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Welcome to the Communication & Assistive Devices Laboratory @UB. Should we have a code of ethics... For almost two decades the Institute on Communication and Inclusion has been giving a voice and a means to communicate to people with disabilities who may have otherwise been living in silence or isolation.

Should we have a code of ethics...

The Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) conducts research and promotes support for people with disabilities to communicate in schools and society. Formerly, the Facilitated Communication Institute, the new name, the Institute on Communication and Inclusion, represents a broadened focus developed over the past 20 years, reflecting lines of research, training and public dissemination that focus on school and community inclusion, narratives of disability and ability, and disability rights. Its initiatives stress the important relationship of communication to inclusion. 2 Day Introductory Workshop in Supporting Communication: Developing Frameworks for Support and Learning to be a Facilitator Our next introductory training workshop will be help March 24-35, 2014. Vermont FC Guidelines.

Welcome to Closing The Gap. Subject Index Facilitated Communication Digest. Guidelines for Communication Assistants. Guidelines FC and the Individual. Not Comprehending is Not All The Time... Facts About Facilitated Communication. Welcome to DynaVox Systems. Facilitated Communication Training Practice Guidelines. Recommendations to Educators... Trace Center Training Program. The Trace Center's training mission is to increase the number and level of expertise of people working to make mainstream information and communication technologies more accessible and usable for people with disabilities and elders.

Trace Center Training Program

The Trace Center is part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering, and offers the following educational opportunities: Experience Lab A one-hour lab, developed and instructed by Trace Center staff, is included annually in the freshman pre-engineering course, InterEgr 160. Ideas browswer. The Product Design Ideas Browser is a reference tool that focuses on design strategies used to address the Telecom Act Accessibility Guidelines.

Ideas browswer

Select an item from the list of Accessibility Guidelines in the navigation pane to find ideas and strategies that will be helpful in the design of more accessible and usable products. Please Note: The strategies and techniques found under each guideline heading in this browser are ideas for addressing the Telecom Guidelines. Dynavox 3100 Training. RESNA Home Page. ISAAC - Home. Answer Dynavox. Universal Design Custom Bibliography Tool. Technology Center - Importance of an Assistive Technology Evaluation. Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Augmentative and Alternative Communication Centers. Center On Disabilities. Information Quick Sheet Index. DynaVox Education and Support. DynaVox Programming Tutorials.