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How Tech Is Killing Cold Calling in Sales – IT Chronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter.

How Tech Is Killing Cold Calling in Sales – IT Chronicles

2015 The Year of the Enterprise Service Management ITChronicles. Fusion14 - Presentations, Parties and Podcasts - ITChronicles. The Importance of Robust Policy Management Programs - IT Chronicles. London Aims to Become the World's Leading "Smart City" - ITChronicles. The Model Train-set Syndrome - ITChronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu The Model Train-set Syndrome Getting the layout right When I was a boy, like everyone else I knew, I had a model train set.

The Model Train-set Syndrome - ITChronicles

A proper layout required budget, planning and organisation, and probably a rather single minded focus on one dream amongst other options. It’s not always exciting But, unlike reality, train sets have their station, tunnel, bridges, goods yard, sidings and much more in a very small area. I find myself falling into the same trap when teaching ITIL – we talk about problems and root causes and change impacts and business continuity plans. Can Blockchain Safeguard Healthcare Data? A New Pilot Tests the Theory - ITChronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu Can Blockchain Safeguard Healthcare Data?

Can Blockchain Safeguard Healthcare Data? A New Pilot Tests the Theory - ITChronicles

The security of healthcare data is a major concern for anyone involved in this industry, and for the individuals who entrust their personal data to these organizations. The Service Bazaar - a successful experiment - ITChronicles. Why Dev and Ops Should form a Band and Make Great Music - IT Chronicles. DevOps Story Submission Deadline Extended ITChronicles. Electric Cloud Streamlines DevOps Automation ITChronicles. Electric Cloud Streamlines DevOps Automation - ITChronicles. 5 Ways to Build Your Brand with Content Marketing – IT Chronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu Five Ways to Build Your Brand Through Content Marketing While content is the driver of online marketing, branding is one of the most pivotal pillars to today’s businesses.

5 Ways to Build Your Brand with Content Marketing – IT Chronicles

Do consumers recognize your business and do they know what you stand for which makes you different from your competition? Understand your audience The main reason for creating any content is for a particular audience. There are basic questions that need answers to help understand your audience. Upon understanding your audience, you can now focus on targeting them.

If you successfully target your audience, then you can target them further even after they have completed their first business transaction with you or they can come back on their own because they liked what you have to offer. 5 Ways to Build Your Brand with Content Marketing – IT Chronicles. Days of Future Missed - Being different in the world of ITSM - ITChronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu Days of Future Missed – Being different in the world of ITSM It’s been a few years since I had any ITSM business cards, after technology (and other) problems when I last tried to get them.

Days of Future Missed - Being different in the world of ITSM - ITChronicles

I discovered that – in our brave new digital world – business cards can be useful but are not essential. One of the reasons I have survived without the previously essential calling cards is because of my name. An unusual nomenclature helps! Days of Future Missed Being different in the world of ITSM - ITChronicles. Enterprise AI Technologies Move Beyond Experimentation - IT Chronicles. Canada Makes Fresh Commitment to Cybersecurity - IT Chronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu.

Canada Makes Fresh Commitment to Cybersecurity - IT Chronicles

Consumers Unlikely to Unplug Completely On Vacation - ITChronicles. AI for Human Resources: Transforming the Employee Experience - IT Chronicles. Business Knowledge Optimization: New Ideas in Collaboration - IT Chronicles. How to Close the Widening Skills Gap in IT? - ITChronicles. What Is Engineering Technology? - ITChronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu What Is Engineering Technology?

What Is Engineering Technology? - ITChronicles

What Is Engineering Technology? Engineering technology is a major ingredient in the economic development of America and the world at large. This observation is one of the core findings of a 2017 report – Engineering Technology Education – presented to members of the House Manufacturing Caucus and the Senate Competitiveness Caucus, in Washington, DC. In this article, we’ll attempt to redress this balance – defining terms and exploring the responsibilities and tasks taken on by engineering technologists in today’s economy. Intelligent IT Automation: A Critical Success Factor for IT Management - ITChronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube.

