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Executive at Quikr IRX. Realtor

Pros and Cons of Buying a Resale Flat. The dilemma of whether to buy an under-construction flat or a resale flat plagues many buyers.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Resale Flat

Both the options have different advantages and disadvantages which makes the buying decision even more difficult. Here is what you need to know about PLC. When we think of buying a house, we think of it as a straight-forward process of identifying a builder, selecting the house style, assessing the location, paying up the sales price and voila!

Here is what you need to know about PLC

The house is ours. What we are not aware of are the numerous hidden costs that we have to incur, before we get the possession of the property. What should you invest in: Land or Apartment? Investing in real estate is one of the most important decisions a person has to take in their life.

What should you invest in: Land or Apartment?

Before taking the plunge, the investor has to weigh his/her needs against the pros and cons of the type of property he/she wishes to invest in. Whether to go for a plot of land or a constructed apartment therefore depends on what the investor expects to gain out of the investment, and the type of property which can help him/her achieve those gains. To help you make an informed decision, let us compare plots and apartments on several key factors which must be taken into account before making the final decision. 1. What is meant by Floor Area Ratio?

Realtor Tip:A higher FAR is good for real estate agents as this means more construction per square feet, higher sales and higher profits.

What is meant by Floor Area Ratio?

Industrial and technological development has resulted in movement of masses from small towns and villages to bigger cities in pursuit of employment opportunities. Consequent to this trend, the population density in the cities has increased manifold. To regulate the development of urban areas, the government uses various tools, Floor Area Ratio being most important among them. This tool aims for optimal utilization of land by determining the permissible intensity of development in a given area. This article will throw light on all you need to know about Floor Area Ratio or FAR. What is meant by Floor Area Ratio? What are the Affordable Housing Challenges? The biggest challenge to affordable housing is that the well-to-do are not sensitized about the impact that homelessness has on the society and the economy as a whole.

What are the Affordable Housing Challenges?

A home is a fundamental requirement of every human being, absence of which implies a lack of privacy, security and dignity and results in an increased crime rate. Vital pillars of the society like policemen, teachers, fire-fighters and nurses have to travel a lot to reach their place of work. Lack of affordable housing can increase the cost of this labour directly and indirectly. If many workers are unable to travel, their number reduces and they ask for higher wages. As workers travel longer distances, man-hours are lost, hurting the economy. 1. The law that the natural view of a locality not be defaced should be eased. 2.

Beware of common traps while buying a property from a Builder. The Indian real estate industry is unfortunately riddled with nefarious builders and developers that dupe unsuspecting customers.

Beware of common traps while buying a property from a Builder

The lack of transparency means that often times, customers who have serious grievances cannot get these addressed. All of this not only causes huge financial distress to home owners who have invested their life savings into their dream home but also leads to tremendous mental and psychological strain. To avoid falling in the trap of fraudulent builders, it is better to keep the following things in mind. 1. Check builder credibility It seems fairly obvious that you must conduct a thorough background check of the builder’s past projects, but it is surprising how many new customers still fall prey to glitzy ads and big promises made by salespersons.

Benefits of Buying an Under Construction Property. The following conundrum has been faced by every prospective homeowner – should they go for an under construction property, or instead choose to invest in a resale (ready-to-move) property.

Benefits of Buying an Under Construction Property

Both options have their own unique advantages and it is up to the home buyer to assess whether these advantages serve their personal needs. So if you’re also wondering which choice to go for, the following benefits of owning an under construction property will help you reach an informed decision. 1. Lower costs. Your Body Language can Make or Break That Deal. Communication is an integral aspect of a real estate agent’s job.

Your Body Language can Make or Break That Deal

First impressions matter a lot in this people business. One wrong word, gesture, or expression could not only make you lose a potential prospect but also, tarnish your reputation, generate negative word of mouth and decrease your chances of getting referrals. Therefore, to be successful, a realtor has to master the art of communication, and here I don’t mean only verbal, but also the more subtle forms such as the body language. Let us try and understand the body languages that should be avoided by a real estate agent at every cost. Poor Posture: You will be surprised to know that your posture can reveal a lot about your personality. Avoiding Eye Contact: Looking away from your customer while discussing possible business propositions can communicate a very negative image. Importance of Solar Panels in Real Estate Sector.

Solar power is increasingly being considered as a prominent and powerful source of energy.

