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Fitness and exercise

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How can I tone my inner thighs? The question I can't seem to find any at-home exercises to battle inner-leg flab.

How can I tone my inner thighs?

Can you please help? The answer First, make sure you are doing variations of squats, lunges, deadlifts and single-leg balance exercises. Although these are not purely inner thigh isolation exercises, those muscles have to work as stabilizers. As a bonus, complex exercises such as squats and lunges help build lean muscle mass, which will help boost your metabolism.

For inner-thigh isolation, try the exercise outlined below. Squishy ball crunch and leg lower Lie on your back with your hands by your ears and your knees up in the air, bent at a 90 degree angle. Make sure you are not just pushing the ball in with your knees. Advanced version If you have a strong core and a healthy back, try to hold yourself up in the crunch position at the end of your 10 repetitions. Trainer's tip Incorporate cardiovascular exercise that involves side to side motion. Read moreQ&As from Kathleen Trotter. Control curves, Cut Calories, Right foods, exercise, stress control, Home made beauty recipes. • Ask yourself the following questions when you feel the urge to eat: a. When did I eat last? B. What am I craving? C. Am I hungry or has my appetite been stimulated? • If you are craving ice cream, don't eat carrot sticks and celery. . • When you feel hungry between meals, have a sugarless cup of tea or coffee - caffeine inhibits the appetite. • Don’t shop for food when you are hungry.

. • Brush your teeth after dinner to prevent you from evening snacking. • Replace butter or margarine with butter buds or fat free buttery spreads. . • Eat breakfast. . • Place baskets of fruits and vegetables in a bowl on the table for easy reach. • Eat 5-6 mini meals to avoid high calorie cravings. •Make room for cravings. •Drink skim milk instead of whole milk. •Drink water -- a glass every one to two hours will keep you full.Cut 100 calories a day (replace that candy bar with an orange and banana) and lose a pound a month.

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