Intelligent IT Automation: A Critical Success Factor for IT Management - ITChronicles

Poor Work Habits Lose Data in Virtual Environments - ITChronicles. How IoT And Artificial Intelligence Are Changing Homes - ITChronicles. World Password Day a Chance for Better Cyber Security - ITChronicles. An Introduction to Systems Thinking - ITChronicles. TechDay London Announces Third Annual Event - ITChronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu TechDay London Announces Third Annual Event TechDay, a one-day tech expo, has officially launched its third annual London show.

TechDay London Announces Third Annual Event - ITChronicles

Connecting IT through ITSM - ITChronicles. The State of Work in 2020 ITChronicles. Make Your Resume Stand Out - ITChronicles. IT Sector Continues as Primary Jobs Engine in Tech Industry - IT Chronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu U.S.

IT Sector Continues as Primary Jobs Engine in Tech Industry - IT Chronicles

Two new reports just released by technology industry association CompTIA indicate continued positive momentum for the U.S. information technology (IT) sector. The sector posted another reasonably solid month of employment in October, growing by an estimated 4,700 new jobs, according to CompTIA’s analysis of today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “Employment Situation” report. Meanwhile, the CompTIA IT Industry Business Confidence Index for Q4 2017 is at its highest level since it was launched in 2009. Unsupervised Machine Learning Opens New Possibilities - IT Chronicles. 4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect E-Commerce Platform - IT Chronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu 4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect E-Commerce Platform If you’ve decided to start an e-commerce business, one of your first decisions will be selecting an online platform that will suit the needs of your company.

You’ll find that each platform has its pros and cons in relation to what you’re planning to do with your website. Functionality You should start your search by looking for a platform that has simple administrative tools, easy upgrade options, and allows you to import data. Applying AI Technology to ITSM: The Difference Between NLP & NLU (Part Three) - ITChronicles. What Is Data Analytics? - ITChronicles. Linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu. Companies Struggle to Plan for Future of Work Reality - ITChronicles. 3 Ways Tech Can Help a Minimum Advertised Price Policy - ITChronicles. CompTIA Launches Tech Worker Advocacy, Support Group - ITChronicles. GDPR - A Quick Q+A - ITChronicles. Virtual Reality Helps Jurors Visualize Crime Scenes - ITChronicles.

SurveyGizmo Wants Companies to Connect, Consolidate and Govern Their Data - ITChronicles. Artificial Intelligence Creating Jobs, but Talent Is Lacking - IT Chronicles. Cloud-Based Biometrics - An Area of Rapid Growth - IT Chronicles. Phishing Attacks on the Increase but Susceptibility Declining - IT Chronicles. Feral software and the application orphanage - application management - ITChronicles. Strategic Incident Management - ITChronicles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Improving Data Security - ITChronicles. U.S. Cyber Security Readiness in Grim State: Report - ITChronicles.

Government’s ability to handle cybersecurity incidents is concerning, particularly in the knowledge that these attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication. SecurityScorecard, a leader in security ratings, today released its annual U.S. State and Federal Government Cybersecurity Report. The study paints a grim picture of the overall cyber health of the nation’s government entities. In the midst of investigations into a potential 2016 election hacking, regular major malware events, and an overall increase in the number of sophisticated cyberattacks, the report highlights that the government sector is lagging compared to almost every other industry.

However, there are some standout performers that have demonstrated superior cybersecurity capabilities. SecurityScorecard analyzed more than 500 federal, state, and local government agencies in the United States, compared this group to 17 other expansive industries and evaluated this group’s security capabilities across 10 categories.

Boeing STEM Learning Support Nurtures Future Designers - ITChronicles. Encouraging the next generation of thinkers, dreamers and creators can be a daunting role for teachers. It is exciting to see corporations like Boeing being actively involved in promoting STEM learning activities – and why wouldn’t they, they could well be providing the tools that encourage their next generation of aircraft designers. Are you a teacher who is looking for fun classroom activities with a STEM focus? Boeing, Iridescent’s Curiosity Machine, PBS Learning Media and the Teaching Channel have produced a collection of educational materials and tutorials that children can use to find alternative energy sources, engineer an airfoil, and design their own satellite, among other activities.

