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JEWELLERY - Jenny Packham. Spode Baking Days Bakeware and Casual Dinnerware - Save! Anything Pretty: Ruffle Scarf Tutorial. Thanks for all the positive comments on the ruffle scarves (previous post here)!

Anything Pretty: Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

I am so glad everyone likes them. This tutorial has been half done all week but with all the other Christmas stuff to do like addressing cards, baking and other sewing it took me a little longer than expected. December needs another week to get everything done. I think one of my New Years resolutions will to begin handmade Christmas presents in July to reduce some stress in December. But we will see if I actually stick to it. Anyways enough complaining.... onto the tutorial..... First, to give credit, I was originally inspired to make ruffle scarves and learned this technique at Burda Style (here).

I tried to make this tutorial as detailed as possible (hence the length). There are many variations of the ruffle scarf and of the 5 hanging in the craft room currently all are slightly different. 1. Here is two of each size strip ready for the next step- Shabby Apple - Necklaces. Watercolor cookies. Thursday, July 5, 2012 Who isn’t smitten by the wash of colors this time of year?

watercolor cookies

Bring an artful approach to your next summer get together with watercolor cookies. Simple and easy for everyone, even those of us who didn’t take art class in school. Edible mini canvases would look equally at home at a picnic or a fancy summertime wedding. You will need: cookie dough, rectangle cookie cutter, fondant, light corn syrup, food coloring, paper towels, latex gloves (recommended) Make your favorite sugar cookie dough–check out this no spread recipe from The Decorated Cookie. Once cookies are cool, roll out your fondant to 1/4 inch thick, using powdered sugar to keep from sticking. Tear paper towel sheets in half.

Styling and photos by Jenny Batt. April 2008. Its not the first time this collection has shown up on eBay for the asking price of $250,000 but worth taking a look at in case it does indeed sell (90 pieces translates to $3000 a pop!).

April 2008

Click HERE to see the listing, and really....its worth it just for the eye candy value alone. And a good read! From the text, the collection was "Amassed by a former Braniff flight attendant who flew with the airline for 20 years, the collection includes 18 complete uniforms designed by Pucci or Halston along with a host of matching shoes, handbags, luggage, and other accessories. " For some fascinating reading and fantastic pictures regarding the stylish and chic Braniff International airline, click HERE. When Life Gives You Lemons. And Watermelon. And Mint...

Chocolate Roulade with Whipped Peanut Butter Filling. Sorry I have been a little MIA lately. I like to do 3 posts a week & last week I only got 2 in, so I am a little disappointed in myself, but I did have some nice relaxing family time, so that was good. Lemon Poppy-Seed Tea Cake - the arugula files. Bouffant hairstyle '60s. Lace Gloves. Vintage Fashion: 1900-1919. High Waist Bustle Skirt. The High Waist Bustle Skirt has gotten such amazing feedback from our customers that we're sure you will be the envy of every girl wearing this beautiful item.

High Waist Bustle Skirt

Maybe the next goth party you're going to is the perfect occasion? Or do you just like to dress prettily every day? This is the skirt that will get you all the attention. Lace, ruffles, brocade, the opulence of the fabrics is fantastic! The skirt has four layers, three see-through ones and an inner layer for coverage.

The rouched elastic back means that these skirts fit a wider array of sizes! 22 wacky runway & red carpet 'dos - Going Big. Womens Tights, knit tights, sheer tights. Tights and Leggings. With over 16 styles, from solids to Splash Colors, We Love Colors has it all.

Tights and Leggings

White Go-Go Boots - More Categories. 60's and 70's Costumes for Women - Candy Apple Costumes. Women's Vintage Clothing Sewing Patterns 1870's and 1880's Page 7. Women's Reproduction Victorian Sewing Patterns page 3. Full Skirt - ThreadBanger Forums. So ppl wanted to kno how i made this skirt. so hers a tutorial. you need strech fabric. how much depends on you skirt length. for one like my first you need about 4 yards (give or take). this one only took about 2 and a quarter. step one: cut four even squares (the size of the squares will determine the length of your skirt) step 2; now fold the squares in half one way then the other and cut a slit from an end to the center of each one when unfolded the squares should look like this step 3; cut a waist band. just play with length untill it fits around your waist how you like it. keep in mind that you are going to add four seams in you waist makeing it tighter. also cut your waist band twice as wide as you want it plus seam alowance. i cut 8 inches my waist band is only 3.5 inches fold in half and sew where red line is now fold the othe way and sew a slant where the lines are line up the two seams you just made and sew on the lines sshown.