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ISCF is founded with a mission to provide a sustainable platform for budding public speakers and coaches.

Youtube. □□□□□□□ □□□ □□□□□□□□ & □□□□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□ □□□□□□ □□□□□□□□ & □□□□□ □□□□□ Testimonial By Sarbari Dutta. A Testimonial by Dr.Shama Hussain. A feedback by Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar. Join Indian Speakers and Coach Forum Now! Lead the Change at Indian Speakers & Coach Forum. Presenting Ms. Akshita Chandra - Business Development Manager, sharing about ISCForum!! The value of coaching skills in the corporate world. A successful leader is someone who knows that the key to success depends on developing their team members' abilities, competence, and skills.

The value of coaching skills in the corporate world

They realize that success means the achievements of the individuals for whom they work. While managerial skills come easily to some individuals, others must work hard to learn these skills. Managers at different levels require coaching abilities. Youtube. Indian Speakers and Coach Forum. 5 Amazing Ways to Make a Powerful Stage Presence for Every Orator. 8 Superpowers of an Empowered Women to Take a Stand. Empowered is the woman who has the ability to take a stand for herself.

8 Superpowers of an Empowered Women to Take a Stand

Sometimes, women might not be as effective at practicing that. However, these tips would help every woman and man take a stand ethically and would serve as a complete guideline for anyone who wants to stop being wronged out. 1) Assertiveness: Being able to think positively and always having good vibes might sound very easy. 9Powerful Techniques to Write the Most Engaging Corporate Speeches. A corporate speech needs a broad range of ideas and a plain language to be a grand success.

9Powerful Techniques to Write the Most Engaging Corporate Speeches

Being in a leadership role in the corporate industry allows you to share your knowledge. You can present your colleagues and others with lots of insights by sharing your experiences. Sometimes, the talk becomes boring because of excessive jargon. You need to write a concise and clear speech that makes most out of your and everybody’s time. Before you write, think of yourself as the best orator and imagine yourself delivering the best corporate speech and then start reverse engineering. Here are the most powerful techniques that you can use to get the most influence out of your corporate talks:

5 Body Language Tips for Every Webinar Host. The body language of a webinar host greatly influences the decision and perspective of the watchers or the attendees.

5 Body Language Tips for Every Webinar Host

Your potential buyers can make a purchase decision, your students will remain focussed on the discussion, your colleagues will take your opinions seriously when your body language is correct. 7 Ways to Build a Great Career as a Health Coach. Health and hygiene are more important than ever before in this world after the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

7 Ways to Build a Great Career as a Health Coach

We need to boost our immunity against this deadly virus. Good diet and exercise has created a new meaning in our lifestyles as we are always fascinated by the great physiques and athletic figures of our favourite sport stars on social media. Having a great body that is in harmony with mind and soul is a great gift. 8 Proven Tips to Brand Yourself Online in Your Busy Schedule. Creating an online presence is not a matter of one day.

8 Proven Tips to Brand Yourself Online in Your Busy Schedule

At Indian Speakers and Coach Forum, we understand that well. 7 Foolproof Tips to Promote Your Webinar. When you are fully prepared with your webinar topic to answer any queries from the audience, it is now the right time to promote your webinar.

7 Foolproof Tips to Promote Your Webinar

There are certain marketing strategies that you can use to market your webinar online for the right audience. Many webinar hosts are frustrated because of poor internet connectivity, lack of interaction among the host and the attendees and not generating enough leads out of your webinar. Upon successful webinar promotion you will achieve: i) Sales lead generation ii) Increase your brand value iii) Brush up your teaching skills as they are informative. iv) Financial savings Challenges in webinars: i) People not attending ii) People not listening iii) People not interacting iv) People not buying Here are the foolproof techniques to start promoting your webinar today: 1) Know the right moment: Allow the attendees to register for your webinar 15 days prior. 2) Website: 3) Email Marketing:

7 Amazing Ideas to Stop Overconsumption and Boost Sustainability. When a person begins to earn more, they tend to spend more money.

7 Amazing Ideas to Stop Overconsumption and Boost Sustainability

However, spending more money leads to overconsumption of natural resources and thereby, hurts the environment we live in. The earth has those many resources that can cater to the needs of everyone but not the wants. There is a thin line between the needs and wants of each individual. We must see that line and try to be in our limitations while consuming the resources. Coaching in Times of Crisis. As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, so do anxiety, confusion and negativity.

Coaching in Times of Crisis

Working as a Health Coach from Switzerland, where drastic measures have been imposed on individuals and businesses, has caused me to reflect and think about coaching in this “business as un-usual” time. The fears and negativity we are experiencing stem from how little we know about COVID-19. As coaches, it is our role to embrace what we do know and aim to shift the negative mindset by establishing a safe and supportive environment that creates ongoing mutual respect and trust. Together, collectively, we need to rethink, renew and reconnect. Here’s how! Rethink! The crisis has everybody rethinking and behaving more mindfully. . • Be here in the present, recognizing that many of our negative thoughts are not our current reality since most of us are healthy, our loved ones well, and life fine. • Check in with our physical well-being.

5 Tips to Ramp Up Your Social Media Presence. “Think about what people are doing on Facebook today.

5 Tips to Ramp Up Your Social Media Presence

They’re keeping up with their friends and family, but they’re also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. 5 Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid to Accelerate your Speaking Career. In the growing career of speaking forum, it was a pleasure to watch hundreds of aspiring speakers who designed their speaking careers in a great way. Some of them build their career rapidly with minimal efforts, whereas others have to strive hard and they lagged behind. You might guess, it’s because of talent. But here the case is different. Anyone can become a World-Class Speaker, if they are really willing to. The only point which differentiate in the result is, ‘the way of approach’. As per analysis, there are 5 Critical mistakes, which hold the aspiring speaker to build their career.

These mistakes cost their time, money and efforts. Iscforum website.