These activities are designed to help students develop important skills like the ability to think critically, collaborate and communicate effectively. All materials and tutorials are available to download for free at Boeing’s Educational Resources page. The following two tabs change content below. DevOps Enterprise Summit London - First Speakers Announced - ITChronicles. Can Governments Defend Against Cyber Attacks? - ITChronicles. Enterprises Add Threat Hunting to Cyber Crime Defenses - ITChronicles. The prevalence of cybercrime and the constant threat of intrusion into company networks has created a new role in many large enterprises – that of the threat hunter.

Threat hunting is becoming an integral part of defensive activities in larger enterprises or those that have been heavily targeted in the past, according to a new SANS Survey. But these findings also show that threat hunting is still an immature practice, relying mostly on human intuition to conduct searches. The Customer is (NOT) Always Right - The Customer Service Conundrum - ITChronicles. Popularized many years ago by those in the business of selling, the phrase “The customer is always right” continues to be a mantra for well-meaning businesses in myriad industries.

It sounds good; after all, the premise is based on the desire to provide great customer service that will see the customer happy, to ensure they are satisfied with their business transaction with us, so that they will want to return for more and encourage friends to deal with us when they need what we provide. We, as customers ourselves, want it to be true when we are engaging someone to fulfill our particular needs or desires. Online Shoppers Prefer Multi-Vendor Marketplaces - ITChronicles. Smaller retailers who are not selling via online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and Ebay may be missing out on one of the best routes to their customers. Nearly 70% of online shoppers prefer to purchase through online marketplaces, and small business owners may reap big benefits by selling through these marketplaces in addition to their own online stores, a new survey suggests. Comparing products and finding the best deal is the main motivation for using an online marketplace for nearly 60% of online shoppers.

The findings come from Clutch, a research and reviews platform for business services. Adults Must Encourage Children to Pursue STEM Education - ITChronicles. We adults have to face the fact that our children and grandchildren, in many cases, already know more about some emerging technologies that will, potentially, potentially change the world. It is our duty to ensure that they are well grounded in STEM and ready to participate in a world that will depend, for a large part, on technology.

Learning computer science sounds boring for children and extremely difficult for parents to understand. Bring Your Own IT Innovation - ITChronicles. A Series of Symbiotic Events - ITChronicles. Your Business Needs a Knowledge Base: Why and How - ITChronicles. It’s very common to find operations where the use of a knowledge base doesn’t exist. For example, in Brazil alone, as a point of reference, about 85 percent of the companies that hire a service management tool do not use a knowledge base or use it in a very poor way.

In fact, day-to-day work makes us worry about re-establishing order or increasing the quality of service delivery, but nobody considers the gain that a well-constructed, shared and used knowledge base can provide. Following the trend of evolution among generations, where we have now managed to solve most of our questions by accessing Google or watching videos on Youtube, the “Shift Left” concept has gained a lot of strength and knowledge management is strongly tied to it. Ok, but how can I start improving my knowledge base from scratch? Spark Ventures - A Journey to Digital Service Management - ITChronicles. Blockchain: Whose Identity Is It Anyway? - IT Chronicles. Secure Medical Data Sharing: A New Role for Blockchain? - ITChronicles.

Intelligent Automation Key to Business Growth — Blockchain to Transform Trade, Transactions,... Blockchain to Transform Trade, Transactions, Processes - ITChronicles. Blockchain Vets Debut New Commercial Operating System - ITChronicles. What Does IT Business Value Look Like? - ITChronicles. DevOps – the prequel and sequel - ITChronicles. Extending the DevOps philosophy to benefit the whole IT value chain Many people who have taken more than a brief look at DevOps will be familiar with the 3 Ways, as described in the ‘must read’ book, The Phoenix Project.

