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Pursue a career in hospitality management with Indian School of Hospitality, World's Best Colleges/Institutes for Hospitality Management in Gurgaon, India.

Five Key Things to Consider While Choosing A College. Today, more than ever, education – or, more importantly, what we define as a good education – is one of the most important topics in our lives.

Five Key Things to Consider While Choosing A College

So, what exactly are these parameters that we choose to measure an education with? When dealing with something as intangible as education, every item on the list of ingredients is crucial to ensure the recipe for a successful future goes according to plan. While it’s impossible to know all the secret ingredients in the recipe for success, there are a few things we can keep in mind to stay on the right track. Studying Culinary Arts – Degree, Diploma or Certificate? We’ve fallen head over heels for culinary arts.

Studying Culinary Arts – Degree, Diploma or Certificate?

From TV shows and movies to bestselling books and especially our Instagram feeds – chefs are the new rock stars and studying culinary arts is becoming a mainstream dream. With the expansion of culinary arts, there’s a whole world of exciting career opportunities out there for those who are passionate about food. With so many programmes on offer by top culinary institutes in India, it can be confusing deciding the right stream for your needs. In this blog, we’ll explain the difference between different programme types and which one will suit your personal needs and professional goals best. One of the first things to consider when you’ve decided to join the culinary world is your current lifestyle scenario.

Degree. Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality: a World of Opportunity. What does the world of travel, tourism and hospitality encompass exactly?

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality: a World of Opportunity

The truth is that we’re surrounded by all three almost everywhere we go. Travel, tourism and hospitality are directly related to things we experience every day. Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday, staying at a luxury hotel, eating at our favourite restaurant or going shopping – almost every interaction or experience we have during these activities can be traced back to the industry on some scale. Students of hospitality education undergo rigorous practical experience, allowing them to join the related industry of their choice in within a senior position upon graduation. This steady growth within the industry has made hospitality education an ever-increasingly popular choice for students across the globe. Why does the Hospitality Industry Thrive on Creativity & Innovation?

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common” –is a quote that I believe perfectly encapsulates not just the world we live in, but also the world of hospitality we’re currently experiencing.

Why does the Hospitality Industry Thrive on Creativity & Innovation?

We’re all living in a hospitable world – and hospitality, throughout my career, has become my entire world. It’s taken me across continents, cultures, and companies, and given me opportunities to experience things that I believe no other career path would have allowed me to. I’ve helped open resorts in the bustling African Savannah while being overlooked by wild elephants and lions, and I’ve been part of teams that transformed unusable land into properties that give back to nature and the local community. During every step, I’ve had the chance to learn from people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds.

It’s been a journey that’s shaped me into who I am today and given me a platform I am incredibly grateful to have. Making a Career in Culinary Arts. Thinking Big. Thinking Passionately. The world of culinary arts is growing more rapidly than ever before – bringing with it an abundance of opportunities.

Making a Career in Culinary Arts. Thinking Big. Thinking Passionately.

Those with a passion for food can explore career paths in a rich and varied scape that is growing at a phenomenal rate – or even choose to pursue their own venture and realise their entrepreneurial potential. An education in culinary arts is your gateway into a multitude of possible career opportunities in numerous sectors. Mastering culinary arts enables you to pursue a variety of career paths, and takes you through some of the most colourful, invigorating and creative environments found across the globe. High Tech for High Touch: Reimagining Hospitality Education for Tomorrow’s World. With today’s technological advancements, tourism & travel, hospitality and other sister streams are taking over the global landscape in new and unexpected ways, creating opportunities and ideas that would have found it hard to exist just a few decades ago.

High Tech for High Touch: Reimagining Hospitality Education for Tomorrow’s World

Technology has completely changed our lives, while enabling other industries to intertwine into our everyday existence. Our society and consumer expectations are no longer just about the product – the service surrounding it has become just as important as the product itself, with the knowledge of having the right formula on delivering an authentic, enjoyable and personalised experience a key factor for companies and corporations the entire world over. Delivering the right experience to consumers has now become crucial – and professionals who know how to do so are absolutely indispensable. What does a BBA in Hospitality Management offer? Post the completion of school education, it is imperative for students to pursue higher studies in order to gain knowledge of a particular field.

What does a BBA in Hospitality Management offer?

However, in today’s time, it is crucial to gain holistic knowledge and perspective on the world. Top 5 trends in the world of pastry. Is it possible to see a pastry and not get excited to eat it?

Top 5 trends in the world of pastry

Well, pastries are truly one of the best food creations out there. They instil a child-like excitement in everyone and a sight of a sumptuous pastry does get everyone drooling. Let’s imagine a world without a freshly baked pastry and we’re certain it’ll be a lot less colourful and fun. If we talk about the flourishing industry of cakes and bakery around the world, it will not be wrong to say that it is one of the most highly successful and well-recognised fields. You could be in any part of the globe, yet a famous bakery will adorn your travel itinerary. Similar to any other field, the world of pastry is led by waves of trends. 1.

