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Business as Mission earns national recognition at Christian conference – The Sojourn. Business as Mission earns national recognition at Christian conference Earning national recognition, an Indiana Wesleyan University student organization known as BAM, short for Students for BAM [Business As Mission], was recently featured in a series of panel discussions at an annual conference for the Christian Business Faculty Association.

Business as Mission earns national recognition at Christian conference – The Sojourn

Neil Johnson, author of the book “Business As Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice,” spoke at the conference and recognized the efforts of IWU’s student-led BAM group. According to Dr. Jack Wheeler, an IWU business professor, faculty members from the Division of Business were present when the organization was recognized during the 2010 CBFA Conference. The conference was held in Lakeland, Fla., during the time when IWU students were on fall break. Jonathan Freije (sr) attended the CBFA conference and gave a preliminary presentation of his research on the development of distinctly Christian business students through Christian education. Donors vs. Owners in 'Business as Mission' (and Beyond) “Do economic incentives help or hinder ‘business as mission’ (BAM) practitioners?”

Donors vs. Owners in 'Business as Mission' (and Beyond)

In a forthcoming study, Dr. Steven Rundle of Biola University explores the question through empirical research. Unsatisfied with the evidence thus far, consisting mostly of case studies and anecdotes, Rundle conducted an anonymous survey of 119 “business as mission” practitioners, focusing on a variety of factors, including (1) “the source of their salary (does it come from the revenues of the business or from donors?) ,” and (2) “the outcomes of the business in terms of the four ‘bottom lines’ of economic, social, environmental and spiritual impact.” The reason for focusing on such areas? Rundle summarizes his findings as follows: This study essentially found the exact opposite.

Business As Mission (Case Study) Mats Tunehag 2006. Business as Mission Resources and Training. Business As Mission — The Traveling Team. “The two pioneers of civilization-Christianity and commerce-should ever be inseparable.”

Business As Mission — The Traveling Team

Can commerce and Christianity really work together to create authentic transformation in the world? What happens when you integrate business profits with the goal of world evangelization? Ken Crowell, founder of Galtronics, had a vision in 1978 to go to an area where there was little or no Christian witness, to give employment to believers and non-believers in a safe working environment, and to support the building of a local church.

Today, Galtronics is the largest employer in northern Israel and a global leader in wireless antenna solutions. Business As Mission (BAM) BAM In and From China. Business as Mission In and From China: Case Studies, Opportunities and Recommendations China’s economic growth of eight to ten percent annually for the last twenty years, creates an ideal commercial environment for business as mission (BAM) within China.

BAM In and From China

There are many opportunities for doing business and large amounts of foreign investment available. At the same time, as one BAM practitioner in China has noted, “China has one of the largest unreached populations in the world, business is a significant channel for Christians to effectively impact countless people and help set them free from sin.” Business brings relationships and connections that are a natural context for showing love and sharing the message of the gospel. Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics. Business as mission is an increasingly popular ministry approach, particularly in areas and regions that are not open to more traditional types of missionary work.

Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics

Joe Maxwell, writing for Christianity Today in 2007, gives an excellent overview: BAM practitioners use business ventures not only to make a financial profit, but to act as an avenue for the gospel. They administer their companies like any Christian running a business: ethically, honestly, and with concern for the business's neighbors. Yes, they exist to provide jobs and services and to make profits. But BAM companies are more than examples of Christian capitalism. Business as Mission India 2014. Business as Mission. Remember the Soviet Union?

Business as Mission

It was communist country with a planned centralized economy, violations of human rights were prevalent, and it also lacked freedoms to act in the market place. I was there – witnessed a dysfunctional state first hand. It was like a giant statue with feet of clay, and it did eventually fall […] Read Full Post » Business as Mission, BAM, is not a technique.

Read Full Post » Return on investment – ROI. Read Full Post » Slavery is illegal but continues. Home - Mission As Business. Compassion in Politics: Christian Social Entrepreneurship, Education Innovation, & Base of the Pyramid/BOP Solutions. Technically these aren’t all kingdom business case studies, but rather innovative models that may be helpful for kingdom entrepreneurs that are working with base of the pyramid poverty.

