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Moodle - Open-source learning platform. WeSchool - Superpowers to the teachers! ESL Place - Welcome to our network. Connect With Students and Parents in Your Paperless Classroom. Comunica con studenti e genitori nella tua classe virtuale. A free teaching platform. ClassFlow. Learning Management System. Versal for Teachers. Socloo: the social school. Fidenia – Il social learning italiano. Twiducate - Social Networking For Schools. Otus Learning Management System - Otus. Create your own online course. Learning Management System. Best LMS (Learning Management System) Software.

7 Key Considerations for Choosing a Great LMS. Teachmood. Learning Management Systems – Posting videos to a video hosting site is a good idea, but many teachers who are flipping their classes find great benefit from using a learning management system (LMS).

Learning Management Systems –

These are online platforms which server a variety of functions. A LMS not only can host a video, but it allows for a great deal of interactivity for students. They all have a way for students to interact with digital content through things like blogs, comment threads, quizzes, and other forms of online feedback. Many have a "Facebook" feel which helps students easily navigate through the content. Some are even incorporating game-based learning.Most also interface with a schools student information system so that teachers can do things such as input grades and do attendance right in the LMS. We recommend that a school or district choose only one LMS. Below is a list of some LMS's . The Top 8 Free/Open Source LMSs. Update 10/26/16: Back by popular demand!

The Top 8 Free/Open Source LMSs

We saw your comments and decided to incorporate the free LMSs you told us about. We’ve also upgraded our honorable mentions into full entries in order to give you better information about each one. I have a friend who once wrapped his entire body, head to toe, in tin foil. He also wrote “steak + guacamole” on himself in permanent marker, and then sauntered (in public, on public sidewalks with normal people all around) to his local burrito joint. He endured the stares, embarrassment, and giggles all for one, glorious thing: a free burrito. People will do a lot just to get something for free. I’ve collected a list of the very best freemium, totally free, and/or open source LMSs out there, and it’s all below, no enduring of awkward stares on the sidewalk required. 1.

This is the gorilla in the room of open source LMSs. Moodle’s welcome screen Differentiating features Pros/cons Review it here! 2. An example of creating a lesson plan in CourseSites. 20 - Blended or Flipped Classrooms. What is a Blended Classroom?

20 - Blended or Flipped Classrooms

A National Education Association (NEA) Policy Brief on blended learning states: ...blended learning (aka hybrid and mixed-mode) is an environment in which: a student learns in a blended model of face-to-face instruction with a licensed teacher and technology-based instruction that best meets the educational needs of the student.During the technology-based instruction, under the guidance of the teacher, the student has control over the time, place, path and/or the pace of the curriculum to form an integrated instructional approach. Watch the following video to learn more about blended learning in the classroom.

We also suggest that if you are interested in learning more about blending your classroom that you check your local ISD for the Blended Learning in the Classroom Course (BLiC) a REMC Association project.