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EverQuest 2 Soundtrack - Conjuror F.A.Q created by Xalmat of the EQ2 Forums. Conjuror FAQ All credit for the Conjuror guide goes to Xalmat of the Conjuror Forums.

Conjuror F.A.Q created by Xalmat of the EQ2 Forums

You can see the original posting of this guide here. MUCH credit goes out to El Chupacabras for making his wonderful Necromancer FAQ, thus inspiring this FAQ. Words can't describe how useful his FAQ has been to the Necromancer community, and I only hope my Conjuror one is just as useful. In fact, a lot of the questions and answers are taken ver batim from his FAQ and used here, because his FAQ is that good. In an effort to cut down on the number of repeated threads popping up on the boards, I've put together this frequently asked questions list. Conjuror General Questions. Q. A. Q. A. Our Earth pets, beginning with Tellurian Recruit at our first level, make up the bread and butter of our solo ability.

The Fire pets, starting with Igneous Apprentice at our twentieth level, are very similar in nature to player Mages, specifically Sorcerers. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Belles Angels website. Acolytes of Valors website.


EverQuest 2 Wiki - Wikia. An EQ2 (EQII) Community, Wiki, and Database Site. GU100. Slash Commands - EQ2Interface Wiki. From EQ2Interface Wiki.

Slash Commands - EQ2Interface Wiki

Ascension Class. EQ2 Macro Guide. Dragon's Armory. EQ2 Furniture. EQ2 Library – End-game progression made easy! EQ2Stuff Archive – Altar of Malice information. EQ2 Traders Corner. Me: So, Body, are we going to test some of those new Erollisi Day achievements on the Test server today?

EQ2 Traders Corner

Body: Let me get back to you on that once I finish coughing up this lung. Have some codeine-laced cough syrup in the meantime. Me: Blarg. So, Muse, how about putting up at least the images for folks to devour, while brainstorming on a story. Muse: NOPE! Me: My ... aunt? Muse: Yeah, your "Auntie Biotics" Me: Durh. Muse & Body: Say goodnight, Mum Me: But it is almost noon, not ni-.... Created By: Niami Denmother For those who missed the patch notes today, there were two tradeskill items on the list: "Malduran Mouths to Feed" should now update correctly for moussaka and bibimbap.Recipes from the Dhalgar Home Builder's Kit recipe book are now flagged as building blocks for the purpose of house item count.

Frostfell 2015 kicks off in the morning (8 a.m. UPDATE: One Frostfell achievement was left off the quest tracker spreadsheet, so Casdoe edited it and sent over a fresh copy. Character, Guild, Quest, Recipe, and Item Armory for EverQuest II. EQ2Wire. - EverQuest II item database with stats, mobs and zone information.


Tips & Tricks. EQ2 Design Gallery. Consolidated Works for EQ2 Homes and Rift Dimensions. Floor Plans. Ideas & Inspirational. Layout Editor. House Organizer. Mum's Potion and Poison Guide. Naming Potion and poison names stay pretty much the same from tier to tier, with different adjectives in front to show which tier it is from.

Mum's Potion and Poison Guide

For example, the common poisons and potions from tier 1 are be "lesser", the common from tier 7 are "exceptional", the rare from tier 7 are "grandmaster's". This should make it easier for you to search for the next tier up of your favorite concotion(s) when you outlevel your old one(s).

Stacking and Colors One of the more frustrating things for many of us before potions and poisons were standardized, was to figure out which potion/poison stacks with what. *Note that the "violet" color in potions is an odd shade of light purple, and could easily be confused with the purple at a quick glance. The Ingredients In addition to the above, there are special potions and poisons in Tier 8, using faction recipes. RoK Poisons RoK Potions Far Seas Supply Division Potions & Poisons.

✔️ To-Do @ EQ2...

Armor, shields and wepons to get for appearance in houses.