Compassion in Politics: Christian Social Entrepreneurship, Education Innovation, & Base of the Pyramid/BOP Solutions

These case studies focus exclusively on high impact and transformative organizations with a track record of success in this space: 1) Paul Polak and International Development Enterprises (IDE) 2) Kickstart 3) Design for the Other 90 Percent 4) All of the case studies in CK Prahalad’s best selling book Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid 5) Mini-case studies found in Market Size and Strategies at the Base of the Pyramid (market sector by market sector breakdown & mini-case studies. BAM Training. Business as Missions - BAM Resources, Training & Education.

BMF: Business Men's Fellowship. The Mission Of Business. Six Ways to Get Involved in the 'Business as Missions' Movement. By Scott McFarlane Advancing Churches in Mission Commitment – Have you ever felt that your calling is not as "spiritual" as someone else's?

Six Ways to Get Involved in the 'Business as Missions' Movement

Has a friend or a leader in the church ever implied that if you were really "on fire for the Lord" you would drop your current profession and enter what is commonly referred to as "full-time ministry"? Have you wrestled with why God would give you skills and abilities in the field of business if that is not a valid use of your time? In many church bodies, the Christian business community has been effectively marginalized by what Dr. R. Sadly, these are the prevailing assumptions about work in many churches, and they culminate in apathy, discouragement, resentment, and ultimately, a sweeping demobilization of talented people. In fact, this has now become a burgeoning movement of the Spirit. Option 1: A one to two week trip to train business people overseas Do you like to teach? Option 2: Consecutive Curriculum-based Seminars (CCS)

25 Most Admired Business as Mission Companies-2008. Over a year ago we featured 25 companies who are putting passion, theory, business and ministry together.

25 Most Admired Business as Mission Companies-2008

These pioneers who are “living it” provide fuel for future business as mission entrepreneurs. Recently we had some avid readers add their input and help us re-rank the list. In case you’re just joining the conversation, here’s a recap and update: LOP59_IG30. Business as Mission - Lausanne Movement. The Lausanne Business as Mission (BAM) issue network asks the question, ‘How can we shape business for God and for good—among all peoples?’

Business as Mission - Lausanne Movement

We have had two global think tank processes: Global BAM think tank #1 (2002-2004) and #2 (2011-2014). The first one consisted of more than 70 people from all continents. Most came from a business background but there were also church and mission leaders, educators, theologians, lawyers, and researchers. Turn Good Business and Missions into Great Ministry. Business as Mission Resource Team - YWAM Thailand. Championing the role of business in God’s plan for the world We serve the business as mission community globally by creating and curating resources, nurturing networks and developing training: Training – conferences and courses that equip people for business as missionNetworking – connecting people to people and people to resources so that the work is more effectiveResourcing – we create new resources and help people discover other resources from across the BAM community Read more about the BAM Resource Team and how we are currently serving the global business as mission movement We offer three different training options to equip people for the next step in their BAM journey.

Business as Mission (@bamtweets) Security Check Required. Biblical Ministries Worldwide - Tentmaking/BAM. In recognition of the biblical basis for tentmaking/business as mission, Biblical Ministries Worldwide affirms this method as a viable strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission. While great care must be exercised in the examination of a biblical basis for this strategy, entrepreneurial activity is clearly demonstrated and modeled in the lives of prominent men and women of God in the Scriptures. The Apostle Paul supported himself and his colleagues through his tentmaking skills.

A native of Tarsus, known for its unique and high quality tents, Paul’s tentmaking skills provided immediate credibility and employment wherever he went. His educational credentials combined with a cross-cultural background also provided him with strategic opportunities to spread the gospel. The Apostle Paul stated three reasons for supplementing his support from churches through tentmaking: A fourth possible unstated reason for tentmaking was for Paul to be able to have extended contact with the lost. C. Neal Johnson on Business as Mission.

Business As Mission - Rob's Story. Larger Size BAM Companies. Business as Mission - Michael Baer - October 2011. Call2business: Business as Mission- What Now and What's Next? - Mats Tunehag. Ordinary People Series.