Importance of Solar Panels in Real Estate Sector

Recognizing the potential of this energy from the sun, many residential projects have either started using or are considering installing solar panels to meet their electricity requirements. This article will assess the importance and benefits of solar power in the real estate sector. What are Solar Panels and How do they Work? Safety Measures for Women while Buying a Property. A few decades ago, women’s buying residential properties was considered a rarity.

Safety Measures for Women while Buying a Property

However, better education, rising awareness, higher employment opportunities, and various government supported gender equality initiatives, have enabled women to be more financially independent. Women now have become so much independent that they have made their presence felt in every possible field including the real estate sector. In fact, it has been estimated that 30% of home buyers in urban areas are women, and this trend is likely to increase in the future with sustained globalization. However, in addition to having a comprehensive understanding of the entire buying process, it becomes very important especially for women to pay special attention to the safety aspects of the property as well. Tips to Convert your Flat into a Green Home.

Growing awareness for the need of restoring the ecological balance of our planet has prompted organizations and individuals to turn to more energy efficient and environment-friendly practices. One such effort made by the real estate sector is in the form of ‘Green Homes’. These housing projects constructed with sustainable and eco-friendly building materials, are energy efficient, and make the most efficient use of natural resources. However, if one does not possess the financial capability of purchasing a ‘Green Home’, then by incorporating a few changes, you can convert your property into eco-friendly homes.

5 things to check while looking for a rented property. 5 things to check while looking for a rented property. Tips on How to Sell your Home Quickly. Selling a house is sometimes considered trickier than buying one, especially if you want to make a quick sale. Apart from the emotional aspect of letting go off your much-loved home, it is also about finding the right buyer and negotiating a mutually accepted sales price. This process itself could take months and at times even a whole year. However, there are some strategies that one could adopt to facilitate a quicker sale. A Checklist For An Earthquake Resistant Building.

Nowadays, there has been this new trend of high rise buildings. Trends come and go but one major aspect that needs instant attention, especially in the case of high-rise buildings and other buildings as well is whether they are earthquake resistant or not. Earthquakes in a way test the strength and reliability of a building. We have seen in the past couple of months how frequent earthquakes have been leading to devastating effects. The Stunning Piece of Art. Lost in the enchanted city view of Mumbai, my eyes got struck on this gigantic piece of art, a 27 storey tall building, shining above the skyline of Mumbai. Yes! You got it right. It was Mukesh Ambani’s ANTILIA, expressing the grandeur of being owned by the richest person of India! Indian Realty Exchange. Raja Sirohi: Good network is all you need for a successful real estate growth path. After working years in media, Raja Sirohi felt that there was no scope to move ahead.

So he started his stint with real estate and initially worked with one of the renowned real estate firms. After working for almost two years, he started his own company Choice Estates. Bharat: Money Matters But So Does Skill And Knowledge. Karan Kathuria: New-Age Thinking Can Make a Lot Of Difference Interview with IRX. Beautifying the Real Estate World : Gunjan Goyal Interview with IRX. Priyanka Ganguly: Training and education is an important skill set for any realtor. Training and Development are an untouched, but essential aspect of the real estate sector.

Leading the way ahead is Priyanka Ganguly, who has been a working woman for the past 20 years. Digital Marketing Impact on Real Estate Market. The growing competition within the real estate market has forced different players to adopt new strategies in order to reach out to the customers. Conventional sources of marketing – billboards, television or newspaper ads – are still quite popular, but developers, builders and real estate agents are today tapping into the power of the internet to expand their reach.

The Winning Path - Interview with Poonam Anand, Women Realtor. Sailing Ahead on a Smooth Journey – Interview with Saurav Paruthi Realtor. Breaking into Man’s world - Interview with Manju Gaur, Women Realtor. Women have excelled in every field, and real estate is not far behind. Moving ahead with this perception is Manju Gaur, Director, Gaursons Inida Ltd. who has been associated with the real estate sector for the last 10 years and since then there is no looking back. Real Estate Bill gets a nod from Rajya Sabha.

Real estate sector and home buyers can now expect ‘Acche Din’ ahead, as the much awaited real estate bill has got clearance from Rajya Sabha. The Journey From Stock Market to Real Estate. 10 Real Estate Myths Busted. Affordable housing forecast/trend in 2016. Indian Realty Exchange. Indian Realty Exchange.