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Arcane Academy ~ Massive Homes

City of Mist Waterfront Estate ~ Court of the Master ~ Massive Homes. Darklight Palace ~ Massive Homes. Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep ~ Dimensional Pocket ~ Medium Homes. Elaborate Estate of Unrest ~ Ethernere Enclave ~ Massive Homes. Everfrost Summer Home ~ Large Homes. Fearful Retreat ~ Large Homes. Felwithe Mansion ~ Massive Homes. Freeblood Lair ~ Large Homes. Fright Manor ~ Large Homes. Galleon of Dreams ~ Medium Homes.

Hall of the Champion ~ Medium Homes

Hua Mein Retreat ~ Medium Homes. Isle of Refuge ~ Lavastorm Winter Retreat ~ Massive Homes. Luxurious Kromzek Keep ~ Massive Homes. Maj'Dul Astronomer's Tower ~ Medium Homes. Maj'Dul Vacation Suite ~ Large Homes. Mistmoore Crags Estate ~ Massive Homes. Oakmyst Glade ~ Massive Homes. Personal Dojo ~ Small Homes. Personal Grotto ~ Massive Homes. Personal Library ~ Medium Homes. Personal Planetarium ~ Medium House. Private Opera House ~ Medium Homes. Researcher's Sanctum ~ Medium Homes. Residence of the Blades ~ Large Homes. Rum Runners Cove ~ Massive Homes. Secluded Sanctum ~ Massive Homes.

Skyblade Skiff ~ Massive Homes

Snowy Dwelling ~ Massive Homes. Storm Tower Isle ~ Massive Homes. Tenebrous Island Refuge ~ Massive Homes. Thurgadin Grand Hall ~ Large Homes. Tinkerer's Isle ~ Massive Homes. Tower of Knowledge ~ Medium Homes. Uncanny Estate ~ Large Homes. Vale of Halfpint Delight ~ Medium Homes. Freeport Houses. Gorowyn Houses. Kelethin Houses.

Maj'Dul Houses. Neriak Houses. New Halas Houses. Qeynos Houses.

Freeport-style Guild Halls

Qeynos-style Guild Halls. Highhold Guild Hall. Restored High Keep Guildhall. Skyshrine Capital Guild Hall. Frostfell. Very Creative Ideas. Designers Collections. Video Tours. Unknown. Some Random House Decos. Newly Updated ~Player-studio Display~ [Img Heavy] Norrathiam Museum Part 3. The Atrium & A Desert Dojo. These are two houses that sat for several months in various states of near completion.

The Atrium & A Desert Dojo

I found myself with unexpected time this week, and so I decided that both houses should be finished. I've linked both of these houses in my compilation thread, which you can find linked in my sig below. The AtriumSuyin's Uncanny Estate, FreeportAntonia Bayle Using some of the new grotto items and the fish collections, I had fun decorating my uncanny estate. It lends itself very well to the older style of houses with grand entryways for entertaining, formal dining rooms, parlors, etc. Going along with that theme, I placed the areas for entertainment downstairs and the servants' and private quarters upstairs. The Atrium. A Pirate's Timeless Tale. Nice houses template.