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Facebook Twitter Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series. Tales of the Abyss OST Soundtrack Mp3s. Blue Laguna / Tales of the Abyss / Mp3s / Tales of the Abyss OST Download music and songs from Tales of the Abyss + News Archive.

Tales of the Abyss OST Soundtrack Mp3s

Eternal Manga Scanlations. †   "Wings of an Angel": "Tales of" Manga Scanlations! † Fonons - Essential components of all matter on planet Auldrant.

†   "Wings of an Angel": "Tales of" Manga Scanlations! †

Ages ago, a new type of fonon was discovered — the Seventh Fonon. Its discovery threw humanity into chaos, for if one could use the Seventh Fonon, one could learn the future. Wars over the Seventh Fonon raged across the lands, ending only when the miasma — a poison from within the planet — covered the entire world. AC - Abyssal Chronicles - A Tales of Series Fansite. 50 New Social Sites College Students Should Try Out. Beyond Facebook, there’s an entire world of social media outlets worth exploring. Experiment with sites like Ning or Google Groups that let you create your own social group, or try out travel networks that help you plan your next vacation and meet up with friends around the world.

There are also sites for job networking, sharing music, and learning about current events. Here’s our list of 50 new social sites that college students should try out.