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ITCrats Info Solutions Pvt Ltd

ISO 27001 – 2013 & ISO 9001-2015 information technology services company headquartered in Dallas, TX, with development centers in Pune & Hyderabad.

Adapt or Fail: UK shopping preference is technology over human interaction. Fresher Hiring!! Why AWS leads in the cloud. Technology disenfranchisement is now a thing. Google Cloud launches new Data Migration Service. Global cloud market grows 33% in Q3 2020 to $36.5 billion. Why #Cloud Orchestration Is Becoming the Go-To Move for Every Software Company? Data Cleansing leads to effective data-driven decisions. What’s new in the new retail payments strategy for the EU? Cloud architecture that avoids risk and complexity. AWS launches new EC2 instance powered by NVIDIA GPUs. In-Memory Data Grid or Database: Which Is Right for My Enterprise?

To harness the AI age, governments must keep these 7 factors in mind. Ethical AI: practicing good data governance to breed trustworthy and transparent AI. Predictive Analytics Model Can Determine COVID-19 Outcomes. AWS launches new EC2 instance powered by NVIDIA GPUs   AI has provided benefits for financial services organizations but challenges limit full potential. ITCrats - ITCrats on LinkedIn: AI has provided benefits for fi... Salesforce to add Einstein Analytics AI to Tableau platform. The Growing Security Priority for #DevOps and #CloudMigration. PREDICTIVE #ANALYTICS CAN HELP MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY DURING COVID. #Visa: Real-Time Settlement, Online Marketplaces Help Put SMBs Back on The Road to Recovery. HSM- Securing Card and Payments Transactions. HSM Securing Card and Payments Transactions. HSM Securing Card and Payments Transactions. Can a Data Lake replace Data Warehouse? Contact us - IT Crats. About us - IT Crats. About ITCrats The company was formed by a group of passionate Data professionals, who have right from the inception of the organisation invested in team members and customer cultures to create a cohesive, productive and high performing work environment.

About us - IT Crats

When you meet us, you will obviously notice our passion for data and analytics underlined by the end customer objectives. Staff Augmentation - IT Crats. Consulting - IT Crats. ITCrats provides high end consulting services in the banking, financial services and payments domain.

Consulting - IT Crats

Our consulting and professional services include business analysis, project management, solution architecture as well as advisory services. Our domain experts (business analysts, project managers, solution architects) work with our customers to understand their needs and advise on the available options to make an optimal decision. Support Services - IT Crats. We bring to you the comfort of 24 x 7 support from our global Service Management Centre ITCrats aims to provide a proven set of services to help organizations wherever they are on their Cloud journey starting from Strategy & Architecture, Analytic Solutions, Data Science, Data Lake, Managed Services and Training.

Support Services - IT Crats

The fact that rapid changes in technology, adoption challenges and the immature support capabilities often create confusion for data and analytics leaders. TIBCO Services - IT Crats. TIBCO or The Information Business CO provides software solutions for integration, analysis and event processing.

TIBCO Services - IT Crats

The client has the freedom to use this software either on-premises or as a part of cloud computing. Prowess Soft has a tie up with TIBCO to use their platform and products to provide the right solutions to our clients. Company trained technicians with vast experience in tackling all issues will certainly support you in the case of maintenance also. We provide the following products and integrate two or more products to provide the right solution.

About the Company. App and Web Development - IT Crats. Mobile app development Be closer to customer You might have an idea for a mobile app and what needs to be done to make it a success.

App and Web Development - IT Crats

However, we take it a step further to focus on mobile app development that makes the best use of the features of the specific device as well as the programming language, depending on whether we are developing a mobile app for the iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android. While completing a mobile development project is relatively easy with the right experience and qualifications, we believe in going beyond the brief to deliver to you an excellent app that stands apart in terms of design, ease of use, security and utility. Web & Enterprise Robust, Reliable & Scalable. Payment and Cards - IT Crats. Our experience covers all facets of cards and payments life cycle.

Payment and Cards - IT Crats

We command an experience of over 20 years in this domain that has been cultivated through engagements with issuers, acquirers, schemes and third party payment processors across the globe through end to end services including Consulting, application maintenance, testing and 24X7 application support. Our engagements with banking institutions cover the cards and payments lifecycle including setting up of a new banking institution, launch of new card and related products, enhancements to card offerings, digital and mobility solutions, migration of cards portfolio from one platform to another, integration or transformation of platforms as well as supporting applications 24X7 with direct end user support. Our expertise spreads across all types of cards & related products including: We have working experience across all major schemes including: Internet of Things - IT Crats. Internet of Things (IoT) is the ever-growing network of internet-enabled devices that are creating opportunities for new sources of revenue, smarter interactions with customers, and greater efficiencies for enterprises.

Internet of Things - IT Crats

All organizations including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics services need to integrate their business with IoT to survive and achieve the next level of growth. The question is, is your enterprise empowered to navigate the complex, disparate and fast-evolving technology landscape to launch IoT initiatives? We help you combine machine-generated data with data created by humans for deeper insights and real-time decision making. We achieve this by tapping the potential of established concepts like analytics, big data, cloud and mobile technology.

We not only provide business advisors to help you make sense of this technological complexity, but also system integrators that seamlessly tie the various pieces together and deliver business value to you. Manufacturing Retail. Infrastructure Solutions on Azure - IT Crats. Windows Azure is the melting point of all services we offer.

Infrastructure Solutions on Azure - IT Crats

Whether it is your development environment, test environment or infrastructure, we help you move it all to cloud and avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and datacentre infrastructure. We provide an array of smart choices on managed cloud sources in a cost-effective manner to enhance your business operations. We help you with deeper insights around the customization and design of the below Microsoft products on the Azure cloud hosting platform: Power BI Machine Learning. Advanced Analytics - IT Crats. Today, with the growing volumes and types of data, organizations are bound to use this data to produce valuable business insights to stay at the competitive edge.

Advanced Analytics - IT Crats

The process of Data Mining at ITCrats reveals unmatched business insights and runs with absolute mitigation of the following three cardinal sins of Data Management and Analytics: Overlooking default fields in data mining tools Algorithms can assume data distribution Algorithms cannot figure out patterns on their own Our statistical wizards bring together the advanced analytics capabilities using predictive modelling, data mining, text analytics, entity analytics, optimization, real-time scoring, machine learning, data streaming and much more to help data driven organizations realize their data related goals.

Enterprise Data Management and Support - IT Crats. Data is the most valuable resource of an organisation.

Enterprise Data Management and Support - IT Crats

Your data keeps accumulating in your warehouse from every conceivable media ranging from operational and transactional systems, scanners, sensors and smart meters, inbound and outbound customer contact points, mobile media and the Web. But does this data make much sense? Not yet ! IT Crats.