These are the underpinning principles from which all DevOps patterns can be derived. They describe the values and philosophies that frame the processes, procedures, practices, as well as the prescriptive steps. The principles are: Systems thinkingAmplified feedback loopsCulture of continuous learning and experimentation The first Way emphasizes the performance of the entire system, as opposed to the performance of a specific silo of work or department — this can be as large as a division (e.g., Development or IT Operations) or as small as an individual contributor (e.g. a developer or system administrator). Amplified feedback loops are about creating information that allows corrections to be made continually. Prequel. Is Python the Best Programming Language for Startups? - ITChronicles. Accenture Aims to Achieve Gender Equality by 2025 - ITChronicles. App-Free Wayfinding Takes Off at Houston Airports - ITChronicles.

Navigating airports around the world, getting from one gate to the next, can be a very frustrating experience for travellers, but that is set to change if new technology just launched in Houston spreads to other airports around the world. Finding your way around Houston’s airports is as simple as checking your smart phone now that a new way-finding technology launched on the Houston Airport System’s award-winning website Friday, June 30th.

IT Leaders Need Both Technical and Influencing Skills - ITChronicles. Universal Package Manager (UPM) Critical DevOps Element - ITChronicles. Private Cloud Storage a Hidden, High-Growth Market? - ITChronicles. A note to my friend DevOps from ITIL® - ITChronicles. Why Continued Training Is Essential for DevOps Success - IT Chronicles. Training and certifications are more than just a line that a developer adds to their resume. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for bad employers to only care about training before someone works for them. To be truly adaptive to an ever-changing technology landscape, training must be on-going for entire development teams. Analysts Laud CA for "Single Pane of Glass Monitoring" - ITChronicles. CA Technologies has been recognized by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) as part of their Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017 report. CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) was identified as one of the top three products for Single Pane of Glass Monitoring along with two products from Cloud Fabrix.

According to the report, “EMA’s top three vendors address hybrid, cloud, container, and DevOps challenges in an innovative and convincing manner.” Dark Matter in the Cloud – The Private Cloud. CA Technologies Tops ‘Single Pane of Glass’ Product List. Survey: 96 Percent of IT Pros Want a Cloud "Makeover" - ITChronicles. Cloud is not living up to expectations because of compliance and security concerns, unexpected downstream costs, and the glut of cloud management tools available in the market today. This is one of the key findings in the 2017 State of Cloud Infrastructure Operations Survey report issued by Fugue, Inc., today. The survey was fielded to over 300 IT operations professionals, executives, and developers. Security, compliance, and cost control are top cloud challenges businesses and agencies face. Transportation Providers Pursue Account-Based Ticketing - ITChronicles.

Service Desk Basics: what to do when the end user doesn’t respond? Service ain’t over until the fat lady sings – Taking Service Forward. About Satellites and Software – The Value of Continuous Delivery. Taking the “Me” Out of Customer Service. Sharing Economy Continues to Grow Despite Concerns - ITChronicles. How Difficult Is It to Adopt a Cloud-First IT Strategy? - ITChronicles. What Is Government's Role in Cyber Security? - ITChronicles. Automation Could Narrow Maritime Industry Skills Gap - ITChronicles. Carnege Mellon, Tata Build New Tech Research Facility - ITChronicles. What SMBs Should Know About Cloud Storage Regulations - IT Chronicles. Holt FinTech Accelerator Program Launches in Montreal - IT Chronicles. Holt FinTech Accelerator Program Launches in Montreal - IT Chronicles. How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Your Business - IT Chronicles. How Technology Is Helping Startups Compete with Big Business - IT Chronicles.

Negative Publicity Turns Potential Employees Away - ITChronicles. Shadow IT Spreads from the Cloud to the Data Center - ITChronicles. Global Banks Join SWIFT Blockchain Proof of Concept - ITChronicles. Businesses Not Investing in Latest Mobile Technologies - ITChronicles. Continuous Delivery Presents Data Center Challenges - ITChronicles.