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Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics. Business as mission is an increasingly popular ministry approach, particularly in areas and regions that are not open to more traditional types of missionary work.

Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics

Joe Maxwell, writing for Christianity Today in 2007, gives an excellent overview: BAM practitioners use business ventures not only to make a financial profit, but to act as an avenue for the gospel. They administer their companies like any Christian running a business: ethically, honestly, and with concern for the business's neighbors. Yes, they exist to provide jobs and services and to make profits. But BAM companies are more than examples of Christian capitalism. United World Mission. Business As Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice: C. Neal Johnson, Steve Rundle: 9780830838653. BAM is a mission strategy whose time has come.

Business As Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice: C. Neal Johnson, Steve Rundle: 9780830838653

As global economic become increasingly interconnected, Christians in business have unanticipated opportunities to build the kingdom through strategic business ventures. But Christian companies and business leaders do not automatically accomplish missional purposes. BAM requires both the mastery of both the world of business and the world of missions, merging and contextualizing both into something significantly different than either alone. C. Business As Mission. Business as Mission. The Salvation Army International - Business as Mission. Statement from the Salvation Army Focus Group onBusiness as Mission We recognise that business provides the Christian Church with a strategic mission tool to reach people at their point of need.

The Salvation Army International - Business as Mission

Christian faith must impact on the everyday. Faced with the present plight of the poor and pondering the prospect of a drastic increase in future jobseekers, especially in the ‘10/40 window’, we re-iterate our belief that the Christian Church is called to care for the whole person and that Christian care must have practical applications outside the walls of our church buildings. The Church should not do business for business sake alone. Any Church-led business activity must be intrinsically linked to our mission purposes. The Scriptural basis for this includes: All business policies and practices must exhibit the highest standard of excellence, integrity, quality of work, and compliance with legal, ethical, moral and religious standards.

Business as Mission: How Two Grocers Changed the Course of a Nation. Mark Markiewicz YWAM, UK (co-founder of the Central Asia Business Consultation, CABC) • Biographies Highlights the entreprenuerial skills some Christian men who did great things.

Business as Mission: How Two Grocers Changed the Course of a Nation

In the time of revival, at the turn of the last century in , it was as if God poured out an entrepreneurial gift on his church and people started doing things that were unheard of. These are the people, normal people in the pews, that God got a hold of and helped them to use their entrepreneurial skills to change society, to see churches grow, and to see missions grow. GUINNESS One of them was a man called Arthur Guinness.

Guinness is a wonderful drink, it's a black dark beer with a white head and if you've never drank it, I don't want to encourage you to drink, but its rather nice, so give it a try. That was his mandate from the Lord. He was an entrepreneur and, believe it or not, people started buying it and drinking it. Doing missions through business is certainly a valid thing to do. Very interesting. Issachar Initiative. This article is a part of the November 2013 issue of the Lausanne Global Analysis.

Issachar Initiative

Access other articles from this issue or download the full issue as a free PDF download. Business as Mission, BAM, is a new term but the underpinning concept is nothing new. Business as Mission is not a new discovery, but a rediscovery of biblical truths and practices. Our first God-given mandate is the creation mandate, Genesis 1-3: we are to be creative and create good things, for ourselves and others, being good stewards of all things entrusted to us–even in the physical arena. This of course includes being creative in business–to create wealth. Business As Missions Key Statements and Principles - YWAMKnowledgeBase. BAM Foundations: Business As Mission. So what exactly is Business as Mission?

BAM Foundations: Business As Mission

In its original intent (I coined it so I can say this!) It meant that business—my job, my company, my skills—can and should be deliberately connected to what God is doing in the world, i.e. His mission. Nothing more. Nothing less. Over the past 25 years, the term Business as Mission and the concept has been adulterated and abused. Ethical Business—simply being honest in a Christian sort of wayBusiness as Visa—setting up fake or quasi-fake businesses in the effort to secure an entry visa for missionary work in a restricted access countryPoverty Alleviation—programs to help the poor make a better livingBusiness Justification—making business OK or more valuable to God by somehow doing it overseas (I write as an American) And there are many more aberrations.

