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American Flag Paper Tablecover. Fancy dress, costume shop, party supplies, halloween costumes, childrens costumes, fancy dress. Casino. Fancy Dress | Halloween Costumes and Ideas | Online Fancy Dress Store - celebrate. Fancy Costumes Shop Looking for a nice fancy dress for an upcoming theme party or Halloween or Christmas? Look into our wide range of fabulous costumes to find one that will make you look charming, amusing and very attractive. Surprise everyone with a new look and grab the attention at the party.

You will become the center of attention by wearing a costume from our store. We have something here for everyone - men, women and kids. Yes, the whole family can shop with us to get exciting costumes at unbelievably low prices. What’s offered at our fancy dress Dublin online store? If you have any unusual fancy dress ideas CelebrateIt is the perfect place to find them. Step into our store to get a great costume that catchs everyone’s attention at the party. Frozen Birthday Loot Bags.

Celebrate Your Big Day With Celebrate It!

Show Care With Personalised Gifts To Suit Any Occasion: Celebrat. Communion & Confirmation Party Decorations. This is the child’s ‘Big Day’, they’ve prepared in school and they’ve just gone through the ceremony and now it’s time to party with their cousins and friends. Both Communion and Confirmation are the first occasions where the party is in the child’s honour and they are old enough to realise it’s ‘all for them’ so make it Special, make it a day they will remember. You will find cheap and cheerful themed Confirmation/First Holy Communion invitations in good party supply shops so take a look online when you are planning the event for both the invitations and ideas on planning and decorating the party. Children love sparkle and colour so use them generously when decorating the party area. The best party ideas are simple. Scatter themed confetti on the themed table cover. Themed Napkins, Cups, Plates, etc. make it easy for the adults who must tidy up after the party. It’s a children’s party so don’t forget the loot-bags for the smaller guests as they leave.

Communion Party Supplies in Ireland. First Holy Communion is a religious first mile-stone and the first ‘dress up event’ that a child will remember. They are often quietly excited as they practice their actions in the school and rehearse in the church before their big day. Make it a day to remember for your child, browse our range of Holy Communion Rosettes and medals & chains and necklaces for them to wear on the day. We carry a whole range for range for boys and girls of disposable catering / party-ware including table-cloths, cups, plates, napkins for the post ceremony party. We have the largest collection of accessories including gift bags, cake toppers, cake decorations, cake boxes and boards. You can choose from a vast range of décor; banners, balloons, bunting and table centre pieces with a Holy Communion theme to brighten and add atmosphere to your venue. We stock a lovely range of photo frames, photo albums to store your photographs of the day.

Communions This is a childs first introduction to religion. Tips for Hosting a Holy Communion Party for 2017. Planning is key to every successful party and organised preparation as a result of this planning leaves the host more relaxed and able to enjoy the event. Make lists for everything, add reminders to your phone or diary, invite your guests, order food and decorations in time, allow plenty time for both food preparation and party decoration. First Holy Communion Parties begin in late Spring and continue until early summer – that’s important in Ireland because of our unpredictable weather. Weather is generally good in Ireland in April, May and June so it’s advisable to plan an outdoor element with a contingency if it rains. Creating a party space outdoors encourages the kids outdoors and allows them to ‘let off steam’ after being confined in a formal situation for several hours previously.

Ask an older cousin if they would like to ‘entertain’ the younger ones for a little while during the party. Best Wedding Candles To Suit Your Budget. Weddings are a big occasion in everybody’s life, regardless of whether you are one of the couple getting married, bridesmaids / groomsmen or parents of the couple. Everyone is deeply involved in the excitement and preparation and they’ve all got each other’s back, each reminding the other of miscellaneous items on the ‘to-do’ list. The main priorities are usually to book the hotel, photographer and registrar / priest depending on whether the couple are choosing a civil ceremony or an church event. One of the miscellaneous items that’s very easy to overlook until its too late are the wedding candles. Candles are symbols of light along life’s path and illumination in life’s’ difficult times (light bulb moments). Wedding Candles Many couples like to preserve this main candle and use it again when they are christening their future children.

