited by the list of clients they have. Top Magento Web Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. Most online businesses today rely on Magento – a leading, unrivaled cloud based digital commerce platform and an outstanding omnichannel innovation.

Top Magento Web Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms

Available in the cloud, Magento provides phenomenal customer experiences on desktops, laptops, mobile, tablets and beyond. It is the number#1 provider to world’s commerce giants and is embraced by designers and developers to create high-performance, scalable eCommerce websites using a single application. Magento delivers out-of-the-box functionality, rich and seamless UI/UX, brilliant third-party solutions to control all your commerce operations more effectively with personalized content and fast checkouts.

All in all, with an unbeatable technical potentiality, Magento is capable of delivering excellently engaging experiences to customers across all devices and channels. Top Magento Web Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. Top iPhone App Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. Smartphones have taken over a huge market worldwide and even exceeded the number of desktop-only users in the past years.

Top iPhone App Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms

This mobile revolution is going to get bigger in the future. There has been a sudden increase in the number of iPhone users across the globe. As of September 2015, 700 Million iPhones have been sold and the number of iPhone users in the US reached to 101 Million in Nov 2015 (Source: Expandedramblings). The recent stats must be much higher than the previous year and is expected to be soaring by end of this year. Clearly, if you are thinking of launching an iOS app, just shoot ahead since now is a perfect time. Top PHP Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. PHP development has seen a remarkable advancement since its inception.

Top PHP Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms

Extensively used in web development, PHP provides a lot more scalable and high-performance web pages on the fly. Development companies and developers have moved towards PHP development since it provides an easy way to connect with open-source servers like Apache. But not every organization or business group has skilled PHP web developers and thus, they search for top PHP development companies around the globe for creating professional, cutting-edge websites using PHP. To help all those organizations and business groups with names and services of some of the major players in the market, we’ve listed top 12 PHP development companies out of our thorough market research. The ranking is based on PHP expertise, website development experience and client reviews.

Top eCommerce Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms. Are you aiming for an online commerce website this year?

Top eCommerce Development Companies 2016 - IT Firms

A lot of first-time entrepreneurs are attempting to start their journey by launching a shopping website, regardless of what they sell and what service they provide. The concern now is choosing the right agency to develop a victorious, profitable eCommerce site for you. Things to Consider When Hiring a App Developer - IT Firms. According to the research report released by Transparency Market Research titled “Mobile Applications Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2020,” there are currently more than 102,062 Million apps downloaded globally.

Things to Consider When Hiring a App Developer - IT Firms

And this number is predicted to rise to 268, 962 Million by the end of 2017. Clearly, smartphone users are more inclined towards using mobile apps and getting things done from anywhere whenever they like/demand. Realizing this increased propensity towards mobile apps, business owners (small, medium or large) and established brands are constantly looking for ways to gain user’s attention to their business. Developing a business app has been the most preferred solution lately. Almost every business has ideas. 5 Golden Rules to Working with a Remote Developer - IT Firms.

As a website owner or an app owner, you must understand the benefits of outsourcing your development work by hiring developers or development companies.

5 Golden Rules to Working with a Remote Developer - IT Firms

If you and your developer are working from the same office, that’s not a problem. However, if you are working with a development company working from Asia while you run your business in the US, it becomes quite a concern.