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LD or NOT. LD or NOT Many thanks to Dorene Graham for contributing this article!


Dorene is a home schooling mom to her two Indigo daughters. At the urging of her oldest, they are working toward establishing an alternative, Indigo-friendly, school in Atlanta, Georgia. An Indigo Dilemma: Learning Disabled or Not? Landmark College Web Page. National Center for Learning Disabilities. Learning Disabilities OnLine LD In-Depth Assistive Technology for Postsecondary Students with LD. Hyperlexia. Dyslexia the Gift. Information and Resources for Dyslexia. Learning Disabilities Resources Home Page. Supported-parenting. Learning Disabilities Information & Education Center. LD Resources. Centre for Students with Disabilities. LEARNING DISABILITIES. Learning Disabilities Sites. Aurora Systems Inc. Software for Special Needs.

Adult Dyslexia Organisation index page. LD, ADHD, and Deafness.