For the reasons outlined above it’s important to choose the wedding candles with consideration and care. Enjoy a Memorable Hen Night Party with Your Close Friends. Life is immensely beautiful and it has so many things to offer in each of its phase. And it is quite important for an individual to treats all of these with some respect and verve. A stage comes in a girl’s life when she gets ready for marriage. It is a transition phase and has to be treated in a joyful manner. In fact, it is one of the most important phases of a girl’s life as she will embark on a new journey very soon. In other words, a marriage is a new beginning in every girl’s life and it promises of better times ahead. But despite the ushering of good tidings, there are always some moments when the bride may miss the wonderful days of single-hood or maidenhood. ● Bring enjoyment: The joy of single-hood or maidenhood will not last forever. . ● Mark the important occasion: Hen parties are quite popular in Europe and it is another name for a Bachelorette Party.

. ● Enjoy the best: It is usually the best friend of bride-to-be, who has the honor of hosting the bachelorette or hen party. Organise a Great Party with Perfect Birthday Party Supplies. Birthdays are recurring events with several every year and having a local shop where you can reliably find party supplies is invaluable. You become familiar with their stock and they come to know your needs, often alerting you to new arrivals. Party Supplies List Making a list help organise the purchase of party goodies and tasks are ticked off as they are completed. Lists also help to stay within budget and stick to a time schedule, avoiding last minute panics.

Now that the list is complete, it’s easy to pop into the shop and choose between colours or a themed event. Relax, Enjoy the Party Your best allies when preparing for any party regardless of whether it’s a milestone event or a child’s birthday are timely preparation with a list and a reliable birthday party supplies shop. Party Supplies - Setting the Theme for All Occasions.

So… you’re planning a party, what next? Key to a great party is the planning, and it’s sometimes the most fun part too. You already know the purpose of the party and you can decide on a theme related to the event the party is celebrating. Depending on the season, you can choose an outdoor event or remain indoors if the weather is unfavourable or you can combine both options. This is especially useful for children’s parties. The same applies to barbecue’s and summer alfresco dining. Whatever the time of the day, the season or the location it’s most enjoyable to step back when all the work is done and gaze on a well decorated party - before the guests arrive. The following are some great party decorating ideas for your next event. A well designed Party is always a show stopper and much appreciated by the guest of honour particularly if it’s a surprise event and the host has personalise it with photos from the past – these are great for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements etc.

Girls Communion Party Supplies and Decorations. Available Pink Religious Cross-...Pink Sacred Cross - Plate - Approx 9" / 22.9cm - These pretty paper Pink Sacred Cross Plates have a beautifuly detailed cross on a pink background surrounded simple flowers - Sacred Cross Plates are a great way to decorate any table for any Communion, Confirmation,Christening, etcPink Sacred Cross - Plate - Approx 9" / 22.9cm - These pretty paper Pink Sacred Cross...Pink Sacred Cross - Plate - Approx 9" / 22.9cm - These pretty paper Pink Sacred Cross Plates have a beautifuly detailed cross on a pink background surrounded simple flowers -... Available Disposable Helium Tank...Disposable Helium Tank - Fills Approx 30 X 9" - Each of these Disposable Helium Tanks can be used to fill any helium quality balloon - Disposable Helium Tanks are great for decorating your own party. You want to make your little girl’s first big ‘Dress Up’ day memorable. Celebrate It have the best ideas for making the day special.

Girl's Communion Balloons, Banners, Plates, etc. Unique Cake Decoration Supplies Online in Ireland. Even though cakes can be and are being used forso manydiverse occasions, they are equally consumed at your home in the form of special dessert. In any function, whatever may be the reason for baking a cake, you should always have the right trendycake decorating suppliesready to use at your disposal. This will simplify your creationand whenever you are in need of something, you won't have to come acrossan unproductive situation.