YWAM Strategic Frontiers. 5 results found for 'bam' Search Again Website - Business As Mission What Is Business As Mission?

YWAM Strategic Frontiers

Business as mission: How is business penetrating China's vast unreached populations with the Good News? A vendor rides her tricycle near a coal-fired power plant in Beijing in this photo dated Friday, April 12, 2013.

Business as mission: How is business penetrating China's vast unreached populations with the Good News?

Business is a "significant channel for Christians to effectively impact countless people and help set them free from sin", says one business as mission (BAM) practitioner in China. The practitioner's comments are shared in a new report from the Think Tank group on the opportunities and challenges for BAM in China. With China's huge economic growth and large amounts of foreign investment, there are many opportunities for doing business in the country that can be tied in with spreading the Gospel. For Christians, the business can open many doors to those who have never heard the Gospel and BAM practitioners are making the most of the opportunities to build on their close relationships with employees and business contacts. Planting churches was less frequent and only occurred at four of the BAM businesses, all of which were large companies with 250 or more employees.

International Business As Mission. Business as Mission is both an old and new approach to reaching people for Christ.

International Business As Mission

It is as old as the first century, when the Apostle Paul supported himself with his tentmaking business as he planted churches. It is new because it offers the church’s best opportunity for access to parts of the world that are hostile to traditional missionaries. IBAM is assisting workers implement viable businesses and viable church planting plans. Turn Good Business and Missions into Great Ministry. Business As Mission (BAM) - CMS Africa.

CMS-Africa in partnership with Partners Worldwide is impacting Kenyan communities by interesting individuals in business as missions.

Business As Mission (BAM) - CMS Africa

“In the year 2000, I was involved in a research on how business can transform communities. From this research, we realized that businesses are redemptive vessels to bring people out of poverty to reflect God’s image and to bring people to Jesus,” affirms BAM champion Rev Dennis Tongoi. Business as Mission - Mission to the World. Business as Mission Training. Security Check Required. The Mission Of Business. Business as Mission - Michael Baer - October 2011. Steve Rundle: What is Business as Mission? Business As Mission 2015. Business As Mission - Rob's Story. ALT: Larry Sharp - Business As Mission. The BAM Movement.

Brian Chan: The Danger of Business as Missions [MBA Distinguished Speaker Series] Ordinary People Series. Business as Mission - Lausanne Movement. The Lausanne Business as Mission (BAM) issue network asks the question, ‘How can we shape business for God and for good—among all peoples?’ We have had two global think tank processes: Global BAM think tank #1 (2002-2004) and #2 (2011-2014). The first one consisted of more than 70 people from all continents. Most came from a business background but there were also church and mission leaders, educators, theologians, lawyers, and researchers. The collaboration process included 60 papers, 25 cases studies, several national and regional Business as Mission consultations and email-based discussions, culminating in a week of face-to-face dialogue and work. It produced the first Lausanne Paper on BAM and the BAM Manifesto.

Some other major outcomes of the first global think tank: It helped to clarify and define what BAM is—and isn’t.It catalyzed BAM initiatives all over the world.It created a global network of BAM practitioners and thought leaders. Business as Mission Resource Team - YWAM Thailand. Championing the role of business in God’s plan for the world We serve the business as mission community globally by creating and curating resources, nurturing networks and developing training: Training – conferences and courses that equip people for business as missionNetworking – connecting people to people and people to resources so that the work is more effectiveResourcing – we create new resources and help people discover other resources from across the BAM community Read more about the BAM Resource Team and how we are currently serving the global business as mission movement We offer three different training options to equip people for the next step in their BAM journey.

Security Check Required. LOP59_IG30. Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice: C. Neal Johnson, Steven Rundle: 9780830838653: Books. The Mission Of Business. Business as Mission. IBPORT, Online Marketplace.