NEP will give students soft skills, innovative thinking and creative flair: Dilip Puri, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld. “There will be more attention paid to creative pursuits, arts, humanities and other, ‘less traditional’ subjects than there was previously.

NEP will give students soft skills, innovative thinking and creative flair: Dilip Puri, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld

This new expansion of educational horizons will certainly help give students more soft skills, innovative thinking and creative flair that is important for hospitality education,” said Dilip Puri while commenting on the New Education Policy (NEP) announced on July 29, 2020.. With the introduction of NEP, it is likely that younger students will become aware of hotel management courses and may like to pursue them. “With a wider variety of non-STEM subjects for students to explore, I believe this will naturally lead them gaining more awareness or, in fact, even searching for alternative higher education career paths such as hospitality management themselves,” Puri added. The idea of vocational education was not encouraged before and professional courses which focus entirely on hospitality were missed by many who stuck to more ‘traditional’ streams. Is hotel management the right education for you? – ISH- Best Hospitality Management Colleges/Institutes in Gurgaon, India.

Hotel management is easily one of the most sought after courses of the 21st century.

Is hotel management the right education for you? – ISH- Best Hospitality Management Colleges/Institutes in Gurgaon, India

It is gaining immense popularity and attaining that much-deserved place in the field of careers. It has been a well-known profession since ages but now a lot of millennials are considering it as a serious profession. It is attracting many individuals due to the massive job opportunities, many fields that become accessible because of it, higher pay and of course a great reputation. In the competitive world of today where there are countless opportunities in every field. Due to this very reason, picking one career can get confusing at times. However, if you still feel the options related to hotel management are limited, you can opt for a wider course called hospitality management. Indian School of Hospitality — How to take your home bakery to the next level? Indian School of Hospitality: Which hospitality schools offer the best placement opportunities?

When it’s about choosing the right career, students seldom find themselves in the conundrum whether it will garner the desired results and whether or not the institute will offer coveted recruitment opportunities. After completing the education they hope for a worthy on-campus placement whereas, much to their dismay, they are left with nothing concrete in their hands. While the end might be uncertain, the path certainly plays a pivotal role in determining the goal. One such challenge is opting for the best institutes that are instrumental in guiding the students, honing their skills and promising suitable placement opportunities. This process becomes even more difficult when you’re choosing a career that is fuelled by creativity, specific skills sets and cutting-edge competition.

Indian School of Hospitality: The scope of hotel management in India. Hotel industry in India has experienced an immense boom in recent times. A shift in lifestyle habits has worked in favour of the hotel industry. The restaurants, cafes, hotel chains, bistros have flourished and are gaining more and more traction by the day. This upsurge has been beneficial for the economy as a whole and the hotel industry is surely getting to enjoy a fair share of the pie. As per the studies, one in every ten jobs worldwide is related to hospitality. Hence, it is safe to assume that the demand for manpower in this sector is also skyrocketing and the vast employment opportunities are attracting the aspirants rightfully.

Indian School of Hospitality: What industries can you join after hospitality management? Hospitality management is one of the most versatile fields that is garnering immense attention from the millennials. With its high-end job packages, escalating career trajectory and an esteemed industry connect, it is surely a career choice to watch out for. While one can choose to pursue an education in hotel & hospitality management, often the path ahead could become confusing. Since education in hospitality management opens numerous doors of various sectors and fields, a clear path can become hazy in the beginning. Let us help you in determining the industries that you can possibly opt for after the successful completion of your hospitality management course preferably from one of the top hospitality schools. 1.

Bifurcated into two segments, namely production and distribution of food items, the F&B industry includes restaurants, cafes, eateries, bars, lounges, clubs, breweries etc. 2. Tourism is a vast field which includes various job profiles within itself. Best Hospitality Management Colleges/Institutes in Gurgaon, India, World. Indian School of Hospitality: 4 Ways ISH Preps You For Success. ISH offers one of the best hospitality management programs in the country. From case-studies and management scenarios to culinary fusion and experiments, the institute is highly acclaimed amongst industry circles for its holistic curriculum and opportunities for practical as well as experimentative learnings. ISH is one of those respected institutes which takes talented people and moulds them into educated and responsible human beings. ISH ensures your success in the hospitality industry. However, ISH also prepares you for the great life you have ahead. 5 Essential Reads for Aspiring Culinary Arts Students – ISH Blogs.

Being a chef isn’t just about throwing together masterpieces in the kitchen. Chances are, if you’ve seen the personal library of a chef, you’ve been blown away by the sheer number of volumes peering back at you. Why We All Want to Be Chefs More Than Ever Before – And Where Will It Take Us? – ISH Blogs. The culinary landscape has been changed and brought to our attention by dozens of trailblazers who have left their mark on the art of cuisine and our psyche. These culinary mavericks have helped integrate the art of making food away from the secluded world of professional kitchens and into the limelight of the mainstream.

Studying Culinary Arts – Degree, Diploma or Certificate? – ISH Blogs. Best Hospitality Management Colleges/Institutes in Gurgaon, India, World.