You wouldn’t have to worry andlook out for things in the middle of aninnovative cake decoration job. The best way to get rid of any last minute problem is to visit celebrateIt and check out the list of all the items that you will need for decorating your cake. There are many options of online stores catering to cake decorating supplies; Ireland has huge demand for them. We also care for your basic supplies for cake recipes and have tried to find a solution for it over one single shopping platform. Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories. Unique Gift Ideas For Men. Bespoke Event & Seasonal Themed Decorating. Oh, it’s busy, busy and all happening at this time of year in Celebrate It. Personalising & Decorating Local & Seasonal Events Savour Kilkenny, our local Food Festival is on the Halloween Bank Holiday weekend and of course there’s Halloween itself, a time when everybody ‘costumes up’ for the party.

Than we’ve got the ‘Kilkenny Motor Show’; after that it’s ‘Thanksgiving’ followed immediately by ‘Black Friday’ and the moment that’s finished we are ‘heads down’ and ‘all action’ for the ‘Christmas Shopping’ shopper. Cake Decorations It’s believed that everybody buys convenience food nowadays but we know different in Celebrate It. Christmas Decorations & Packaging We’ve noticed some customers are using our cake boxes to package hand-crafted items such as Christmas Wreaths, while rolls of transparent film and packaging decorations are difficult to keep in stock.

Local retailers use our extensive range of seasonal decor for their store & shop window Christmas displays and decoration. Decorating Supermarkets, Department Store Promotions. Every business occasionally runs a promotion either to highlight a new product or for a seasonal sale. The question ever sales manager asks at this time is ‘How can we make this offer different’? ‘How can we attract customers to our promotion’? More & more the answer is ‘Celebrate It‘! Trading in Kilkenny since 2004 our client base has grown to include not only personal shoppers both online and in store but also business managers of many of the major business in the south east, not least of these are supermarkets Our clients choose us because we are a ‘one stop shop’ for bespoke personalised decorations. We work with our clients to their requirements and we are always delighted to install the decor, allowing them to get on with their own work. The following are some pics of our most recent installations Balloon Arch – Supermarket Promotion Decoration Supermarket ‘New Product Promotion’ Supermarket Balloon Decoration Supermarket Entrance ‘Balloon Arch’ Tri-colour Balloon Arch.

Themed Decoration: Hotels, Bars & Restaurants. Everyone loves a party and what better way to get guests in the mood than to create a party atmosphere Celebrate It are experts at ‘setting the scene’ and ‘creating the mood’ through decoration and are in constant demand by hotels, pubs & restaurants etc. during seasonal festivities In consultation with our clients, we devise a plan for the premises, deadlines, themes, props, budget and installation which are all agreed and tailored to their needs Halloween Dripping from the Ceiling Our clients for this type of themed setting are usually bar / restaurant / hotel owners and managers This type of decoration is designed to remain intact and in place over a period of days or sometimes even weeks, for example; Halloween & Christmas decoration or during a major series of matches such as leading up to the ‘All Ireland’ or during the ‘World Cup’ etc Are you considering a theme for your hotel, bar or restaurant?

Wedding, Communion & Confirmation Decorations Party Supplies. Spring each year brings a new cycle of formal family occasions for adults and children. Future brides are busy planning their weddings, searching for ‘something different’ to make their day special Children are preparing for First Holy Communion and Confirmation, these are ‘big’ days in every child’s growing up Celebrate It is a buzzing place during all these events, family members like to mark the day with candles, balloons and decorations. Our photo albums and photo frames are in high demand to store and display the best moments of the day. Our weekends are always busy at this time too – most hotels hold Wedding Fairs to showcase their services and invite partners to participate, making it a full experience for the prospective bride/groom, give them ideas and offer the best deals and complete packages Yesterday’s display from the River Court Hotel, Kilkenny is a small collection of wedding and Hen / Stag party items.

