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Graphviz. For:stolati. Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python. Ctypes tutorial. Note: The code samples in this tutorial uses doctest to make sure that they actually work. Since some code samples behave differently under Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X, they contain doctest directives in comments. Note: Quite some code samples references the ctypes c_int type. Distutils-SIG. Django. Essential Python Reading List. Here’s my essential Python reading list.

Essential Python Reading List

I’ve tried to order the items so you can pause or stop reading at any point: at every stage you’ll have learned about as much possible about Python for the effort you’ve put in. The Zen of Python The Zen of Python is so short I can include it here in its entirety. Typing import this in an interpreted session gives a pythonic spin on “Hello, world”. >>> import this The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters Beautiful is better than ugly. FlickrUploadr - Linux. Custom Search Python. How not to write Python code » Ikke’s blog. Lately I’ve been reading some rather unclean Python code.

How not to write Python code » Ikke’s blog

Maybe this is mainly because the author(s) of the code had no in-depth knowledge of the Python language itself, the ‘platform’ delivered with cPython,… Here’s a list of some of the mistakes you should really try to avoid when writing Python code: Some days ago RealNitro pointed me at this list of essential Python readings. “Idiomatic Python” is a must-read, even for experienced Python developers. That’s about it for now, maybe I’ll add some more items to this list later on. Mark Lutz's Home Page. Package Index. Python Documentation.