Wedding Fair Display. Gift Boxes And Gift Bags. GiftsGift Boxes and Gift Bags Available Gift Bag - Blue...Gift Bag - Baby Blue Glitter Polka Dot - 1 per pack - Each of these pretty baby pink Gift Bags has a blue satin handles with white glitter polka dots on one side and plain white polka dots on the rest - Gift Bags are a great way to present any gift with out the hassle of wrapping! - Gift Bags are perfect for any occasion eg, Birthdays, Christenings, etc 10cm X 20cm X 25cm Gift Bag - Baby Blue Glitter Polka Dot - 1 per pack - Each of these pretty baby...Gift Bag - Baby Blue Glitter Polka Dot - 1 per pack - Each of these pretty baby pink Gift Bags has a blue satin handles with white glitter polka dots on one side and plain white... Available Gift Bag - Pink...Gift Bag -Pink Glitter Polka Dot - 1 per pack - Each of these pretty pink Gift Bags has a pink satin handles with white glitter polka dots on one side and plain white polka dots on the rest - Gift Bags are a great way to present any gift with out the hassle of wrapping!

Unique and Custom Balloons For All Occasions. Themed Party Supplies. Unique Anniversary Party Supplies. Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas 2016. Top 5 Best Scary Halloween Masks for 2016. Crazy and Creative Couples Halloween Costumes for Adults 2016. Top 5 Best Halloween Decorations for 2016. Unique Homemade Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers. Halloween Trick Or Treat Ideas 2016 – Where To Go Trick Or Treating. Choosing party supplies and decorations in UK for all ages and occasions.

Party as a Group, Dress with a Theme. Halloween: Be a Sexy Lady for the Festivities - Womens'/Girls' Costumes. Bee-Do, Bee-Do! Awesome Despicable Me Minion Halloween Costume Ideas. Best Pumpkin Decorating And Carving Ideas For Halloween 2016. How to Make Spooky Halloween Decorations? How to Make A Halloween Lantern Pumpkin? Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults & Kids. Nerve-racking Halloween Costumes Ever. Dress Up Like Elsa, The Snow Queen – Halloween 2016. Celebrate This Halloween With The Best New Halloween Costume Ideas 2016.

Popular Disney Halloween Costumes for Adults and Kids This Halloween. Perfect your ‘Day of the Dead’ look with ‘Skeleton Halloween Costumes’ Here Are Best Halloween Masks To Try This Year! Who Will You Be On This Year Halloween? Wedding Table Decorations Ideas. Sugar Flowers Cake Decorations. Wedding Day Photo Album. Wedding Candles & Favours. How To Buy Wedding Candles To Light Up The Event? Hen Night - Champagne Bubbles. Hen Night - Mini Cowgirl Hat. Stag Night Accessories and Stag party Ideas. Hen Party T Shirts. Where to Buy Stylish Hen Party Accessories at the Lowest Prices? Christening Cake Decorations. Hen Party Ideas & Accessories. Wedding Thank You Card - Gold Hearts. Wedding Guest Book With Silver Pen. Engraved Pint Glass. Inflatable Guitars - Neon Pink. Where Are Photo Booths In Ireland. What to Wear to A Perfect Confirmation Party? Photo Booth Rentals For Weddings. How To Organize A Hen’s Party And Enjoy Maximum Fun With Your Friends?

Beautiful Couple Resin Cake Topper. How To Put Together A Perfect Hen Party ? Tips to How to Arrange for a Fantastic Hen Night Party. Look Your Most Glamorous Self With a Fabulous Irish Fancy Costume Dress. Wedding Cake Accessories. Personalised Foil Balloons | Buy Printed Balloons | Ireland. Window Sticker - Shamrock. Leprechaun Boy Costume. Women's Lucky Leprechaun Costume. Lucky Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day Costume. Celebrate Your Precious Moments Of Happiness with Stunning Fancy Dress Costumes. Express the depth of your love with these unique Valentine Day Gifts. Express the depth of your love with these 5 unique Valentine day gifts. Attractive party supplies and decorations - Set an atmosphere to make your party shine! Communion : A Religious Occasion Of Christians. Boy's Communion Party.

Celebrate it brings you hen party accessories Ireland at affordable prices. Halloween Decoration-Tips for decorating party recipes and snacks. Top 7 trivia questions on Halloween night. Halloween costumes shop. Top facts about Halloween that you should know. 13 Enchanting Decorating Ideas for Halloween party. Look Sexy This Halloween with These Devil Costumes. Useful tips on Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults. Top 10 adult halloween costumes in ireland. What are the smart tips for buying Halloween costumes in Ireland? Latest halloween costumes for Kids.